2) We Did the Momentum Course and It was Good

Yes, it might be
ideal to do all 15 weeks of Perspectives for $240 — or $490. But you’ll have
to read a mongo reader and show up for all of the two-and-a-half-hour classes
at the time they specify. You don’t get to decide. Or maybe it would at least
be cool to be inspired by the 40-hour Kairos course. The cost is much more
affordable, but … it’s still 40 hours. But if you’re implementing something
church-wide for lay people, it might be hard to get whole-church commitment for
something as substantial as 40 hours. So now, there’s a really great
“toe-in-the-water” alternative. It works great for starters AND, to
be honest, it works great for all levels. We found that each session took
approximately one hour (but it was all mission staff people). So the nine-hour
course actually just took us six hours. It really picked up around session 3
and 4 – so, if you try it, we encourage you to FINISH it. We think it would be
a SUPER tool for a “New Christians” class, especially when paired
with . A one-two punch. Also, their missions timeline is
incredibly cool. The timeline along is worth checking out the site.

The amazing thing is, like Zume, it’s all free!!!!

7) Why “More isn’t always Better,” or — “Please Train them Well”

Steve Jennings recently wrote this blog…

and we’ve been seeing it get some looks lately. Do you agree with his caution that “More isn’t always better?” Please let us know you’re opinion by clicking “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts. (Thanks Eric B, as well as Dan and Meg, for bubbling this up.)

10) Get Your 30 Days Muslim Prayer Guides in March…

By preordering them now, will start shipping your order to you FIRST, in March 2016. Order now at…

Since 1993, this campaign has focused on helping you pray in an informed way about people who would, perhaps otherwise, only be feared or ignored. Get a 50+ page prayer guide for your church AND … don’t forget that if you’re a ministry with an initiative you’d like to promote, you can advertise in the prayer guide at…

2) New Book on Global Partnerships

paul-3d-278x300“Walk This Way: a better path to global engagement” was just released by Dr. Paul McGuinness and 181 Publishing. As Dr. McGuinness writes, God is moving in unbelievable ways around the world, and the Western church has a part to play in the story. But are we in danger of missing out due to an unhealthy approach to global engagement? It’s not that churches aren’t already involved in cross-cultural ministry. It’s that, too often, we bring the wrong mindset to international ministry and move down a rocky path.” Through case studies, practical experience, and biblical principles, “Walk This Way” presents a new model for global ministry that honors the work God is doing and mobilizes the American church to greater engagement. We’re looking forward to reading this book ourselves. Check it out at:

Join the conversation on Facebook (WalkThisWayBook), Twitter and Instagram (@WalkThisWayBook).

3) How do You Respond when a Recruit Rises in a Local Church?

send me your journey to the nationsWith praise, I hope. But the specific question is — this past week, a global outreach staff person in a large local church emailed, asking for “some sort of resource/questionnaire/book to guide young minds and hearts that are considering overseas mission work. If a young person comes to you and says, “I think God might be calling me to Africa, what do you give them? What do you ask them? What do you tell them to do?” My shooting-from-the-hip response was to recommend the book, “Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations.”

In this book, Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor outline a very thoughtful and intentional process for a recruit, perhaps in cooperation with the global outreach minister and the local church, can begin preparation well in advance of any actual departure date. But do you have other such resources you would have recommended? In particular, what if the prospective recruit is on the younger side? Maybe the “Send me” book is a bit too much for a very young recruit? Got a favorite? If so, please just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help!

5) Downloadable Media Resources for Training and Mobilization

Looking for tools to train workers to share the Gospel to other cultures and languages or enhance your mobilization and prayer efforts? Create International has done the hard work by producing ready-to-go, culturally-appropriate evangelism and missions resource packages to equip workers wanting to share the Good News and train others to multiply their witness among Unreached Peoples. Now, thanks to new digital technology there is no more waiting for your product. As soon as you place your order and make your payment, you can immediately download your files. Once your media is on your computer, you can reformat it to play on all of your desk and mobile devices. Get equipped for 21st century missions. Check out their online store at

14) The BackPage: Please Help us Build a Mobilizer’s Toolkit

If you were equipping new Missions Mobilizer, what would you put in the toolkit? What resources would be “core curriculum,” so to speak. I remember a little book back in the 80’s called “The Hidden Half.” I don’t remember the author’s name… and it seems to have vanished off the book lists even on the web. But it was a great “just add water” mobilizer’s book… to help someone aquire the fire, so to speak, then pass it on. Which books or websites would be in your list? Would any of these make your go-to books?

Life-changing encounters, Caleb Project — Originally assembled as a kind of guidebook or manual for churches and agencies who were doing prayer journeys and vision trips during the “AD2000 & Beyond” mobilization decade of the 90’s, this manual taught the church and agency how go on-sight and write a profile about an unreached people group. Great resource to this day, if you can find one.

Exploring the Land, Shane Bennett — This more academic version of the above was written to help an ethnographic researcher (or research team) prepare a more extensive booklet (or book) about an unreached people or place.

Vision of the Possible, by “Daniel Sinclair” (pseudonym) is a real keeper. It might be the best book documenting the overall on-field process EVER. How to reach an unreached people group or city, for the team leader and the on-site team.

Operation World, originally by Patrick Johnstone, now by Jason Mandryk, looks at the world one country at a time, revealing church growth to date plus prayer requests for tomorrow.

When Helping Hurts, by Corbett and Fikkert, informs the church or agency about poverty and how to help it without causing harm.

Radical, by David Platt, challenges the assumptions of local churches by advocating for a more engaged lifestyle and outreach paradigm .

Serving as Senders, by Neal Pirolo, explains how volunteers from a local church can become more engaged as sending groups for missionaries and their families.

I Think God Wants me to Be a Missionary, also by Neal Pirolo, helps a would-be missionary clarify and grow his/her calling.

In the Gap, by Dave Bryant, is an old book, now somewhat dated, but still challenges assumptions about the world in which we live, advocating a stepped-up prayer life and a more engaged outreach approach.

There have to be more that I’m not remembering right now. Which books, videos, or websites would you add? Please just click “comment” after the online version of this item, then add your favorite(s). Thanks in advance for any help you can render.


1) Plan Now to Take Part in a Global PrayerCast

Global PrayerCast graphic

The stream will originate from a church in Phoenix, Arizona. But by the time the hour is done, you will have prayed side by side with believers in Central Asia, South Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, South America, North and South Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, West and East Africa, and churches of all size in the USA. The entire hour will be packed with prayer (there’s no sermon), and you also will spend time with your family, home Bible study, or local church, praying about local and area needs too. You’ll lift up prayers along 3 major themes with others all over the globe: global suffering (poverty, human trafficking, hunger), unreached peoples and cities, and finally, revitalization of your church for the sake of our hurting world. It will be an hour you’ll never forget. I hate to use the word because maybe it introduces too big of an expectation, but I’m honest when I say — it could even be epic. And guess what: There’s no charge. Watch the video. Plan to be present with thousands of others around the globe. We hope to see you there, Apr. 30th, 9pm EDT. Learn more at…

or catch the one-minute video at…

2) Memo to JoshuaProject: We Love What You’ve Done with the Place

jp_siteWow. If you haven’t stopped by…

in the last day or two, I’m guessing you won’t even recognize the place. It’s WAY cleaner, WAY cooler, instantly responsive, and radically simplified. I’m still trying to learn some of the new push button strategies. For example, in the People Group Listings, it took me a while to figure out that I had to have at least one button turned “green” in each category or else the listing would come back zero. But I figured it out after a few minutes and I know you will too… and then, I bet these pages stay very active — and gets LOTS of looks — because it’s sure a gorgeous interface. Well done, guys!

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