11) Reach Your Mission Field Through Your Mobile Phone

Using Mobile Phones in Missions is an online course designed for field workers, missions media practitioners, and leaders in any organization seeking to be more effective at reaching and teaching people for Christ. The sessions are live with a mentor/instructor and the ability to network and share with peers. The five-week course starts October 30. Learn more and register here:

2) Transform your smartphone or tablet into a Global-MIS

In this case, “MIS” stands for Ministry Info System. And now you can do that for 60& off in what the iLS store is calling a Brigada Christmas Special by purchasing one or more Global-MIS eTool sets for just $59, saving $91 over the retail price. The set of 10 Quick Reference eTools contains 5 Country eTools with 14,000 pages of data & 5 Language eTools with another 14,000 pages covering the 7,099 living languages of the world. Quickly find the language location, pop., major religion & Scripture status. Learn more and see it in action at…

12) Maximize Your Ministry With Mobile

The Mobile Ministry Online Course now includes new information to meet your learning needs and schedules. Mobile phones are essential for everyone and an entry for Kingdom advancement. The four-week on-line course starts February 9. The cost is $40. You will learn about the tools, apps, resources available and create your own plan for ministry. This course is offered through Mobile Ministry Forum and information and registration can be found at:

10) Got a Phone? Get a App

JP Unreached app

You know… it practically doesn’t matter which phone you have these days. Regardless, there’s probably an “app for that.” If you want to see the data on your phone, get the JP Mobile app. If you’d like to see the Unreached People Group of the day, get the JP Unreached app. And if you’re into languages, get the JP Languages app (which lets you see lots of cool language resources that relate to various unreached peoples). They’re all free, but they’ve all come at a great cost: lots of loving hours of dreaming and programming time. Learn more by going to the app marketplace for your phone and searching for Joshua Project.

6) Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached Via Their Mobile Device —

Never before in human history has there been a technology as highly personal, rapidly deployed, and universally embraced as the mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.). In 2011, the number of people living on earth passed seven billion. Mobile phone subscriptions are expected to surpass seven billion by the end of this year. This is the most widespread media on the face of the planet and in December 50 mission strategists (representing 40 organizations) gathered to consider how the Church can best leverage this technology for the glory of God.


An executive summary of the Mobile Ministry Forum Consultation has been posted at


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This document includes a brief summary of the event, links to recordings of presentations shared there, extensive notes and contact information for the MMF Steering Committee members.

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