10) Discover "Future Mission" at This Year’s Missio Nexus Conference?

You might as well. Everybody else is. Hear speakers like Dr. Jay Gary, Ed Stetzer, K.A. Ellis, Prashan De Visser, James Kelly, and Andrew Brunson. Discover the challenges that future Great Commission workers will face — and help find Godly solutions. Watch the video, learn more, and register at…

2019 Mission Leaders Conference: Dr. Jay Gary, Ed Stetzer, K.A. Ellis, Prashan De Visser, James Kelly, and Andrew Brunson

3) Is This the Best Explanation of the Greatest Spiritual Needs?

This relatively new video (with relatively few views) just might be the best explanation anywhere of the biggest spiritual needs ever, especially when it comes to understanding the places where the Gospel isn’t. Thanks to RW Lewis and Chris Maynard for imagining this clear, clarion call for pioneers. Our hope is that your church or group will find time in the very near future to view and share this video, then prayerfully brainstorm about what action steps you might take to address its truths.

(Thanks to Mission Frontiers for consistently pointing us toward these important facts. And thanks to Telos Fellowship for believing in the importance of sharing these challenges. Finally, we’re all grateful to the good folks at for sounding the call for all.)


11) Mapping Center: Great Tool for Locating Unreached Peoples

Last week while visiting with the staff of Global Gates in New York City, we learned about a service called Mapping Center. Granted, it’s a paid service… and we all love free things. But this service tells your church members who their neighbors are and even prompts your members to pray for them. It’s got to be worth a look, right? And after all, there are components of the app that are free anyway. Check out…


The amazing data come into play in the “Online Community Connector” version. You can see ethnicity, language spoken and more — down to the granular (house by house) level. Amazing stuff. (Thanks for your work on this, Kevin — and everyone else. And thanks for sharing the ideas, Chris.)

4) Learning about Privacy Laws and Data Stewardship

Justin Schluessler (Data Protection Office for Compassion International) will be presenting on Data Stewardship at the ICCM-Americas conference June 26 -29 in Hannibal, Missouri. He will also be presenting breakout sessions on GDPR and current/anticipated US laws on data protection. Registration for the Americas Conference is still open at the reduced early-bird rate until March 31. Visit for more information.


or email

iccmamericasatlightsysdotorg  (iccmamericasatlightsysdotorg)  

7) Volunteering with Medical Santo (Vanuatu)

Medical Santo needs Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Dentist volunteers to ensure the ongoing provision of health services to the people of Northern Vanuatu. They especially require a long term doctor and can provide some financial assistance for this position. If you are in a position to consider volunteering, they’d love to hear from you right away. Do you know some medical professionals who may be interested in volunteering? They’d greatly appreciate you passing this information along to them! Learn more at…

date: 2019/03/03 16:00

2) Free Missions video series entitled Pathways to Global Understanding

Pathways, a Phoenix, Arizona based missions organization, just completed a series of 12 missions videos to help Christ followers discover their part in God’s Global Story. The curriculum is designed for use in small groups, classes or personal study. The videos are available free on line at…


It looks really good. If you have participated or your group has already taken part, please click a comment and share your testimony. Thanks to those who took part — people like Jon Hardin, Meg Crossman, and many others — in making it! Pathways to Global Understanding is available to you at no charge because the people who prepared it want you to know the lessons contained in it. Meet all the speakers at…


Learn more about the people who produced it at…


(Thanks to several who tipped us off on this, including Tim!)

7) International Conference on Computing and Mission Conference

ICCM-Americas meets in Hannibal, MO, June 26-29, 2019. The gathering brings together both leaders and technical practitioners in Information Technology/Information Security from multiple organizations with common interests in collaborative technology, learning from the strengths of others, cross-cultural mission, and fulfilling the Great Commission. Included are times of worship, prayer, panel discussion, plenary sessions, technical sessions, and networking opportunities.

Registration is currently open,




for conferences on other continents. Discounted early-bird registration will likely end March 31, so better act fast. We’ve participated in these previously and they’re ALWAYS helpful.

3) Every once-and-awhile, It Does Me Good To Remember Why We Believe

We live in a crazy, mixed-up world. It’s a world in which we can easily be swayed by every episode of Star Trek and by lectures by smart people like Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion). That’s why it’s important, every once-and-awhile, to watch something like Ravi Zacharias in this video:


Naturally, at the end of the day, following Christ ultimately requires a person to take a “leap of faith.” But, in the face of a doubting world, isn’t it nice to make believing believable again? : )


6) Finishing the Task Clarifies: We Were Always Thinking Zero

Just when you thought the Finishing the Task (FTT) list was all finished (i.e., that someone, somewhere, had taken reasonability for each of the world’s remaining unengaged, unreached people groups), FTT clarified this past week that they had always been thinking they would hang around until the last group was actually engaged. Truth is, it really wasn’t “new” information after all. Those who had listened intently previously, could have already attested to the fact that they had ALWAYS intended to make sure it happened. In fact, if a couple of years go by and they don’t hear that a particular group has become engaged, they contact the earlier adopter to verify that they still intend to follow through — which is pretty cool, if you stop to think about it. Learn more about the pretty cool people at Finishing the Task by visiting…


Read lots more frequently-asked questions here…

12) Catch this Hilarious Tribute to VideoChats (Be ready to laugh)

Our buddy, Mike S., told us about this hilarious video this past week. Yes, it’s an unashamed promo for Zoom, but only in the last 15 seconds. The entire remainder of the video is poking fun at the experiences we’ve all had. There’s so much here — the guy who shows up with the echo in his signal because he isn’t using headphones, the lady looking at her hair-do in the webcam, and even the guy who did the whole meeting in his underwear! This one’s a classic. In the meantime, if videochats have come to be helpful for you, why not leave a testimony in the comments that follow this item. If you’re like we are, videochats have become a mainstay.

…in spite of the fact that sometimes, it takes 3 times longer to process work because of the hassle. : )

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