1) Engaging Islam Institute

An incredible training opportunity to grow in your ministry to Muslims is coming to Dearborn, Michigan this Spring. Horizons International will be putting on their well-known Engaging Islam Institute in both a weekend and week-long format. Dates are May 24-25 and May 27-31 respectively. Check out Horizons International at…

Learn more about the Dearborn Weekend Training at…

Learn about the Dearborn Weeklong Training:

8) USA-based Missionaries Returning: Want to Keep Serving from the USA?

Missionary to Muslims? Have to leave your field? Want to keep ministering and keep your missionary supporters when you return to the U.S.? G.R.O., near Seattle, offers blogging websites and Internet radio stations to M.B.B.’s to reach Muslims. They need missionary workers in the Seattle area to help them maintain and expand their outreach. Even if you’re not technical, you’re needed. Your contacts and help are the key. To learn more, write…

mikeatglobalradiooutreachdotorg  (mikeatglobalradiooutreachdotorg)  .

or visit…

3) This DVD Curriculum Will Help You Build Friendships with Muslims

Mike and the rest of the workers at the Coalition of Ministries to Muslims in North America have done a great job with their DVD training program, “Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-centered friendships with Muslims.” Just to be sure, we took a look at it ourselves and it’s the real deal. You’ll feel 100% more equipped and ready. And when you feel equipped and ready, you’re lots less likely to wimp out at the last minute because you’re afraid you’ll offend (or worse). This should be required material for every new worker among Muslim unreached people. Thanks, COMMA Network for a job well done. And just think — you get the entire course for $10. Learn more at the Next Step Resources site…


8) Join Friends for a Gulf Arab Retreat at the End of March

Horizons International is staging a Gulf Arab Retreat that promises to encourage, inform, and inspire. Catch it in Orlando, Florida, March 30- 31, 2019. Participants will grow in discipleship and encouragement as they meet with other former Muslims with heritage from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, U.A.E, Bahrain, and Qatar (and their families).  The program in Florida includes time set aside for relaxation and enjoying the local sites. The cost is just $50, which includes flights, lodgings, and meals. Register now at


Please note: This retreat will be held in the Arabic language and is for North American residents only. Scholarships are available. For more information, email

href="kevinathorizonsinternationaldotorg">kevinathorizonsinternationaldotorg  (kevinathorizonsinternationaldotorg)  


4) Legacy Conference Will Inspire You To Reach Muslims (36% off)

Sponsored by Horizons International, Legacy conference is a bi-annual gathering that promotes biblically sound mission principles and understanding of how to spread the Gospel message among Muslims. It provides comprehensive and critical insight valuable to missionaries, field workers, and home churches around the world. The upcoming 2018 conference will feature a distinguished line-up of plenary speakers, extensive breakout sessions, and Q&A opportunities. Register now for a 37% discount off the full price of admission! Legacy 2018 will equip you with practical tools and knowledge to bring Liberty to the Captives.

14) The BackPage: “The Straight Path” — Jesus in the Qur’an?

straight_pathThis past week, I came across a chart showing how the Qur’an and the Bible both point toward the coming of Jesus as the Anointed one. I can’t find a LOT about this concept, but the best resource I’ve seen on it so far comes from…

along with a summary article at…

My sense is that this approach might be controversial for some (those who fear that prompting any Muslim to spend more time in the Qur’an is a mistake?), but what I’m looking for is — a) What kind of experience do you have with this approach? and b) How have Muslims responded to it, in your case studies? Finally, c) What additional resources have you used or have you heard about that can guide a person in understanding this approach?

If you would be so kind as to click “Comment” following the web version of this item, I’d love for us to explore the use of this approach with a view toward fashioning an understanding of it with our Muslim neighbors today. Thanks in advance for any time you can invest.

3) Ramadan Prayer Focus

muslim prayerMuslims around the world are getting ready for the annual Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month (June 18 to July 17). Christians are gearing up as well for the “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World,” an international movement that began in 1993. Millions of Christians worldwide, and from many denominations, have regularly participated in this concerted but respectful prayer effort for Muslims during a time of the year when many of them are much more deeply aware of spiritual matters.

7) Ministry to Muslims Conference

The theme is “Longing to Belong” and the conference takes place in Toronto, November 6-8, 2014. It’s organized by the Canadian Network of Ministry to Muslims. Plenaries and workshops will be aimed at different levels and interests. Learn more and/or register at

To get the best price please register before August 31st, 2014. Send more questions to


2) Let’s Revisit Guides for Sharing with Muslims

Some have pointed us to…

While others like the clarity and focus of the Camel Method…

Some prefer an in-person training program like Sahara challenge…

While others prefer a bolder approach like that used by Georges Housney, visible here…

The question is, which approach do you prefer for sharing hope and love with Muslim people? Please list just one URL in each comment box. Thanks.

3) King of Glory: A multi-language chronological storybook

This Creation-to-Christ, illustrated book for Muslims (and anyone else), is now available in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic. With its large format, full-page illustrations and scene review questions, this is a distinctive tool for sharing God’s story and message in homes, classrooms, and small group settings. The English edition is perfect for ESL learners of all ages & cultures. The illustrations are beautiful and biblical. The faces of the prophets and Jesus are never clearly shown. Room is left for the imagination. To read the book in English:

For links to purchase KING of GLORY in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, or Arabic, visit: For ministry-prices (in case quantities), contact:
resourcesatrockintldotorg ROCK International is in the midst of turning King of Glory into a captivating and clear-gospel movie for oral learners. Look for it in mid-2014. Scene 1 rough-cut:

11) “Too Soon to Celebrate, Too Soon to Quit [Loving Muslims]

I enjoyed reading comments on the item, “The BackPage: Muslims are Coming to Isa,” Available at…

For example, a worker named Mike reported, “Yes, we are seeing a tremendous growth in areas that I have visited. Much of the fruit is coming from Internet and Satellite as it becomes easier for Muslims to find the Word there. It seems that the church is lacking in reaching them, but through electronic media, the Word is getting out.” Another worker added, “We have been working in the M world for almost 30 years. We are seeing some movements but truly it is a drop in the bucket… The field is white unto harvest and the workers are way too few. We need to been imparting vision that the job is far from over and hands are needed in M countries to bring the harvest in.” Still another worker reinforced, “Christians (in the West and elsewhere) need to mobilize – and do much more than merely ‘pray.’ We need to go – even in very difficult places, and support financially, and give substantial moral and spiritual support to those who do go.” We ESPECIALLY loved Greg L’s comments (those working among Muslims will immediately recognize the name “Greg L” without any further fanfare), “It’s too soon to celebrate, and too soon to quit. We need to keep asking ‘what will be left behind?’ How many identifiable fellowships of MBBs are reproducing… a hit on the internet is hardly ‘regeneration.’ Still, it’s a lot more than before 1975, so let’s keep believing.” (Thanks to ALL participants here at Brigada for dialoguing about this question and others. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience and opinion!)

6) Speaker & seminar on Muslim-Christian engagement

John, an expert in Islam, world religions, dialogue, religious diplomacy, and peacemaking, is available for seminars in churches and other venues on Muslim-Christian engagement in the way of Jesus and other topics. He is the editor of a Christianity Today award-winning book on mission and evangelism, and a leader in Evangelical missions and dialogue. For more information visit or

You can also arrange for a presentation by contacting him by phone at (801) 643-6983.

14) The BackPage: Muslims are Coming to Isa

I was fascinated by the little 8-minute video that WorldChristian News released in conjunction with this year’s 30-days prayer campaign. Wow. Paul Filidis wrote, “While we see disturbing sound bites from the Muslim world almost nightly on TV, there are now also confirmed reports of an unprecedented turning of Muslims to Jesus.” If you don’t believe him, just watch his eight-minute interview with David Garrison.

In summary, Garrison says that from 623 until the end of the 1800’s, there was perhaps only one documented movement to Jesus among Muslims. Throughout the next 100 years, there were maybe 9 more. But in the past dozen years, already, God has raised up 64 new church-planting movements among Muslims — in addition to the 10 that we knew about before. If this is true (and we trust it is), God has truly been mightily moving among the Islamic world since 2000. Wow. Let’s pray even harder.

So what do YOU think about this unprecedented growth that Garrison describes? Are you seeing it where you work as well? Please write anonymously; don’t take risks that will cause you or anyone else any harm. But rejoice with us that God appears to be “on the move” among Muslims like never before in history.

9) Frontline Conference: Open the Door to the Muslim World

Frontline Conference is a weekend gathering (July 5-7, 2013) where you can join workers from the Muslim world in discussing current strategies for reaching Muslims for Christ. Columbia International University (CIU) will host the conference in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The Zwemer Center’s Summer Institute bookends the conference, offering one-week intensive courses which can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit or as a non-credit seminar ($250): Addressing Muslim Concerns (July 1-5) and Islam in the 21st Century (July 8-12). For more information visit

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