7) Please Pray for Those Suffering After Indonesian Disasters

One of the friends of Brigada who gave this past week asked that we remember those who have lost loved ones, as well as those who are still suffering as a result of tsunamis and earthquakes in Indonesia. To learn more, see articles like the following:


Thanks for joining those who are asking God, in his Sovereignty, to bring peace and relief to this troubled land.

7) What, to you, were the Biggest News Stories of 2018?

We’re talking about stories that impacted your life, your work, and the lives/work of the people around you. So please, don’t suggest that it was all about leading political figures. Yes — they can exert influence. But, is anybody else tired of facing the presumption that the most important news ALWAYS centers around lightning rod leaders. Sure it will be important sometimes. But what top stories DIDN’T relate to polarizing government leaders, but still impacted your work and witness — even if they only did so in your region?

Here are some possible suggestions to prime the pump. Was it…

Kim Jong Un announced that North Korea will denuclearize.
The net neutrality debate.
Cuba — and the transition out for the Castro family as rulers
Iraq holds its first elections since driving out the Islamic state
Bitcoin crashes (or at least falls).
Prince Harry and Meghan said “I do.”
Terrible wildfires in California or a new tsunami in Indonesia

What do YOU think??? Vote for one of these — or supply the answer yourself. Please click comment following this itsm on the web and speak your mind.

5) Best News Site on the Web

newsmapWe’re constantly going back and forth when it comes to the best news site on the web. But when the sites change (and they do, often), we have to bend and flex along with them. We’ve mentioned…

And it’s a great summary. But admittedly, it sometimes seems more trouble than it’s worth to “zoom in” on every smaller item (too small to read). Lately, I’ve found myself dropping back to…

Because, in part, it’s so easy to custom-tailor the content, read the brief synopsis, and get the big picture. Often, the synopses are enough for most items, especially if we just need a cursory summary. What about you? What’s your favorite site?

8) Use Flipboard to Customize the News You Use

flipboard_browse_sections_620pxWhether you are a go-er or a sender, you would probably like to stay informed of the latest news and trends about your field(s) and outreach(es). I have a good friend and strong partner named Wade who supervises his megachurch’s missions ministry on virtually every continent in dozens of countries and locations. He uses Flipboard to prep his news….

By creating a profile in Flipboard, he can maximize the relevance while minimizing his time and leveraging his potential impact as an overseer. Flipboard can send his news to his phone or his ipad — and it’s always there, sleuthing out the stories and resources he’d like to see, all for free. Wade advises, “Give Flipboard a try. You won’t regret it.”

8) Where do you Get Your International News? —

Would you take a moment to cite your favorite news source here in the comments please? Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell recently reminded us of the site,


It offers updates, analyses, multimedia materials, and a blog full of first-hand stories/opinions. (Thanks Kelly and Michèle.) You might like CNN’s International site, Reuters normal news site, Fox, BBC, NBC, ABC or some other “C.” Please give us your favorite by logging on to the web version of this item and clicking “Comments.” Thanks in advance!

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