1) Strategic Institute of Muslim Studies: SIMS 2012 —

Here’s a great opportunity for missions leaders, strategists, seasoned missionaries, and missionary candidates who want to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills in ministry to Muslims. Key speakers and topics are:

*** Don McCurry — Week 1: July 9–13 — Stepping Stones to Eternity: Jesus from the Quran to the Bible

*** John Gilchrist — Week 2: July 16-20 — Apologetics: Sources of Quran, Historical Jesus, Allah, Prophecies and Theological Issues.

*** Tat Stewart — Week 3: July 23-27 — Evangelism and Discipleship among Muslims. Why are Muslims coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers?

*** Bill Nikides  and Georges Houssney — Week 4: July 30-August 3

Church Planting: Building multiplying Christ centered communities.

*** In June we also have Legacy Conference and a week of practical training with hands on outreach to Arabs in Dearborn, Michigan.

For info on these and other training programs visit,


(Thanks again for Engaging Islam’s partnership with Brigada!)

2) Bridges Course, Connecting Christians with Muslims —

Where have I been? How is it possible that might never have seen this course until now? Packaged in a cool binder, it includes 2 DVD’s, a companion study book, Leader’s notes, and a wealth of knowledge! It features Middle-Eastern-born Fouad Masri, the founder of Crescent Project, leading discussions, showing videos, teaching a whole course on this stuff. The sessions are made more interesting in that we’re not just watching a talking head for 45 minutes. There are small groups, one-on-one testimonies, and lots of cool topics… like “Islam Rising,” “Belief and Ritual,” and much more. You can even get the entire version in Spanish!!! Learn more at…

where you can also research ministry opportunities, workshops, and more. Great job, Fouad! :-)

5) CNMM Biennial Conference —

The Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims is hosting a national conference for workers and interested persons in Toronto October 2012.


The theme is, “here for a purpose”. Mobilization of churches and workers for witness is our goal.  Overseas workers, encourage your Canadian partners to attend! The CNMM operates on the ministry platform of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.


For more info, you can also email…


8) “Jesus in the Center” Seminar —

This year more than a dozen experienced MBBs from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait and beyond will participate in a “Jesus in the Center” seminar. The program includes plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops, simulations, testimonies, personal interaction and more. Organizers bill the program as, “Learn what it takes to reach Muslims for Christ!” The program runs Friday evening October 7 and all day Saturday October 8 at the Royal Heights Baptist Church, Surrey BC, Canada. (Near Vancouver) Learn more at…


4) Need to Clearly Communicate The Way to a Muslim Friend? —

(I’m trying to avoid the temptation to say, “There’s an app for that,” because I think that phrase has been way over used. But it’s still tempting. OK.. Doug.. get hold of yourself. Back to the subject.) Now you can — via a new app by Goldenripe.


Introduces the app… and


reveals even more. There’s a lot there — but at a minimum, it allows reveals eye-opening content (including content from both the Qur’an and Injil) from discussions with Muslim and Christian friends and associates regarding life now and life after this life. To me, this kind of application has huge potential. (Thanks for the tip, Michael!!!)

5) Just 2 months until Ramadan (August 1-30) —

Why not make the most of Ramadan this year by praying for the Muslim world. There are many Christian workers now living in that part of the world. Many shoulder heavy burdens, attacks, stress, sickness, family problems. But they press on, with your prayers and love. This year, why not seize the moment. You can pray for Muslims the world over, as well as those seeking to reach them with the love of Jesus, whether they be Spanish, Russian, or Australian. Ask for sufficient funds to meet their needs. Stop by


where you’ll find promotional materials, downloads, booklets, and more. Make *this* a memorable Ramadan for the entire Muslim World.

1) Zwemer Institute: A Key Event this Summer —

The 15th Summer Institute in Islam (July 4-29) will be held on the campus of Columbia International University in South Carolina.  In four, one-week courses, the focus is on understanding Islam, building healthy relationships with Muslims and training workers to effectively present the gospel.  When taken as a seminar the cost is only $250 each.  With nearly 40 hours of classroom instruction for each course, Zwemer’s distinctive over other programs is that it provides in-depth training for the Church’s greatest challenge in the 21st century. The courses are Islam through Christian and Muslim Eyes (Visiting Professor) July 4-8; The Spirit World of Islam (Dr. Warren Larson) July 11-15); Introduction to the Qur’an (Dr. Peter Riddell) July 18-22; Approaches to Muslims (Dr. Phil Parshall) July 25-29.  Register online at …



Learn more at


or contact Trevor:

TCastoratciudotedu or by phone +1-800- 777-2227, X 5327.

(By the way, hats off to the Zwemer Institute for its preemo support of Brigada this past month. We appreciate you Zwemer Institute!)

14) New Book Challenges Islam —

Exciting new finds indicate that Islam’s original holy city was in northern Arabia at the city of Petra. The author claims that during the second Islamic civil war (66 AH) the Ka’ba was destroyed and the Black Rock was moved into Arabia for safe keeping. You will be amazed at the archeological, historical and literary evidence that support this theory. Discover why these finds challenge the Qur’an. Snag a copy of “Qur’anic Geography” from Independent Scholars Press

7) Engaging Muslims in Our Communities —

Global Initiative and Southwestern Assemblies of God present “Engaging Muslims in Our Communities” on Jan. 22nd Saturday 9-3pm. The registration fee is $20 and includes lunch and snacks.  Topics include: History of Muhammad & Islam, beliefs and practices of Islam, theological issues in Islam, and approaches to reaching Muslims. RSVP by emailing

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/jevansatsagudotedu_.jpg">title="jevansatsagudotedu" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/jevansatsagudotedu_.jpg" alt="" width="133" height="20" />

8) Reaching Muslims Training, Feb 1-6 in Spain —

“Sahara Challenge: Europe” is designed for those interested in effective Muslim outreach, discipleship, and church planting.  The conference will be held in Valencia, Spain. The cost is $675 USD Double occupancy (shared room) and includes conference registration, lodging, breakfast & lunch & materials. Or, pay $825 USD for Single occupancy (room to yourself) with all the above expenses paid as well. Participants are responsible for transportation to/from Valencia, evening meals, and hotel incidentals. For registration and details, Go to:

5) Where There Was No Church (the Book) —

If you want to learn how the Father is at work among Muslims, and how you can better cooperate with Him, check out this newly released book.  Sub-titled “Postcards from Followers of Jesus in the Muslim World,” it does a great job further illustrating fruitful practices among Muslims (it is another offering from some of those behind From Seed to Fruit).  And if you want to dig a bit more deeply and learn from the stories, it includes helpful questions for personal or group study. It will be available soon by major booksellers like, but for a limited time it is being sold for a discount at

You can get more details on the book there, too, including an expanded table of contents and even a sample chapter.  Take a look, and if you like it, grab a copy – and spread the word.

Oh, and all you Kindle lovers out there (you know who you are!); the Kindle version is already available from for just $4.99.

(Not to worry if you use a Nook, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, or other eBook reader – an ePub version should be released shortly and be available from B&N and iTunes.)

5) Learn More about Fruitful Practices Among Muslims —

leaderingtogetherThose interested in fruitful practices and insights into how the Creator is at work among Muslims, check out the new book “Where There Was No Church: Postcards from Followers of Jesus in the Muslim World”, which has just been released by some of the same folks behind “From Seed to Fruit.” It’s reportedly a terrific book for personal or group study. You can learn more, read a sample chapter, and buy at a limited-time discount right now at

This book is also available from & other major book sellers. See it for sale via Kindle for $4.99, for example, at

5) Encountering the World of Islam Online

EWI is a 12-lesson course for people interested in learning about God’s heart for Muslims and about the history and culture of the Muslim world, presenting a fresh perspective on the Islamic faith to the body of Christ in the United States and internationally. Students work to understand Muslims from a variety of perspectives, wrestle with what it means to be a good neighbor to a Muslim, and think about how to communicate the gospel as good news to Muslims – all with the help of a course mentor and class interaction. EWI Online runs four times a year, and the next class is January 10-April 3. Cost is $229 and includes the course textbook. For more information go to

or write to href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/infoatencounteringislamdotorg_..jpg">title="infoatencounteringislamdotorg." src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/infoatencounteringislamdotorg_..jpg" alt="" width="229" height="20" />

7) Mohammed Tops the List of English Baby Names —

Just when you needed an idea for the name of your firstborn son, CNN comes through for you. See the article below, which reports that Mohammed is now the most popular name.

Tough luck for “Oliver,” which was the most popular name previously.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life in a report announced just last month. CNN quoted them as saying that the Muslim population has risen rapidly in Western Europe in the past 20 years — From under 10 million in 1990, to about 17 million today.

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