14) The Last Bit: What the BBC Found about Arabs Might Surprise You

At the end of last year through spring of 2019, the BBC interviewed more than 25,000 people in across 10 countries and the Palestinian territories. They asked some very interesting questions like, “Are you planning on leaving your homeland?” “What decisions would you entrust with a woman?” “Would you sanction an honor killing?” “Do you have a more positive view of Trump, Putin, or Erdogan?” Answers to these and other questions might surprise you. One of the most revealing and relevant set of questions dealt with the question, “Do you consider yourself religious or nonreligious?” Interestingly, in several countries, significantly more people considered themselves nonreligious today than in 2013. In Tunisia, for example, the number of nonreligious had tripled — in just 5 years. This is a remarkable change for a country that has historically been virtually a police state. What’s your take on these and other changes? For example, in the case of Tunisia, do you consider it a positive thing for acceptance of the Good News — or a negative thing — if triple the number of people say they’re non-religious? Check it out at…

Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any input you might give. (Thanks, Jeff, for your note about this survey!)


3) “Love Muslims” Launches May 5th: 130 New “Pray for Muslims” Videos!

The folks at PrayerCast are asking you to take part in the most comprehensive and compelling Muslim-focused prayer resource the world has ever seen. Over the month of Ramadan, they plan to release over 130 new 4-5 minute videos, all designed to lead the Body of Christ in focused, strategic, passionate prayer for the Muslim world. Each video is led by a former Muslim who now follows Jesus! They’re rallying the Church around the world to join them in prayer each day during Ramadan. Take a look…

Invite, share and sign up. Here’s a sneak peak:

9) Get Your "30 Days" Muslim Prayer Guide Now…

It’s a campaign that never grows old. Once a year, during Ramadan, the world joins hands to pray for Muslims everywhere. Throughout 30 days, we lift them up in hopes that they’ll grown closer to Jesus. There are special edition “Just for Kids” booklets and also special versions in Spanish. Gear up now though, because this year’s campaign comes soon — May 6th – June 4th. Booklets are available starting at just $3 each. Bargain.

Author of “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” Needs Your Prayers

Many (zillions?) have benefited from his book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.” But now he could use their prayers — and yours too. Nabeel Qureshi was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in August. His recent video (from his hospital bed) is incredibly sobering. See his website…

for background info. But see this video for a most sobering update:

Can we all please unite in prayer for this courageous man of God?
(Thanks Jeff.)

2) How Should Christians Respond to Muslim Refugees coming to our Land?

Moscow Grand Mosque

The Syrian war has displaced more than 4 million people, according to the UN refugee agency. “This is the biggest refugee population from a single conflict in a generation!” Governments everywhere are doing their best to absorb these numbers. How will we respond to the large numbers of Muslims refugees coming to our countries and those living in refugee camps? Hear more on this, along with possible solutions, by attending the Legacy 2016 Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Train at Engaging Islam Intensives Course in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, you can book an “Engage Course” at your church, Learn more about the Hope of the Nations Center in Beirut, Lebanon, study the problem of refugee children attending schools like School of Hope in Beirut, Lebanon. To learn more, browse to…

10) Get Your 30 Days Muslim Prayer Guides in March…

By preordering them now, will start shipping your order to you FIRST, in March 2016. Order now at…

Since 1993, this campaign has focused on helping you pray in an informed way about people who would, perhaps otherwise, only be feared or ignored. Get a 50+ page prayer guide for your church AND … don’t forget that if you’re a ministry with an initiative you’d like to promote, you can advertise in the prayer guide at…

9) Can we Meet Muslims as People Rather than Terrorists?

We liked Matt Stone’s article at…

In his 12 steps at the conclusion of the article, notice he doesn’t presume to tell Christians to keep quiet about their faith (so we don’t offend others). He just asks us to meet Muslims as PEOPLE rather than members of a religion. His article focuses on seeing individuals rather than nations. It seeks dialogue rather than diatribes. What were your thoughts about his admonitions?

5) “Engage” Course Can Unlock Outreach to Muslims in Your Neighborhood

You see Muslims in your schools, grocery stores, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Muslims are more open to the Good News than we realize, but there are cultural and spiritual issues that can hinder your sharing of the gospel. The Engage Course is a dynamic and interactive learning experience that will empower your witness to Muslims. Some of the most experienced evangelists and experts working with Muslims in America and around the world today will coach you to engage in life-transforming conversations with the Muslims living, working, and studying in your community. Engage features 10 interactive videos and lesson plans you can easily host at your church, life group, or home. (Live speakers are also available if desired to enhance your training experience.) The course comes with the Engage Course Book, 6 DVDs with 10 training sessions, Coordinators Guide, Promotional Materials, Speakers List, and more resources online for only $125 + S&H.
To order – go to

or call 303.442.3333

4) Know some South East Asian Muslims?

Here is a useful tool to help you reach them. It’s a film called Final Night. It’s in Indonesian and several other Indonesian languages. This link to one of the movie drafts has English subtitles. The completed movies without subtitles are located at…

11) 30 Days Prayer For Muslims For Children And Families

Family PrayerJesus teaches us to love our neighbors and to pray for our enemies. For many of us, Muslims are neighbors we hardly know. Others see them only as enemies and terrorists. But there is a great way to learn to love Muslims like Jesus does. Ramadan is June 18th to July 17th. Perhaps there’s no better way to experience Ramadan than praying together for Muslims with the children in our household. That’s why we’re excited about the new 30-Days-of-Prayer-Booklet made ‘Just for Kids.’ The booklet would work for family devotions as well as children’s church since it offers to many creative prayer ideas. Find it here…

for the USA or for the UK.

5) “30 Days of Prayer” for the Muslim World Starts June 18

prayer for muslimIn case you wondered, the “30 days of Prayer” campaign is alive and well. In fact, at a conference in Phoenix last week, I had a chance to speak to the point person for the initiative. Due in part to some special initiatives, the June 2015 initiative might end up being the biggest in history. The online presence is better than ever too. You can purchase and download the ebook instantly, online, for just $3.

There are videos there too, and a special kids’ version. If you’ve never done a “30 Days” campaign with your church, this is the best time to start. We suggest: go there now.

6) You’ve Seen the Book, but What about the Movie? (“In the House”)

wind in the house of islamNo doubt, you’ve seen the book (now in its 3rd printing), “A Wind in the House of Islam.”

But did you know that Paul, David and Jon (almost sounds like a singing group from England?!) have now turned the book into a DVD, “In the House of Islam DVD?” It includes 56-, 32-, and 17-minute versions, all on the same DVD, making it useful for a variety of contexts, including class room, home group, Sunday School, church service, etc. You’ll learn firsthand how God is at work in the world’s largest non-Christian religion (Islam) drawing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to new life in Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to journey beyond the headlines and into the remote corners of the Great Commission, where God is at work… In The House of Islam!

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