10) MissionNannys Helps Take up the Slack for Your Family

kidsIt’s probably been a while since we mentioned them.

As Brian from Train International pointed out this past week, they’re not only helpful for missionaries, they’re also a great entry point for ladies with a heart for the nations to engage in missions and to serve missionaries. As they say on their website, “We prepare a prayer letter and card for you. These contain an explanation of what you will be doing, and your budgetary needs, to give to possible donors. We will send this material to you after you are matched with a family and dates are determined for your visit.”

9) Can You Help Find a Nanny for Rome? —

A couple on the outskirts of Rome, near the IBEI Bible Institute, with two young boys, ages 4 and 6, need child care while Mom is at work (only Dad is completely fluent in English; Mom speaks some English). Dad is involved in Inter-cultural outreach, outreach to Bangladeshi people, discipling Italians, working towards a Refugee Ministries Center and tutoring Distance Study students for a Bible School. They have a spare room with adjacent bathroom and provide Free Room and Board (they ask that you purchase your own breakfast food). They need someone from April to September 2012. This is a great chance to experience some aspects of multi-cultural Rome and to learn more about the country of Italy. Is God calling you?

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