5) School Staffing Needs In Central Asia

(Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkey) Here’s a school that needs teachers for the 2009-2010 school year. Some positions are part or fully paid. They’re looking for an Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal, Vice Principal, Administrative Assistant, Accountant/Comptroller, Nurse, Librarian. Elementary teachers // Middle School: English, General, History, Science. // High School: Biology, English, History, Math, Science. // Music education (K-12), Physical Education (K-12), ESL, Bible, Computer teacher & technician, Media Resources, Special Needs Education. To add your name to an Opportunities List that is sent out regularly or for more information contact Mark at

or phone +1-330-497-2475

2) Free Missions Video: "Waiting to Go"

Hats off to “Steve” for offering his missions video, “Waiting to Go” to the Brigada audience, free of charge. If you decide to use it, please remember to pray for him. He originally volunteered this video in a comment made to a previous Brigada item (Nov. 23, 2008).

Watch the video live, embedded below, by clicking the big “Play” triangle in the middle of the black square:

or alternatively, download the entire video to your own hard drive.

10) The Backpage: How’s Your Summer Internship Count?

Some might find it interesting to be able to compare their summer internship count with their peer agencies. It’s a sluggish economy in several sending countries. Perhaps your agency is feeling the brunt of a downturn, … perhaps not. We won’t know for sure until we share. The cool part about this Brigada lense is that you can share anonymously, without giving up your exact name. Just do us a favor and describe your agency in general terms. For example, “We’re a large agency — with somewhere between 500 and 1000 full-timers — and our summer internship program generally attracts 100 applications. 75 usually make it through all the filters.” … and so on. Be as precise as you can without breaking any confidences that you’d just as soon not reveal.

Naturally, it’s not all about numbers. And sometimes the numbers reveal things too subtle to show up in board meeting reports. Now you can learn them here, in Brigada. And the bigger, more important question will be — if there are trends, why are they happening? In other words, if numbers are down, is it due to the economic slow-down? Or… is today’s younger generation less likely to commit for a summer ’til they’ve been there for a week? Those are the questions we’ll want to banter around, once we’ve identified trends.

So, please ask your fellow-mission staffers to chime in, especially the recruiters and summer short-term coordinators…. We’ll look forward to them joining us. Let’s get the count, then figure out whether that represents a down-turn, or an equal footing, or an up-sweep. Thanks for taking time to tell your story. Let’s do this! :-)

To read and/or comment on this item on the web, just browse to….

4) 21St Century Global Christianity

Want to learn about the needs of the Christian community around the world? The Issachar Network is developing a framework to connect Christians across the Globe. This is being accomplished through sharing ministry resources, skills, and cultural knowledge between Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian congregations, ministries and their leaders. They need your help in describing the needs around the world, and the resources available to meet them in real time. You can check them out at

Organizers greatly appreciate your prayers.

11) The Backpage: How Does One Become ‘upbeat About Missions’?

Last week’s “Back Page” editorial shared my experience with a megachurch in North Carolina. I mentioned that I was extremely “upbeat” about the future of missions, in view of that church’s enthusiasm and action. Following that editorial, we received this note from a missions minister at another megachurch, this one being in the Mid-south: “I really enjoyed your article on upbeat about missions. It is a great word at a critical time for missions in view of economy and budgets(global, US, church and individual). To the matter at hand. We have an annual Missions Expo/conference here every February. We bring in 50 to 60 missionaries/organizations in for this 2 week event. It is helpful to missionaries and shows our church body all that we are involved in as well as all the opportunities out there for them. The event is much like a fair, with each group having a both that our folks can go by a visit. We will have one Sunday that our Pastor will give us for Missions emphasis form the pulpit. I am looking for anything(large or small) that would help or cause our folks to get excited about missions. To get out of the church and on the street/field. I was wondering if you have seen or done anything recently that God has used to put a passion in the hearts of people. I am thinking anything from a promotional piece, drama, song, teaching or word from the Lord.”

I realize that this church’s request could be viewed as somewhat of a general question. Essentially, it almost sounds like, “How do we help our church become really upbeat about missions?” But as I thought about it — that’s really a fair question. What are some of the best state-of-the-art tools for doing exactly that? We’re not looking for gimics here. In fact, just the opposite. Having tried missions fairs for several years… having struggled to *personalize* missions, this congregation is seeking true, deep-seated mobilization. Our quest is to help them — and many others — truly *transform* their church body into a missions-active group. What are the secrets to make that real? How would you answer the request? I explained to the church that we could turn their question into this week’s BackPage editorial and they were intrigued by the idea. Now — would you please help me give them something of an answer? Please remember, when you click “comment” below, feel free to do so “anonymously” if you desire… and by all means, you don’t have to give your email address here on the web with our response software. But please *do* identify the URL, address or phone number of any resource that you mention. Let’s see if we can’t give them some practical ideas for building their church into a house of prayer for the nations. Thanks for any tip, idea, or resource you might share.

I’ll start the discussion with 3 sample keys that seem to be helping us lately with waking up churches… and giving them something more than a mere one-Sunday emotional “Missions high.” There are certainly more keys than these… but these 3 should get us started.

*** Center the event(s) around prayer — There’s an undeniable link between missions, the unreached, and prayer. Yesterday I spoke on missions to a group of 3rd and 4th-graders at a near-Mega-church. The passage I focused on seemed to hit home with them: Matthew 9:35-38. When these young people heard how much Jesus cared for the unreached of his day (that he had compassion for them), and when they heard the words that Jesus used to describe them (animal husbandry words.. “harassed”, which was a word that described an animal whose skin had been ripped off, and “helpless”, which was a word that would be used of an animal with a badly broken leg), these young people were sobered by the importance of prayer (to ask the Lord to raise up workers for the harvest fields), as well as the immediate *answer* to prayer (that the disciples ended up becoming recruits themselves — see chapter 10. No matter what the age, people seem capable of understanding that they can already *pray* for the unreached. We need to work hard at helping them see that their prayers make a *difference* for the lost. Either way, it’s truthful and it’s effective.

*** Focus the event around some kind of action step — For me, the easiest way to do this is to help the church fully embrace the vision of taking personal responsibility for launching a new work among some unreached people group. Let’s face it: congregations get excited about doing something tangible, especially when they truly understand that virutally nobody else is tackling a particular project. Well guess what: these ‘unreached’ people groups are that way (‘unreached’) because virtually nobody else has paid attention to them yet. They are, in Dr. Winter’s words, *hidden*. Well… let’s pull off the sheets and expose the need… then connect the need to tangible *action*. Make sure the psychological distance isn’t too great between the event and the action step. At least for people in *this* homeland (the USA), it seems there has to be a fairly quick action step. Your homeland might be different.

*** Involve the preaching minister(s) — One of the most exciting projects we’re facilitating is a megachurch here in Louisville in which the senior preaching guy and the associate preaching guy are *both* going on the unreached people vision trip. Talk about potential. Can you imagine both the *congregation* (as they worry about their two beloved pulpit men) and the preaching ministers themselves (as they acquire more illustrations and imagery than they ever dreamed)? But for this to really work, you have to somehow get these pastors on board. That’s the subject of an another entire “Back Page.” :-) All I know is, without their involvement, you’re facing an uphill battle. It’s not impossible: It’s just *harder*.

So there are 3 keys to prime the pump. Now — what’s *your* experience on this challenge?


PS. Just click “Comment” below the location of this item on the web. Thanks again.

1) Hook Up With Unreached People Through Worldconnex

They have three “departments”: Church Activation, Front Line Services and International Connections. WorldconneX does not send missionaries. WorldconneX helps churches send missionaries. Their vision is to help churches discover their strategic uniqueness for the Kingdom (church activation), establish effective connections for strategic impact (international connections), and send their people long term anywhere in the world (front line services). They say they do “missions from the inside out” because they ask churches to look at the resources within their church (people in the pew) to discover mission strategy. Learn more at:

Sign up for their free monthly e-newsletter at …
WorldConnex was the largest contributor to Brigada in 2008. We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d stop by their site to check them out.

5) Cool Things You Can Do Here at Brigada

Someone might say, “I didn’t know I could…”
*** Search 14 years of Brigada back issues? One for each and every week since January 1995. Search for a “needle in a haystack.”
*** Use the “In this Issue” as a table of contents with ‘hot links’ so you can jump to each item, then use your “Back” button to click back to the contents of Brigada
*** By default, be led to type in the “www” in (because of a glitch in our system, you can’t just go “” any more)
*** See the 15 most recent comments across the entire Brigada system in the right-hand margin
*** Use the unfolding date-picker to go to a particular issue in our archived back issues
*** Glance through the “tag cloud” in the lefthand margin so you can browse back-issues by topic
*** See a new “Unreached People Group of the day”, courtesy
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*** Use the top-line menu to quickly jump to key Brigada locations

1) Your Unreached People Group Research Starts & Ends With Jp2K

Never fear… Dan’s still here. Yes, “AD2000 & Beyond” is long gone… but the research arm that began during their tenure is still hard at work. Dan the man is still there, heading up a broad-based initiative to get you the best information possible on any people group you can imagine. Check his work… and that of the team of people assisting him… at

There’s even a cool plug-in there that let’s you see a sample “people group a day” picture and link. (See the plug-in right here on the Brigada home page.)

2) Catch The Momentum At Momentum

When I grow up, I want to be as smart as Justin. See a fraction of his research at

Read the latest on intercession for unreached peoples, browse global issues, catch upcoming conferences, and, in short, “Build your ability to reach the unreached peoples of the world.” That’s what Momentum Magazine is all about. Be sure to catch the full-length magazine layouts at

There’s nothing like that anywhere else on the web. Thanks for your work, Justin.

3) Local Church Is Seeking Short Recruitment Videos

Ken recently asked for help with his local church missions campaign. They’d like to show several short mobilization & recruitment videos throughout their mission emphasis month. Can you take a moment to click on “Comment” under this item and share the best recruitment videos available today? Be sure to give source information (where to order them). Thanks!

2) Get Connected: Hook Up With Worldconnex

The big Greek “X” at the end of their name stands for Christ. They want the world to be connected to Him. Their three “departments” are Church Activation, Front Line Services and International Connections. They do not send missionaries. They help churches send missionaries. Their vision is to help churches discover their strategic uniqueness for the Kingdom (church activation), establish effective connections for strategic impact (international connections), and send their people long term anywhere in the world (front line services). They say that they do “missions from the inside out” because they ask churches to look at the resources within their church (people in the pew) to discover mission strategy. Sounds like a great dream, eh? :-) Check ’em out at:

2) Check Out The Worldconnex Website And Newsletter

Whoa. If you ever wanted to see an example of a sharp website (it must be Flash?), visit:

It’s worth going for the model site, even if these folks weren’t involved in church missions activation, building unreached people networks, and helping your church send missionaries long-term. At least consider signing up for their free monthly e-newsletter at

I just did.

11) The Backpage: Who Will Pick Up The Baton?

This past week, we traveled through a Middle-Eastern country where several workers are being denied renewed visas. In a symbol of continuity during a special sending-off ceremony, one of the long-term veterans there handed a track baton to some newly-arrived workers. But the question remained… From where will those workers come? In countries like these, where Americans, Canadians, and/or Irish are being uninvited, who will take up the torch for the future… to tell the untold story, to disciple new believers, and to connect today with *tomorrow*? Do you have an opinion on how or where we could find new workers? Because… it was the cry of Jesus’ heart in Matt. 9:35-38. Is it the cry of yours?

You can write an opinion by clicking on “Comment” below.

9) Pray For The Mbalantu Of Namibia

Excitement is the only word to describe what is about to happen in northwest Namibia. In April and May you prayed for an association leader from Texas as he visited this part of Namibia to investigate the possibility of his association adopting one of the Forgotten People of Namibia. They have decided to adopt the Mbalantu people. Praise the Lord! After 5 years of prayer, the excitement is infectious. Pray for this association as they plan for their first strategy trip and begin to plan for 3 to 4 volunteer teams each year to work in this area of Namibia. Continue to pray for the Mbalantu! Pray that they will soon hear the life-giving Gospel from the members of this association. Pray that after they hear the message, they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord! For more information on the unengaged peoples of Namibia visit

or contact

Comment on this item by clicking “Comment” below.

3) Miraculous Ministry Among Muslims And Other Messages On Cd

One of the best ways to encourage other’s faith is to share stories about how God is working in peoples’ lives. If you would like to order CDs with amazing stories of how God is working in awesome ways in the Arab Muslim world just contact

for a list of talks and brief summaries (and pricing). These are great resources to give to those considering working in this part of the world as well as those who support workers.

4) Strategic Connections For A New Day In Turkey

It’s not too late to register for the International Turkey Network’s 2008 American Conference, November 13-15, in Mesa, Arizona. Join with several hundred long-term partners working in Turkey. GUESTS include a Turkish evangelist currently on trial for Bible distribution, a Turkish pastor and a veteran worker responsible for multiple successful church plants.
Hear about and connect with an international intercessory movement, learn from experienced church leaders, network with ministries involved in Turkey, and even adopt a province for strategic engagement and partnership with believers in Turkey. Learn more at

or email

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