6) Online Video Training for Cross-Cultural Missions is Here

earth hands“Fundamentals For Cross-Cultural Missions” videos are a great way for individuals, Short-Term Team Leaders, Churches and Faith-Based organizations to prepare for cross-cultural engagement. Now they are available online and can be watched at any time with several pricing options, starting at $7.99, to fit the specific need of the viewer. Each video session comes with a downloadable handout with notes and checklists to help in preparation.

The “Fundamentals For Cross-Cultural Missions” videos can be viewed individually or as a course. They are great for teams and cover five essential topics:
Blessed To Be A Blessing-A Biblical Basis for Missions
Culture-The signs and triggers of culture shock and how to deal with it
Bridges and Barriers-Examines worldview and bridges and barriers to communicating the gospel cross-culturally
Spiritual Preparation-Discusses prayer, spiritual warfare and sharing your story
Safety & Security-Understanding the potential risks of global travel and best practices to minimize adverse situations

Learn more at…

1) Experience God’s Heart for the Nations

See some great actors from Saltmine as they share God’s heart for the nations via dramatic readings at…

This free video would be a great addition to your next mission rally, banquet, or global outreach day. (Thanks to Marti, Publisher and Managing Editor of Missions Catalyst for pointing us to this great resource.)

7) New Edition of “Missions: Biblical Foundations”

missions bookDr. Gailyn Van Rheenen, Executive Director of Mission Alive, has just completed the 2nd edition of Missions: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies now available through Zondervan/Harper Collins. This 2nd edition is much more complete with eight new chapters and the other chapters are updated/refined. The Missions text has traditionally been used as a handbook for Missions for those going to the field. Find it on Amazon at


11) Good Reading about the Church in Missions

booksIn a recent inquiry in Brigada, we asked for additional resources for local churches who were ramping up their involvement in missions. The comments yielded a virtual treasure trove of next step resources. Thanks to all those who took time to respond. Here are a few examples:

Tradecraft, by Crider, McCrary and the Upstream Collective team


Becoming Global by Bruce Dipple (SMBC Press). To order, (VISA & Mastercard accepted), phone Australia +1(02) 9747 4780, or Fax Australia, +1(02) 9747 5053, or mail: SMBC Press, PO Box 83, Croydon NSW 2132, Australia. Cost is A$15 plus postage.

When Missions Shapes the Mission by David Horner (B & H Publishing)


A Task Unfinished By Michael Griffiths (MARC publishing)


Antioch Revisited by Tom Julien (BMH books)


12) New Team Building Kit for Short-term teams and Others

teambuilding-kit-coverThe Team Building Kit is brand new resource that is ideal for short-term mission Team Leaders who want to unify their teams prior to departure. The kit includes 10 time-tested activities complete with instructions. Each activity has been designed to allow for hands-on experience and to help team leaders establish a platform for reflection and change. The Team Building Kit booklet, included with the Kit, provides an overarching objective, recommended group size, preparation steps, activity instructions, as well as a real-life scenario short-term teams will face on field for each activity. While designed for short-term mission teams, each activity can be modified to accommodate your specific need. Learn more at…


5) Creation Care – An Integral Part of Missions?

ecoThere’s a growing ecological crisis, particularly in East Asia. How is it impacting the people that we are called to serve, and what opportunities does it present for missions? This topic will be presented by OMF International, together with A Rocha and Missions Fest Vancouver. The date is Saturday, November 8, 2014, 7:15 – 9:30 pm, with the location being The Tapestry Church, 9280 No. 2 Road, Richmond, BC. The presenter is David Gould, Creation Care Advocate, OMF International. Find this event on the web at


5) Stand4kids is Now “Weave”

weavefamilyRemember that item, “9) Looking to Motivate Kids Toward Missions?” in the July 13th, 2014 edition? Karen, from Stand4kids, wrote in a comment for that item, “I created Stand4kids. … We are now under the Center for Mission Mobilization. Most products are found at cmmpress.org. Download lessons are at stand4kids.org/dl/. Our children and family team is called Weave and we have a new website with many free activities for families at


Check it out! (And thanks, Karen.)

9) Good Reading About The Role Of The Church In Missions

what is our missionThis past week, Mike began wondering where to go to learn more about the role of the church in missions, now and throughout the ages. Some might refer him to Andrew Murray’s classic, “The Key to the Missionary Problem.” But we’re betting there are other options. Can you think of other such resources? If so, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance if you can help.

4) How to Introduce Your Friends to the Nations

Girl's hands holding globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisSometimes, I’m lucky enough to teach a Perspectives class the week before Shane Bennett. Whenever that happens, I ask the class to pull some kind of prank on him. Like… as soon as he begins teaching, they’re all supposed to start coughing endlessly. But now I feel really guilty. Because his article, “21 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Friends to the Nations (and Five Ways to Ensure They Stay Away)” is actually really good. (Sorry — didn’t mean to sound so surprised.)


If all of us followed his advice, the world would be a lot more reached.

10) Howard is my Hero

heart with mapWe need more guys like Howard Culbertson. Check out his page, “World Evangelism viewed by two churches:”


Click on the drop-down arrow upper right, “Other great pages to visit.” (There really are several.) I wish more of us would take time to be so thoughtful, creative, and prolific in writing about missions. He’s raised the bar high when it comes to thinking, motivating, and leaving a legacy. Hats off to Howard.

9) New Bonk Book Explores Families in Missions –

family missions bookJonathan Bonk’s new book, “Family Accountability in Missions: Korean and Western Case Studies (2013: Editor: Jonathan J. Bonk; Associate Editors: Dwight P. Baker, J. Nelson Jennings, Jin Bong Kim, and Steve Sang-Cheol Moon), contains case studies regarding the nurture, care, and education of children, as well as MK identity issues, marriage, culture and language, education, roles, finances, resilience, corruption, retirement, and transcultural kids. Get the English paperback here…


Korean speakers will want to start here for the Korean version:


(Thanks to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for sending a heads-up about this new book. Learn more about their work at http://www.membercare.org)

10) We Love Missions Catalyst –

SubscribeIn those early days, Missions Catalyst operated as a part of the Brigada family of email conferences. (See the Missions Catalyst “About” page for more info at…


I can remember midnight exchanges with the then-editor, Nate Wilson. Later, when Shane and Marti picked it up, I could see it would only become better with each passing year. Though I’ve never met Pat, she adds a great service with the international news briefs. They’re a great team and we highly recommend subscribing. Just click “Sign up for our emails,” in the middle of the page at…


Until the next issue comes out, you can read their stuff in a web version at…


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