10) Curious About How the Missions Landscape is Changing?

Now you can see it all in front of your very eyes in this new missiographic by MissioNexus with stats from their new North American Mission Handbook:


This page is full of surprises for me. For example, I had no idea that 72% of all single workers are female. I had no idea that business as missions had risen so much. And I had on appreciation for the stability of the missionary enterprise. (I thought the number of missionaries being sent had dropped by more than half. Too many assumptions.) Thanks to all the people who made this graphic possible. See other graphics at…


4) If they Can’t See You, Maybe They Won’t “Get” You

missio_coverThat’s the idea behind GMI’s new Missiographics Service. Now, they’ve compiled a powerful curation of those infographics in one visual, full-color book – MISSIOGRAPHICS 1.0. The book deals with issues as diverse as literacy, poverty, women’s issues, Christianity in the Middle East, global Scripture usage, reaching Indonesia and online trends in recruiting missionaries. See “10 reasons to buy” the book here…


Once you’re convinced, bring your charge card to this page:


7) Using Infographics to Engage People on Mission

infographic_Indonesia_v4With so much information available, one of the greatest challenges today is to make information accessible and engaging. GMI recently launched


a new service designed to provide regular infographics to the mission community on a broad range of topics. So far they have covered topics like global church planting, Internet evangelism, online missionary recruiting, orality, the status of Indonesia and mission leadership trends. Twice a month, Missiographics will send out a new infographic on a different aspect of global mission. Sign up here:


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