3) Be More Effective Making Disciples and Establishing Churches

Mission Media U (MMU) is an online learning platform designed to train Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches. Their course, “Foundations of Media Strategy,” is starting Sept. 14 and running through Oct. 12. Each week in the 5-week course requires 3 hours of work per week including a one-hour live instruction session. For more information, go to…


2) New Book on Global Partnerships

paul-3d-278x300“Walk This Way: a better path to global engagement” was just released by Dr. Paul McGuinness and 181 Publishing. As Dr. McGuinness writes, God is moving in unbelievable ways around the world, and the Western church has a part to play in the story. But are we in danger of missing out due to an unhealthy approach to global engagement? It’s not that churches aren’t already involved in cross-cultural ministry. It’s that, too often, we bring the wrong mindset to international ministry and move down a rocky path.” Through case studies, practical experience, and biblical principles, “Walk This Way” presents a new model for global ministry that honors the work God is doing and mobilizes the American church to greater engagement. We’re looking forward to reading this book ourselves. Check it out at:


Join the conversation on Facebook (WalkThisWayBook), Twitter and Instagram (@WalkThisWayBook).

1) Innovative Ideas for Thanking Donors: Hope Coffee Offers an Option

HOPE-Coffee-Logo-Brown-2In this holiday season, we’ve been searching for unique ways for missionaries/orgs to thank partners and donors. One option came from Hope Coffee, a ministry enterprise of Camino Global. They are willing to operate a “Gift Service” for ministries this Christmas season. There are three simple steps:
1. Select a gift: 2.5oz of Honduran Medium, Bold, Dark and Guatemalan Decaf as a $10 level gift, while a $15 level would send 12oz of Light Roast or a box of 12 of those Keurig single-serve cups.
2. Email Brian
bmastersathopecoffeedotcom the list of names and addresses to which you would like the gifts to be mailed.
3. Brian will reconnect with you, providing easy ways to cover the expenses of the gifts, then promptly deliver your coffee gifts.
He’ll include the coffee gift, all shipping and a personalized shipping label. The label would wish the donor Merry Christmas from you or your org. Be sure to follow up with him by Dec. 16. Obviously, if and when he runs out of coffee, he’ll let you know if you are the one contacting him.

This seems like one good answer to the question of how do we thank donors in appropriate, globe-friendly ways. For example, in this approach, both you and the donor can know you’re involved in ministry the whole way through, rather than supporting some “big business” manufacturing chain or “box store.” If you think of other good options, feel free to let us know. And thanks for the idea, Brian. (Disclaimer: Brian chipped in $100 to Brigada to elevate his offer to the front of the queue of Brigada items. Thanks for the help, Brian!)

4) If you Work for/in a Tense Region, Check out this New Source

It’s actually more than a news source. The site…


will indeed let you sign up for daily emails, but their regional updates are much more than a news site. They help you understand the conflicts and personages BEHIND the news… the people CAUSING the news to happen and why. The truth is, they’re not a news outlet, so they’re not trying to boost ‘hits’ or ‘likes’ or viewership. They’re just trying to understand our world. They’re a non-profit with a primary goal of compiling a knowledgebase to help people like you (and the political types) make decisions. Please check them out. (Thanks Caleb!)

11) The Best Accounting Software for Missions: Your Pick?

accounting1What if we were to ask you, “What’s the best accounting software for missions (Windows or Mac)? What would you answer? Would it be Quickbooks Desktop 2015 Pro? …or is someone now recommending Quickbooks online? And what about the new crop of ‘cloud’ accounting systems like Freshbooks and Xero? Have you found something you love? Please jot a note and tell us why. Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks a bunch!

9) Take a STEP into cross-cultural ministry

stepSensing a possible call from God to serve cross-culturally? Not sure where to go or how to get started? Consider STEP — Serving to Equip People – an initiative matching mature young people with seasoned Entrust staff for a one-year term of service in Europe. It’s an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, provide meaningful service within the context of the local church and explore your gifting and calling for cross-cultural ministry. If you love God, follow Jesus, adhere to the Bible, and value mentoring, multiplication and real-life transformation, consider stepping into STEP. Entrust plans to deploy their inaugural STEP class this summer. Better act fast though: The application deadline is April 15. Call them at 719-622-1980 or visit…


While you’re at it, please click “comment” below the web version of this item and tell them what you think about STEP.

11) “Selection Team Manual” Ready for Your Review

Remember that guy out on the East Coast who creates fantastic resources for missions teams like yours? Well, he’s been at it again. Here’s a 5 meg sample “Selection Team Manual,” saved as a PDF, for your review.


In it, Pastor Allen of Heritage Baptist Church unpacks his strategy and approaches for selecting new missionary candidates. He explains his mission statement, purpose, philosophy, and church strategy for missionary recruitment and preparation. You’re going to want to see this free book. And we’re all going to want to thank him. (Thanks Pastor Allen and HBC.)

3) Exploring Visual Data about Missions Just Got Easier

gmiFor so many of us the data around global issues and missions in particular can be confusing and too in-depth. What if there was a resource that made understanding the data around mission fun and easy to share with those you are mobilizing or engaging around mission? GMI will be releasing a book just like that by April 6th. You have all heard of GMI’s Missiographics Service


and now GMI has developed a visual book of some of its best infographics. Each infographic comes with extended analysis by well-known mission researcher Justin Long and the book is introduced by EMQ Editor and Wheaton College professor Dr. Scott Moreau. Purchase your copy here:


3) Earn Your Master’s Degree While Increasing Your Ministry Impact

BGU-logoBethany Global University’s Center for Graduate Studies offers three compelling online M.A. degree options, crafted specifically for mission leaders, educators and trainers all over the world; Intercultural Leadership, Intercultural Education or Intercultural Studies. Each program is designed to draw upon your experience and knowledge of missions and provide practical learning applications you can begin using immediately. As a busy ministry professional, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of online learning and a cost that is less than half that of similar programs. The staff at Bethany Global University would love to assist you in meeting your academic and ministry goals. Contact Director Dr. Jim at 1-952-829-4680 or discover more at


6) Online Video Training for Cross-Cultural Missions is Here

earth hands“Fundamentals For Cross-Cultural Missions” videos are a great way for individuals, Short-Term Team Leaders, Churches and Faith-Based organizations to prepare for cross-cultural engagement. Now they are available online and can be watched at any time with several pricing options, starting at $7.99, to fit the specific need of the viewer. Each video session comes with a downloadable handout with notes and checklists to help in preparation.

The “Fundamentals For Cross-Cultural Missions” videos can be viewed individually or as a course. They are great for teams and cover five essential topics:
Blessed To Be A Blessing-A Biblical Basis for Missions
Culture-The signs and triggers of culture shock and how to deal with it
Bridges and Barriers-Examines worldview and bridges and barriers to communicating the gospel cross-culturally
Spiritual Preparation-Discusses prayer, spiritual warfare and sharing your story
Safety & Security-Understanding the potential risks of global travel and best practices to minimize adverse situations

Learn more at…

1) Experience God’s Heart for the Nations

See some great actors from Saltmine as they share God’s heart for the nations via dramatic readings at…

This free video would be a great addition to your next mission rally, banquet, or global outreach day. (Thanks to Marti, Publisher and Managing Editor of Missions Catalyst for pointing us to this great resource.)

7) New Edition of “Missions: Biblical Foundations”

missions bookDr. Gailyn Van Rheenen, Executive Director of Mission Alive, has just completed the 2nd edition of Missions: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies now available through Zondervan/Harper Collins. This 2nd edition is much more complete with eight new chapters and the other chapters are updated/refined. The Missions text has traditionally been used as a handbook for Missions for those going to the field. Find it on Amazon at


11) Good Reading about the Church in Missions

booksIn a recent inquiry in Brigada, we asked for additional resources for local churches who were ramping up their involvement in missions. The comments yielded a virtual treasure trove of next step resources. Thanks to all those who took time to respond. Here are a few examples:

Tradecraft, by Crider, McCrary and the Upstream Collective team


Becoming Global by Bruce Dipple (SMBC Press). To order, (VISA & Mastercard accepted), phone Australia +1(02) 9747 4780, or Fax Australia, +1(02) 9747 5053, or mail: SMBC Press, PO Box 83, Croydon NSW 2132, Australia. Cost is A$15 plus postage.

When Missions Shapes the Mission by David Horner (B & H Publishing)


A Task Unfinished By Michael Griffiths (MARC publishing)


Antioch Revisited by Tom Julien (BMH books)


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