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1) Final Review for David Mays —

If you didn’t get a book review from him at one time or another (maybe you were living on Mars?), you probably heard one of his webinars. (See his book reviews, nearly 1000 of them.) He actually featured Brigada on a recent webinar… and, in his typical well-prepared way, he modeled a level of excellence for me that was such a trademark, it might as well have been his middle name. David Mays entered the marketplace as a director of quality control in a major pharmaceutical company. In some ways, when it comes to quality control, he never really laid aside the clipboard. In his work with ACMC, and most recently, with The Mission Exchange (formerly EFMA), he was always “Mr. Resource,” and constantly improving the capacity of local churches and agencies wanting to make a global impact. But this past week, he went on up to see Jesus.


David Mays will be missed, but not forgotten. Missions Exchange might try to replace him, but they’ll need five employees to come close to what David did solo… and each of those five better be good. Bravo David. Job well done. Enjoy heaven. We’ll look forward to your tips about that come our turn.

2) Catch Brigada (& Doug) on David Mays’ Webinar this Thursday —

David Mays reports, “Webinars from The Mission Exchange provide the most convenient way to learn from the best experts in the broadest areas of missions.  You can sit in your home or office and watch and listen (and ask questions) as key leaders explore the issues facing you and your organization today.”  Create a profile and register in the online store at




The recorded webinars are available for purchase for use throughout your organization in the online store about 3 days after the webinar. And best of all, on Thursday Apr. 21st, you can hear Brigada Founder and Editor, Doug Lucas, with several Brigada contributors from around the world — live and in person — via the web on your own laptop or PC. The topic for Doug and his cohorts will be “Cool Tools for Travel and Training: Low Budget Productivity in a Gadget World.” So don’t miss the opportunity to learn (and maybe laugh) at Doug & his sidekicks. Joining him will be long-time workers such as KK from North Africa, along with other specialists in mobilization, information technology, finances, and more. All David Mays’ webinars begin at 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. eastern time (USA). See registration instructions and descriptions at




4) Cool Tools to be Featured Thursday, Apr. 21 —

Here’s your last chance to add some “cool tools” to the list of resources to be offered by Doug and company when The Mission Exchange stages a special Brigada-edition on Apr. 21st. David Mays writes, “One of the most popular series ever to appear in the weekly e-zine, Brigada Today, is a set of ‘Cool Tools’ which, according to some, contained just the right mix of ‘gadget’ with reality. This webinar will build on the Brigada series, discussing tools and gadgets that can enhance your efficiency and productivity, beginning with the simple and moving toward James Bond.

Doug will consider the elementary to the complex, the obvious to the obscure, discussing some of the equipment he has found to leverage his time in travel, keeping in touch, remaining secure, reporting to donors, and raising up prayer. Items range from a journal, camera kit, and USB cell-phone charger, to software and personal sat-beacons.” So be there or be square. Let’s see if we can beat the record for the most participants ever in a David Mays webinar. Who knows! If we gather enough Brigiteers, David just might be guilted into making a contribution to Brigada once the webinar has concluded! :-) (That’s a dare, David!) Learn more — and/or register — at



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