10) Curious About How the Missions Landscape is Changing?

Now you can see it all in front of your very eyes in this new missiographic by MissioNexus with stats from their new North American Mission Handbook:


This page is full of surprises for me. For example, I had no idea that 72% of all single workers are female. I had no idea that business as missions had risen so much. And I had on appreciation for the stability of the missionary enterprise. (I thought the number of missionaries being sent had dropped by more than half. Too many assumptions.) Thanks to all the people who made this graphic possible. See other graphics at…


9) Mission Leaders Conference 2015 – UPWARD

missionexus_tag_rgb_hMissio Nexus invites you to join them in Orlando September 24-26, 2015 to look UPWARD as they address today’s pressing leadership questions of Complexity, Legacy, Diversity and Adversity. Speakers include Michael Oh, Nancy Ortberg, Sky Jethani and others. Breakouts will be available in 5 tracks: Executive Leadership, Globally Engaged Churches, Mission Finance & Administration, Personnel and Short-Term Mission. You can also choose from 5 pre-conference events. Check out the schedule and more about the conference here:


12) Hang with your Peers, Share Lessons Learned, Grow your Network

missionexus conferenceWhat do you get when you combine the best experience of the EFMA with the breadth of knowledge of the IFMA? You get MissioNexus. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or a rookie in global outreach, someone in MissioNexus probably has the solution to your next problem (even if you haven’t encountered it yet). Just their conference alone is worth the look…


But Steve and his staff have completely retooled to offer you a whole lot more. Give them a look and, if you like, join them and see for yourself.

9) Feedback from Mission Orgs, Churches, and Education Institutions

Approximately 400 people from more than 200 churches, mission organizations and educational institutions participated in the Missio Nexus Seven-City Connection Tour from May 21 – 30. The feedback has been extremely positive as groups of leaders wrestled with practical questions raised by the high level findings of the 2013 Mission CEO Survey: Navigating Global Currents. The Executive Summary is available as a “featured product” in the MissioNexus online store starting at $9.95 (price is based on membership status) at


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