Muslim Studies

1) Frontline Conference Will Update on Islam in USA, World

registerHave you heard about the “Frontline Conference” in Dallas July 24-26? Learn more at…

This gathering is a joint effort of the Zwemer Institute and Fruitful Practices Research. It will be a valuable time to discover what God is doing and learn from those working with the Muslims in America and around the world. If you are coming please make every effort to register before June 7 so the conference organizers can plan appropriately.

9) Training in Evangelism Among Muslims

Immerse yourself in this intensive course in Islam, its people and culture. Then, use what you learn in daily guided outreach opportunities with seasoned mentors. Manarah combines classroom training with daily apprentice-like opportunities to share with Muslims in homes and nearby parks. Taste Arab hospitality while learning how to bring light to these least-reached people.

Sounds fantastic.

12) Special Speaker at Horizons

Strategic Institute of Muslim Studies is pleased to announce that Jay is coming to Colorado this Summer to teach an apologetics course July 29 to August 2. Organizers invite you to register and learn from his many years of experience debating Muslim scholars around the world. See him in action here…

For more details visit

Scholarships are available. Leaders have said, “Do not let money stop you.”

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