4) Synergy Commons Webinar: "Rooting for Rivals" by Peter Greer

Plan now to take part in the upcoming webinar, “Rooting for Rivals,” on the 25th of Oct. In this webinar, Peter Greer will explore case studies illustrating the power of collaborative partnership and share failures and successes in pursuing the power of openhanded leadership. In a world that competes for resources and status, learn how your multi-organization network or partnership can multiply and strengthen its impact through Kingdom collaboration. Learn more and register at…


8) You’ll Love the Pray.Network (125 sites!)

The Pray.Network site allows you to Add a photo, Reply to a discussion, Blog an insight, Post an event, Watch (and pray) a video, Join a group, and even Invite your friends/class. It’s a great idea and it’s implemented really well. What’s more, the site just *flows*. If you like to pray, check it out at…


(Thanks for suggesting this site to us, Betty!)


9) How to Discover if there’s a Pre-existing Network for Your UPG

Suppose you’ve selected an unreached and/or unengaged people group for your team or church. What do you do next? One GREAT place to start is…save_image_of

Eldon, the guy behind this site, has pulled off a major deal here by creating a listing of global and regional networks, country networks, and issue specific networks as well. What’s more, if the particular network or conference has no public website, he’s volunteering to serve as a broker to vet identities to connect you with a particular network to learn more. Great stuff. Bravo Eldon.

12) Networks and Global Missions

Networks serve a unique role in today’s world by facilitating the interconnecting of ministries and individuals both locally and globally. There are networks that are by nature restricted to specific geographic regions and others that intentionally focus on specific issues. Linking Global Voices serves network and ministry leaders as they seek to build relationships in the global paradigm of missions by tracking some 350 networks and providing a calendar of events of global interest. Send your network info or make corrections via their “Contact Us” tab.

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