10) Alliance for Vulnerable Mission

dollarUnhealthy dependency on donors from rich countries, churches or individuals is one of the more important factors in hindering church growth in many developing world situations. One way in seeking to avoid this is to use principles of vulnerable mission (dependence on local languages and local resources in ministry). To encourage consideration of this, at least in some circumstances, a series of events are planned in UK and Germany in April and May this year. These will be two day conferences – one in York (Acomb Baptist church, 11th April) the other in Coventry (Queens Road Baptist church, 18th April). A two day, more academic conference will be held at Redcliffe College, (Gloucester 14-16 April) and the events will close with a consultation for mission CEOs in Oxford on 22nd or 23rd April. More details can be found at…


and brochures and booking forms from


12) Here are 120 Old Testament verses on Missions

all nationsHoward Culbertson has done it again. Check out his “Harvest Passages in the Old Testament,” at…


This would be a fantastic list for a missions intro class in a seminary. He also has 80 passages from the New Testament at…


Taken together, these are 200 count-’em passages on missions. Love it. Thanks Howard!

4) Is your Church or Org Experiencing Mission Drift?

mission driftPeter Greer and Chris Horst seek to help faith-based organizations make sure they do not drift from their founding mission; in other words, make sure they stay Mission True (the authors use that term a lot). The authors give examples (sort of case studies) of orgs, schools, etc. that they say have drifted – Harvard, ChildFund and the Y – and others that have remained true, i.e. World Relief, Compassion, Taylor University, etc.). There is a survey to determine whether or not your org is drifting in intentionality, clarity, guidelines, suggestions to help the org remain Mission True, I.e. knowing why you exist, developing true leadership within the org from the board down, measuring what matters (it’s not always growth or money that should be the measure of success), maintaining the right culture, and (get this!) recognizing that the local church anchors a thriving mission. In conclusion, the authors wonder what would have happened if these orgs that drifted would have remained Mission True, which, in essence is standing firm on the Truth of the Gospel and not wavering from the initial purpose of sharing it, being committed to Christ above all, not hiring for technical competency alone, never soft-pedaling Christian identity. Check it out at…


(Thanks for this book review, Betty!)

6) ProPempo Makes Available 6 New e-Books

propempo-missions-005aIf you’re interested in any of these topics:
o Inquirer
o Personal Involvement
o Church Mobilization
o Church Leadership
o Missionary
o Complete Set
ProPempo has a PDF e-book ready for you in their Online Download Store. Find them at…


(Thanks to David for the recommendation, and Dave D. for passing David’s recommendation along so promptly.)

4) Pre Mission Trip Devotional Now In Spanish

spanish missionAn effective pre mission trip devotional adopted by many ministries and churches has been “Before You Go” by former YWAM’er and Pastor Jack Hempfling. For ministries and churches working in Latin America, it has now been translated into Spanish. A few minutes a day in the presence of the Lord is where a heart is prepared for the cross cultural challenges that only God knows are coming your way (Team unity, servant attitudes, pride, humility towards the culture, and many more).

The “Before You Go” Spanish version, “Antes de Ir,” is for those whom God is sending from Latin America to the nations. Check it out at…


You can also email the publisher, Randy Johnson, for a quote on ministry bulk orders:
For other questions, email the author:

12) New Book will Prepare you Spiritually for Mission

spiritually equipping for missionNow you can make sure you are transformed spiritually as you seek to transform communities globally. Ryan Shaw’s book, “Spiritual Equipping for Mission: Thriving as God’s Message Bearers,” becomes available literally this week in print or e-book. It’s published by IVP and is available here:


(Thanks for the tip, Millard!)

1) Resources for Those Returning Home from Service

Thanks to Brigada participant, Jack, for writing this past week to ask if we had ever archived any resources “on how to help returning missionaries in transition; Maybe the do’s and don’ts.” The first thing I did was go to


and, in the search box at the top of the page, I just typed in “reentry” and hit enter. No small amount of resources popped up instantly, including…


Among them were several items which had spawned multiple comments with still other resources. In fact, among those items was a full-length electronic book, for free, entitled, “Before You Get ‘Home’: Preparing for Reentry.” We hope this was helpful to Jack, but now I’m wondering, do you know of still other resources on this topic? Anything brand new? If so, thanks for your help!

10) Your Favorite Travel Agent for Mission Trips?

travel agentThose same global outreach pastors couldn’t say enough about the MTS travel rep for California. Find her, I believe (in the USA), at 1-800-642-8315, or email (from anywhere)

They obviously believed she was uniquely qualified and that she had shown a set of unique traits to go way beyond the call of duty to book travel months in advance, then take the deposit just 60 days before travel, AND consistently to beat just about every other site with the best prices and the best arrangements. Way beyond the call.

Do you have a favorite agent? We’ve covered this topic before – in threads like this one…


We should probably revisit it now in 2014. Your favorite site or agent?

2) MAF to Release Educational Tool for Isolated Christians

luminThere’s a rumor on the street: On May 14th, 2014, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is planning to launch a new software package called Lumin. It’s rumored to be a Windows™ based program that makes it easy for isolated educators to create and deliver digital curriculum, presentations, eBooks, exams and more. The software and the exported project (called a ‘Pak’) can be viewed in most modern web browsers, and both work without the need for Internet connectivity. This means that a Pak created in Lumin can be viewed on almost any mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Rumors are swirling that MAF will release Lumin for free at:


In addition to the product, the word on the street is that MAF will be staging a contest for those who want to create a project with the new software. The top software, as chosen by MAF, will apparently win a new tablet computer. If you’re interested in this kind of technology, we suggest you run, not walk, to this URL above on the morning of May 14th. Hats off to MAF for addressing this important and strategic need. Just remember, you heard about it first on Brigada. :-)

1) New Book from GMI Might Help you Survive Cross-culturally

Ruth-Cover-Imager-bookWhether you are preparing to serve overseas for the first time or have been on the field for many years, you need resources that will help you to thrive in a cross-cultural setting. GMI has just released a new resource called Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Lessons on Thriving in Mission. It uses the biblical story of Ruth as a context to offer Kingdom workers encouragement and inspiration as they discern and work out God’s call in their lives. The book also provides practical insights that are based in James Nelson’s years of Fruitful Practice research into the best means and methods of missionary outreach. Some of the lessons include: Committing to and identifying those you serve, Crossing cultures boldly, Knowing how to remain on the field effectively, Ministering out of your life and your loss, Earning a reputation so that it can be spent, Trusting in the Master’s partnership and promises. Learn more at:


3) Where Does one Start to Read about Support-raising?

the god askThis past week, someone asked our support-raising coach, Wendy, where she would send them to learn more about support-raising. Keep in mind, she’s trained with support-raising coaches from all over the country. She’s helped literally hundreds of new missionaries get started on the support-raising trail. So what was her answer? Simple: “I highly recommend book, The God Ask, by Steve Shadrach. You will find it easy and useful!” Check out “The God Ask” here…


5) Need Business as Mission Resources? —

thinktankThe ‘Global Think Tank on Business as Mission’ has been bringing people together to learn more about the strategy of business as mission since it launched in 2012. The Think Tank is now releasing a series of equipping papers and reports for those interested in Business as Mission. Each of the reports covers a particular topic or geographical region and has involved collaboration by BAM leaders worldwide. Topic-focused reports published so far are: Business as Mission and Church Planting, Franchising, BAM and Human Trafficking, Hostile Environments, BAM at the Base of the Pyramid and Biblical Foundations for BAM. Geographically-focused reports include: Mongolia, Iran, Nordic countries, Haiti and the latest, “Business as Mission in and from China”. The next report to be published will be on metrics for BAM companies, looking at how we can measure spiritual, social and environmental impact, as well as the economic bottom-line.

Download reports and see all reports in series here:


Sign up for Think Tank news and notifications about new reports here:


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