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12) Missionary Training For Church Members

help-wanted_tMark Snowden has developed “Workers in the Harvest,” a unique missionary training guide designed for laity. It covers seven tasks that can be done at little or no cost, but requires sacrifice that missionaries will find affirming. W.I.T.H. is a Bible-based training resource written for church members to live out their call and gifting in missions. It can be for volunteers or those seeing to evangelize to start new churches. They, in turn, will not only work in the harvest fields in their own community, they will also be used of the Lord to call out other workers as co-laborers. Cost $7.00. Order by emailing
I’ve seen a copy of this book personally and it’s the real deal. I immediately thought of the missions committee at the church I attend, because they’re always looking for resources like this. Hats off, Mark!

1) Online Missionary Training Available —

M_Indonesia_Madurese_MF_AK_001-300x199Global Frontier Missions has been training missionaries to serve among unreached people groups for over 12 years. They started in Oaxaca, Mexico and now have a training base in Atlanta where they equip people while making disciples among refugee populations from over 50 countries. GFM also just launched an online version of their training program for those that live overseas. It is a great way to get pre-field training before heading abroad or to sharpen your skills if you are already overseas and want additional tools for ministry.

Find information about the in person training here…


and the online training here…


5) 2014 Zwemer Summer Institute at the IMB

Now you can take part in comprehensive one-week training for churches, missionaries, missionary candidates and students in understanding and engaging Muslims in Christian witness. Some topics include: Muslim Cultures and Worldviews, Muhammed and the Qur’an, Muslim Women, Radicalization of Islam, Folk Islam, Contextualization, Church Planting and Discipleship Among MBBs. It’s scheduled for May 26-30, 2014 at the International Learning Center in Rockville, Virginia, sponsored by The Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at CIU in Partnership with the International Mission Board. You’ll need to pay $300, but this includes meals and lodging. Alternatively, pay just $100 for training only.

Visit http://www.zwemerinstitute.com to register.

2) Call for Providers of pre-field training and orientation

MTILet’s review/refresh our list of those who provide generic pre-field training to missionaries heading overseas — and let’s add any training agencies outside the USA, if they exist. We’re not talking about specific training (in TESL, or Bible translation, or church-planting or CHE or agency-specific candidate schools), but rather, generalized training in how to understand yourself, how to cross cultures, and how to learn another language.

The granddaddy of them all (longest in business) might be Missionary Training International. Learn more about them at…


Located near Colorado Springs, they have a great training site (foothills of Pikes Peak and the Rockies), an experienced staff, a strong set of “customers” (meaning you’ll have great interaction with classmates and possibly form lifelong friends). On the flipside, they’re often booked (filled) far in advance and some might say they’re rates are rather strong.

Close behind them would be the Center for Intercultural Training, on the web at…


They’re situated in Union Mills, North Carolina (between Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina). In their favor is the fact that they work closely with MTI (in fact, some MTI instructors have guest-taught often at CIT), so their training is similarly taught with experience and depth. Some have said their training is seemingly more biblically-centered (but that’s probably a subjective call?). They might be a shade less expensive, and they also might have a few more openings more often. Balancing these pluses might be the fact that, well, it just seems they’ve never quite been able to get past the fact that people are always comparing them to MTI! People who attend CIT generally seem to come away with a positive report; people who decide to attend MTI instead sometimes report that they feel better-trained. ???

In Joplin, MO, you’ll find a third option, Train International. Find them on the web at…


In their favor is the fact that they are quite a bit less expensive, with even more availability, generally, than CIT. For many in the “middle” of the USA, it might cost less to travel and stay there. And don’t underestimate the adjunct faculty. Many are incredible people with tons of experience and lots of heart. However, realize that they have very few FULL-time trainers. Nearly 100% of their trainers do something else for a living and help at Train when they can, if that matters to you. Also, the class size might not be as large (meaning you might not have quite the multitude of new lifelong friends). However, remember that — because class size is smaller, you just might receive more personal attention, too.

Are there others? If so, please click “Comment” below the web version of this item. Please ESPECIALLY highlight international training locations.

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