12) Free missions series starts March 14

These weekly tutorials are designed to cover all the basic elements of world missions. Each blog will feature a different subject, like countries, religions, languages, peoples, terminology, missionaries, and agencies. Further blogs will discuss ways to get involved, like supporting, praying, volunteering, traveling, etc. Participants can add comments and dig deeper using assignments and links. Sign up (free) to get the whole series at


3) A Missions Wiki

A long-time Brigada reader thinks that someone or some mission organization in the greater missions community ought to start a missions wiki.  Modeled after Wikipedia, it would allow many registered users to contribute articles on a variety of relevant subjects, which are then subject to editing and correction by the community.  Think of the knowledge that could be shared freely among a very large group of people.  The submitter has no idea how to pull this off, but believes that someone out there does. There have been a couple of attempts at this. Could we please list them in the Comments following this item in the online version of Brigada?

8) New Book, “An Adventure in Missions” is a Practical Guide

Stanley Foster’s new little book, “An Adventure in Missions” is indeed a “Practical Guide to Missions.” The book starts as though it will become a collection of stories from the author’s life. But before we know it, he’s transforming these stories into helpful, practical, every-day tips in categories such as “Things I’ve learned,” “Your Call,” “Evaluating your call,” A Plan to help you get started, and “About Cultural Sensitivity.” It’s clear that the author has lived out what he’s articulating. He not only describes broad strokes, he also zooms in with remarkably finite approaches. Worth the read. Learn more from WestBowPress.com, where it is priced at $11.95…


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