9) The Strategic Role of Networks

We face complex challenges that require global collaboration. The multi-network GENMobile App is built on the database of Linking Global Voices that tracks over 600 global networks and their events. Some are geographically defined and others are issue-focused. This app looks so cool and is packed with resources.


The Android version of GENMobile is now available with the IOS coming soon. We can’t wait. Use this app to develop your network engagement strategy. Network leaders should contact Eldon to access additional services. Email him at…

eporteratlinkingglobalvoicesdotcom  (eporteratlinkingglobalvoicesdotcom)  


12) Dos Misiografías Claves Están Ahora En Español!

Dos Misiografías de Missio Nexus más populares están ahora disponibles en español. Ellos esperan que estos recursos importantes que tratan las asociaciones efectivas y las redes de misiones fortalezcan y apoyen a hermanos y hermanas de habla hispana. (Got Spanish-speaking friends with whom you’d like to share Missio Nexus Missiographics? No problema. Send them here.) Se puede encontrarlas en


9) New Free Online Missionary Community

Missionary Friend is now open for the mission community to start networking.

The first free online Christian missionary community devoted to spreading the good works of all missionaries across the world. Missionary Friend is all about sharing mission ideas, successes, and problems within the missionary community. At Missionary Friend each member will have the ability to share photos, videos, experiences and knowledge in any language. The Prayer Wall is a great way to spread the voice of prayer and have the prayer warriors of the mission community praying. So come join this free community of missionaries. Share the word of Missionary Friend.


6) New Free Online Missionary Community

Missionary Friend is now open for the mission community to start networking.

Some would say this is the first free online Christian missionary community devoted to spreading the good works of all missionaries across the world.  Missionary Friend is all about sharing mission ideas, successes, and problems amongst the missionary community.  At Missionary Friend each member will have the ability to share photos, videos, experiences and knowledge.  Missionary Friend is a resource for all missionaries in the field and on short-term.  The Prayer Wall is a great way to spread the voice of prayer and have the prayer warriors of the mission community praying.  Check it out.

6) Check Out The Issachar Network

The vision of the Issachar Network is to encourage congregations around the world to operate as one cohesive force to understand God’s current plans and desires without sacrificing their God-given diversity and become equipped with all the necessary tools to operate in the modern world. They like to say that they are setting up an able assistant for you in ministry. Learn more at:

2) Check Out The Worldconnex Website And Newsletter

Whoa. If you ever wanted to see an example of a sharp website (it must be Flash?), visit:

It’s worth going for the model site, even if these folks weren’t involved in church missions activation, building unreached people networks, and helping your church send missionaries long-term. At least consider signing up for their free monthly e-newsletter at

I just did.

Guide Network To Mobilize Digital Evangelism Resources

The new Global Use of Internet and Digital Evangelism (Guide) Network is an informal networking resource to encourage evangelistic outreach via the Internet, mobilephone, and other digital devices. Its purpose is to enhance global spread of the Gospel in multiple languages via the Internet and mobile digital devices by networking with practitioners to share resources and information, encourage Kingdom collaboration, and help the body of Christ to embrace and engage in internet/mobile evangelism. It seeks to draw together those interested in global Web evangelism and mobile device evangelism, with a particular emphasis on the huge opportunities in the non-Western world, in languages other than English, and in the Unreached Peoples world. It has a wide list of people already practicing this ministry, and may be able to help you to find others working in an area of interest to you. It can also provide conference and seminar speakers.

For more information see the Guide Network Site

20070401 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  • NEW DVDS FOR THOSE REACHING OUT TO MUSLIMS — There are 2 new DVDs out there that should be of interest to people working with Muslim audiences: “More Than Dreams” and “Escape From Darkness”. “Dreams…”

    highlights the true stories of five different MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) from different parts of the Muslim world who came to become followers of Christ after having dreams of Jesus. The quality is top- notch and is produced in the original language (with English subtitles) of those telling their stories (in docudrama re-enactment). “Escape…”

    is the amazing testimony of Daniel Shayesteh, a former radical Muslim who was heavily involved in the Iranian fundamentalist revolution and was once committed to exterminating Jews, Christians, and other “infidels.” (Thanks Tim!!!)

  • CITYWIDE MISSION NETWORKING — Manned by three former Initiative360 staff, GO Connect is identifying mission activity and networking within America’s largest metro cities (over 240). To find your state and city go to:

    If God is stirring your heart to pray for mission networking & mobilization to either begin or move forward in your city, or you are sensing His leading to help birth a citywide network, email Go Connect at: networking(at)goconnect(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • FREE TENTMAKING QUARTERLY JOURNAL — Did you know that Global Opportunities publishes a free tentmaking journal called GO World? Eight pages of informative, challenging and thought provoking articles on the essence of tentmaking. To keep costs down, it is available only as a pdf via email or by downloading the current issue from their website. To subscribe simply visit their website

  • CHECK OUT NONPROFIT/CHURCH LAW — The latest issue of the Nonprofit and Church Legal Trends Memorandum is now online. Just go to

    for the issue. In this issue, catch info on small and medium nonprofit organizations, guidelines on per diem expense reimbursements, and more.

  • WHAT IN BAGHDAD IS WORTH DYING FOR? — When Mahmood, an educated young Sunni Muslim shopkeeper in Baghdad, reads a secret New Testament, amazing dreams and a curiosity about Jesus follow. But threats from his frightened wife and angry father build as relatives are beaten by religious fanatics. Mahmood must choose between pursuing his own peace or honoring his family and cultural traditions. His choice may surprise you! The new book, “Baghdad Believer”, shares the exciting adventure of one Iraqi’s struggle with new choices between truth and culture, self and family, risk and security. This first-person story paints a picture of the daily life of a Sunni Muslim living in Baghdad. The internal worlds of Muslims – the worlds of honor & shame, anger & fear – are the keys to understanding why Iraq is such a violent place, and always has been. But, this story gives hope that reconciliation and peace with God and with family can and does happen. This is the hope that readers will experience – that few Iraqis are always violent and that most Iraqis seek a better life where there is peace and trust. For additional information, see:

  • LOOKING FOR OLD RECORDED MESSAGES — Tom is looking for old recorded messages from missionaries and missions leaders in any format, especially on audiotape. Because the cassette is dying out as an audio recording medium, many of these recordings are in storage, probably to be disposed of one day and never heard again. (This would also apply to reel-to-reel recordings as well). If you or your mission organization has old audio recordings that need a new home, e-mail him at worldlysaint(at)myway(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • MISSIONARY TRAINING CAMP — Catch it June 20-24. Elijah Company is dedicated to the mentorship of workers for global harvest. Each year three training times are offered at Living Waters Farm in Virginia. Highlights include personal relationships, culture, spiritual strongholds, disciplines, partner team building, developing a prayer base, and evangelism. The instructors share the realities from personal life experience. The camps lay the groundwork for ongoing mentorship. See their web site for an outline of content, manifesto, testimonials and applications.

    or call (757) 226-3507 or email elijah(at)elijahcompany(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • THE SWORD (RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT [R&D] TRAINING) — Take the SWORD (Strategic Seminar-Workshops in Relief & Development). The lecture phase begins April 4, 2008 and the field assignment begins June 30, 2008. The whole period of 12-week lecture is available, as well as weekly modules. The Field Assignment, which is optional, is spearheaded by the Beijing Olympic Outreach. Pre-requisites: God’s heart in you for R&D to reach the nations for Christ. DISCOUNTS: Tuition for the 12-week lecture phase would be US$3,500. (which covers the Beijing Olympic Outreach). Anyone who would register on or before May 15th 2007 with 50% of the tuition paid will have a 10% discount; full tuition paid on or before April 30th 2007 will have 15% discount on their tuition. Contact for registration:

    streams7(at)juno(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • THESE PARTNERS HAVE ENCOURAGED BRIGADA — Thanks to these volunteers who, with their encouraging gifts, have added fuel to our fire: A former ACMC member sent $50 this past week. Thanks!!! Our prayers are with your new role. A resident from Arizona sent *another* $50 just yesterday. We are *sooo* thankful!!! This helps us along on our financial need for 2007 of $17,150 for secretarial help as well as building partnerships to further the Brigada vision of mission organizations and churches working hand-in-hand worldwide. So far in 2007, we have $1276.86.

  • WILL YOUR CHURCH/GROUP/STATE/COUNTRY JOIN THE BUCKET BRIGADE? — So, based on the item immediately above, we only have $15,873.14 to go! The really amazing thing is — there are some people on this planet that could just write that out in one check. The gift is totally tax- deductible in the USA when the check is made out to Team Expansion, our “mother ship.” However, until someone like that steps forward, we have to do it bucket-brigade style. Will you pass the bucket from your church, mission, state, or country? When you send your gift via PayPal or check, we’ll gladly mention your state, country, organization, or church and you’ll be “passing the bucket” in the brigade. Just click on “Sponsor/Donate” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

  • THE BACKPAGE: MORE “COOL TOOLS” FOR TRAVEL & MISSIONS — In previous issues, we’ve listed these tools:

    #1: Beat jet lag (Sleep E., Party W., Gear up to sleep, Herd your kids)

    #2: Get your own mosquito tent (for malaria-infested areas)

    #3: Insist on AC adaptors that don’t require converters/transformers

    #4: Rent or buy a “worldphone”, satphone, and/or sat modem

    #5: Pack by checklist, pack light

    #6: Use roller bags

    #7: Bring a filtered water bottle

    #8: Carry a thin notebook & a pen, write everything down

    #9: Use a money belt

    #10: Try a photographer’s vest

    Today, we suggest you add to that list… #11: Stay healthy, but don’t become O.C. — I always tell my kids, “If you want Ferrari performance, you better power up your engine with high octane fuel.” How do you power up your own personal engine? You decide, but I’ll tell you what works for me. No matter where I am in the world, I make sure I have breakfast food with me. I never miss. Maybe it’s a granola bar from home and a banana from the local market. Or maybe it’s a bowl of some kind of bran cereal with “a box of milk.” Either way, I think it’s the most important meal of the day. If I miss breakfast, however, I roll with the flow and just pick up when I can. No worries. In general, when traveling, I like to avoid any food that hasn’t been peeled, washed in a safe way, and/or cooked. That means most leafy salads are off-limits for me. They just trap too many impurities in the crevices of all those leaves. In fact, I stay away from any foods with crevices. I also avoid sauces and dressings that might have picked up impurities from setting out too long. I carry a very small bottle of hand sanitizer with me to “wash up” before handling any foods with my hands or before I touch my eyes. I make sure I know how much sleep I need — then I get it as best I can. Know yourself and your limitations, then stick to them. You’ll do no good for anyone else in the world if you get amoebic dysentery. At the same time, I try not to become obsessive-compulsive (O.C.) about the whole thing. After all, we are in God’s service, we are in the work of making disciples of all nations, so he’s promised he’ll be *with* us. What safer place on earth can one imagine? :-)

    #12: Find a camera/kit you can truly *carry*, then *use* it — I was hauled into the back of a swat truck once in Uruguay because, unbeknownst to me, policemen were making a drug bust in the market I was photographing. I think they concluded I was working for some magazine or something because the camera I was using had one of those long telephoto lenses on the front. It was too high profile. My suggestion is – carry a camera that’s comfortable and practical for you, but beware of equipment that raises your profile unnecessarily. Right now, I’m using a Canon PowerShot G7. It’s one of those unique cameras that has essentially all the settings of a single-lense reflex, without the look of one; in fact, it carries reasonably well in my jacket or vest pocket, completely out of sight. But it’s probably too much camera if you’re not the type to study the owner’s manual. Again, the secret is to find something that works well. Read reviews online. When you notice that a friend or co- worker is producing great results, ask her what she uses, then see if that would work for you. And once you find something you like, stick with it — and *use* it. That means you’ll probably a little tripod to stick in your backpack or vest pocket. It’s the only way you’ll get shots with *you* in them (using the self-timer). My carry tripod is so light, I barely know it’s in one of my right vest pockets. It’s probably just 6″ long, but it’s generally all I need to capture a shot of a luncheon meeting or a time-exposure of a church building at night. I sacrifice a bit by carrying a rather powerful external flash. Those built-in on-board flashes are great if you’re only taking snapshots up to 11′ away. To capture all those new believers at 10pm, you’ll need something stronger. Get a flash attachment with a head that you can pivot upwards to “bounce” the flash off the ceiling so it illuminates the entire room. That’s the way to get a really pleasing picture at night without all the glare in your subject’s eyes.

    Catch more “cool tools” for mission and travel, next edition

20030622 Brigada Today

In this issue…

  19. FIND A TEAM!

  1. SPONSORS MAKE A DIFFERENCE — Thanks again to those who have partnered with us to help Brigada become more current. All sponsorship money will go *directly* toward helping us pay for a new part-time secretary! She started Monday and — *already* she’s made a difference! She’s returning phone calls, emails, messages, and letters, some of which have gone unanswered for longer than I’m willing to publicly admit. :-) Thank you so much for your help! As a result, you’re seeing a catch-up on Brigada Todays… already! Today we’re thankful for an anonymous donation from a prof. at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA. Please take special note of their Masters program in Theology, Development, and Evangelism. See other sponsors by clicking to: then clicking on “Sponsors” in the link at the bottom of the page.

  2. ESL INSTRUCTION — Here’s an ESL (English as a Second Language) course, three months in length, taught via immersion at the YWAM base in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. The next school is scheduled for September 29 through December 19, 2003. For more information, see website:, or email <ywampaatcomcastdotnet>. </ywampaatcomcastdotnet>

  3. MORE SPAM CONTROL — Thanks to Arne for yet another spam controller program: Looks very versatile, and it’s free, like MailWasher. And then there’s the product produced by a Caleb Project staffer friend of mine who is a closet-programmer. John Hanna at Caleb Project has spent his spare time over the last year creating an amazing anti-spam tool. It’s custom designed from the ground up to be the perfect anti-spam tool for small to medium-sized organizations. It’s already being used on more than 100 servers (w2k, *nix, os/x, even os2) on three continents and is blocking more than 30,000 spams (and about 200 viruses) per day. If your organization hasn’t solved the spam problem yet, send your IT guy/gal to — it’s not only a great solution, it’s free.

  4. NEW FEATURES ON WEB EVANGELISM GUIDE — Now you’ve got the ability to seamlessly insert any page from the Guide into another site, on a range of evangelism, communication and writing issues. A few lines of insert code are included at the end of every page: by copy/pasting these into another webpage, the main content of that Guide page will be instantly called up in the user’s page. (The text of all pages is also free to reproduce in any printed medium.) – a set of study questions about each page is available for individual study, group discussion, or as part of any academic study course. Great job, Tony!

  5. SPANISH VIDEO ON MOROCCO — Arise Shine Morocco (ASM) announces a long-delayed Spanish-language version of its resource video is now available. Approximately 30 minutes in total length, it includes several short videos about Morocco and the Berber peoples. For those who will use them for mobilization purposes, complimentary copies may be obtained from ASM by emailing <asmatinterumdotorg>. Extensive information and various resources about Morocco continue to be available in Spanish and many other languages through the ASM website: </asmatinterumdotorg>

  6. CHEAP CALLS TO CHINA — For those needing to call China from the USA, It’s only 6.5 cents/minute using a rechargeable phone card. Get 10% off by entering promotion code “PROINC” when prompted. For calls within the USA, AT&T has a 3.9 cent calling card with no restrictions, no fees, no minimum charges-obtainable at any SAM’s Wholesale club. (Thanks Kurt <aefcenterathotmaildotcom>.) </aefcenterathotmaildotcom>

  7. CANADIAN TENTMAKER NETWORK WEBSITE GETS NEW LOOK — Did you know that 1.5 million Canadians work abroad? How many of them could be potential tentmakers? CTN’s website has been updated and will get regular attention from now on. They’re asking your help in getting the word out to all Canadians. When you visit, don’t forget to leave a virtual footprint in their CTN Public Forum, eh? :-) Note that there is an upcoming tentmaking seminar in Toronto Ontario on Saturday September 27, 2003. Visit them at or email <infoattentmakingdotorg> </infoattentmakingdotorg>

  8. SHARPEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS — International Training Partners offers Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops in different parts of the world. These five-day, highly interactive workshops focus on biblical application of skills in relating to one another and to the host people.

    An workshop hosted by International Training Partners will be held at Palmer Lake, Colorado near Colorado Springs September 7-11, 2003. Contact Paul <plereatearthlinkdotnet> for information.

    Go to for details on all of the workshops and information on ITP. If your mission is interested in sponsoring a SYIS workshop, contact Paul. </plereatearthlinkdotnet>

  9. NETWORKING FOR MISSION — The Web can be used for networking in a remarkable way. Read how a web-savvy missionary used the Internet before his arrival, to make his ministry much more effective: “Before I arrived in [Asian country] as a missionary, I went online to the city I was sent to. It is a mixed Christian-Muslim regional center in a very remote part of the country.) I then read the daily paper online, emailed the mayor and local officials, joined a local discussion group, got informed and made friends. When I arrived, a number of people whom I had met online invited me out to dinner and my ministry started as soon as I arrived. I also managed to join the email group of the then Vice-President (now President) and made a few constructive comments – so when I had problems with my visa, I just sent an email and it was soon fixed! I reckon that I saved between six months to two years of ministry time by making a wide range of high-level friends before I arrived and “starting fast and well-informed”. Sure, only 1% of people there were online, but that 1% were the leaders and they boosted my ministry so it became effective. Church-planters can use the Internet to network their way to success.”
  10. (Thanks Tony!)

  11. ORIENTATION NOTES ON INDIA — “Laura” has been living and working in south India for four years. When she came she had no orientation to the culture or terminology differences in India English. After a season of learning the hard way, she has compiled a 10 page document of the most commonly misunderstood culture and vocabulary differences. This is designed to help short-term visitors or newcomers to India. It is by no means thorough, but she will gladly make it available to anyone who requests it by emailing <abrahamjosephathotmaildotcom>. </abrahamjosephathotmaildotcom>

  12. WEBSITE FOR CHRISTIAN MAGAZINES — Check the Magazine Training Institute’s website at for hundreds of pages of resources and valuable information for Christian magazine publishers. The site includes a directory of Christian magazines in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, a calendar of conferences, training events, published materials and courses available from a variety of sources, and nearly 100 pages of downloadable sample materials related to magazine editing, circulation, advertising, design, and management. The Magazine Training Institute is a mullt-faceted program which seeks to deploy a variety of publishing training resources in order to strengthen Christian magazine publishing around the world.

  13. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS — Being part of two worlds and two cultures isn’t easy. Cristina Larson grew up in Brazil, and even though her parents are American, she feels Brazilian. It’s Jason Erickson who is American. Or is he? His mother was born in Korea. This novel for young teens by LeAnne Hardy, explores individuality and conformity in the context of the third-culture kid experience. The author’s own two daughters, who were born in Brazil, grew up in Mozambique and went to boarding school in Kenya, have given her insights into the struggles of missionary kids caught between worlds. “Between Two Worlds” is available for $6.99 from Kregel Publications at or by emailing <kregelbooksatkregeldotcom>. </kregelbooksatkregeldotcom>

  14. NEW WORLDWIDE PERSPECTIVES AVAILABLE — YWAM Publishing is offering a great new tool in the Perspectives Movement arsenal: the new 12-week curriculum “Worldwide Perspectives: Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural Dimensions of God’s Plan for the Nations”, edited by Meg Crossman. Both classic Perspectives material (taken from the Missions Master’s degree at Fuller) as well as new insights and options are refreshingly presented in an accessible approach that can well serve local churches and their Kingdom professionals. New maps, graphics, charts, and many pictures and sidebars engage the reader and highlight the material. It can be ordered by calling 1-800-922-2143 or 480-838- 5350, via email <megcrossmanatcoxdotnet>, or on the web at (type “Worldwide Perspectives” in the Search window). Substantial discount rates are available for Perspectives Coordinators. (Thanks for the tip, Mike!) </megcrossmanatcoxdotnet>

  15. EVANGELISTIC LITERATURE OFFER BY SOON MINISTRIES — This team has spare capacity for mailing out their evangelistic paper in easy-English to individuals anywhere in the world. If any radio station or correspondence course ministry has address lists for contacts who would benefit from receiving the paper, SOON is happy to send to them. The paper can also be sent in any reasonable quantity to any Christian worker or TEFL teacher wishing to use them. Other language papers also available: African French, African Portuguese, Swahili, and a range of Fula/Fulani dialects. The team urgently needs several Fula/Fulani people (of any religion) living in the West as by-phone language helpers for article checking. The team is also seeking old telephone directories in order to do direct mail outreach to new contacts. Help is needed in obtaining directories:

  16. CHECK OUT THIS FREE SUPPORT-RAISING SOFTWARE — Built around a mailing list, the program will help the missionary keep track of names and addresses of individual partners and churches, a history of donations Important dates in the partner’s lives (birthdays, anniversaries), a history of contacts and personal touches with the ministry partner, and notes about the partner, their family, occupation, etc. You’ll also be able to store profile information about the donor, print out mailing labels & envelopes, and do merges to most popular software. It’ll print out reports about ministry partners, contributions, etc. You can even attach a picture to a supporters file so you will never forget the donor’s face! Check it out at

  17. NEED SATELLITE CONNECTIVITY WITH THE WORLD? — You’re in luck. The folks at Global Resources for Computing (GRC) have made quite a name for themselves setting up sat systems in Iraq. Check ’em out! They’ll treat you right! :-)

  18. TRUST FUND FOR SCHOLARSHIPS — Below are two different links to the same program that might be of interest, for those interested in government service, academia or in the marketplace, not for missionaries and only for US citizens. NSEP was established by the National Security Education Act of 1991, which created a trust fund in the U.S. Treasury to provide resources for scholarships, fellowships and grants. It is guided by a mission that seeks to lead in development of the national capacity to educate U.S. citizens, understand foreign cultures, strengthen U.S. economic competitiveness, and enhance international cooperation and security.

  19. CHRISTIAN FUTURES AND STRATEGIC FORESIGHT — Here’s another “Christian Futures” consultation, Friday and Saturday Sept. 26-27, in Virginia Beach, this time focused on foresight and organizational development. This roundtable is hosted by Regent University’s graduate Leadership Studies program. A full cohort of professional futurists are joining in, including Tom & Christine Sine, Bob Dale, Peter Bishop, Jay Gary, and Andy Hines. Registration is just $79.00 — a real deal; housing is separate. They are looking at how faith can develop an organization’s “strategic foresight,” beyond routine strategic planning. See the news release on this unique gathering at: Thanks Jay!

  20. FIND A TEAM! — Looking to personalize your overseas involvement? A great online resource presents more than 560 websites published by teams of field workers. is three years old and gets more than 1,600 unique visitors EVERY DAY (453,000 hits per month). Explore the world by region, by country name, by city name or by people group name. Teams place their prayer requests online, an overview of their work and stories that will amaze you! A toolbox is also built into the website to help visitors. PT is not affiliated with any single group in order to facilitate networking. Educators, mobilizers, pastors and missions committees will really appreciate this site!
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