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3) “Pray for the World:” the Book

pray for the worldThanks to our friends at Missions Catalyst for promoting the book, Pray for the World,” by Molly Wall. To prepare the book, Operation World Researchers asked Christian leaders in every land, “How should the body of Christ throughout the world be praying for your country?” The outcome is indeed exciting. See it (better yet, buy it) at Amazon…


1) GMI and the World Mourn the Death of Mike O’Rear —

On January 14, GMI president and CEO Michael G. O’Rear suffered a sudden heart attack. After several days in intensive care, surrounded by family and friends, Mike died of complications. He was 57. He had led GMI since 1991 and was a faithful contributor to Brigada, both in sending in news items and in sending financial help. In fact, he had just sent his most recent gift about 14 days before his death. Together with others, he co-wrote mislinks.org, helped publish “The World of Islam” and Operation China, developed the web and ebook form of Operation World for Patrick Johnstone and company (as well as the CD and DVD versions too), and much more. The global mission enterprise has lost a champion. But Heaven gained a great citizen — and one day we’ll see Mike again… and he’ll have maps drawn of the entire place… and he’ll distribute them on the latest medium when we arrive, whatever that medium is — he’ll be ready. For is wife, Laura, their four adult children, one grandson, and a daughter-in-law expecting triplets later this year, we offer our most heartfelt sympathy and prayers. For Heaven we celebrate.

1) Sources for Patrick Johnstone’s Books… —

During the next few days (during the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012), Biblica Books will be transitioning its inventory over to InterVarsity Press, as the publisher of the “Operation World” and “The Future of the Global Church” books (as well as many other books). Soon you will be able to buy these books directly from the IVPress.com online store. But during this transitional time, you can buy them from WorldChristian.com, and you can buy the digital products and maps from gmi.org, using the links on their online stores. Just click to…






for all your global prayer and informational needs. Thanks to GMI for the way you’re helping Patrick over this hurdle. God bless you — and thanks for the help you’ve given to Brigada as well!!!

1) Now you can purchase Operation World Profiles “One-up” —

Now you can purchase the full profile of any individual country or region from Jason Mandryk’s Operation World 7th Edition for a minimal fee. These Operation World Profiles provide you Vital information about the country or region’s geography, peoples, economy, politics, religion, Prayer Requests and Challenges for Prayer for the country or region, and Insightful charts, tables, and a map of the country or region. Downloadable Operation World Profiles are in PDF format. Learn more or see free samples on Peru at…




12) The BackPage: Operation World is the Benchmark Book of Missions —

Where else can you get the entire world, downloadable in minutes? Operation World is arguably the definitive prayer guide to every nation. It’s now published by Biblica Publishing and is available in multiple electronic formats to support any e-book reader, including iPad, Kindle, Sony, Nook and more. It includes…


*** Updates on church growth, population, people and language statistics

*** Explanations of major currents in economics, politics, and society

*** Challenges for prayer and specific answers to prayer


Mike, the Director of Marketing for Biblica, reminded me recently that until recently, Operation World was only available as a traditional book, CD-ROM, or DVD. Now — suddenly — it’s ready to download immediately, in just about every format imaginable.


The e-book is fully searchable in full color when devices are color-compatible. Its table of contents is hyperlinked and has bookmark features. You can find it at any of these 3 sources:








For more than 40 years, Operation World has been the primary global resource encouraging readers to pray for world missions and evangelism. Since the original edition as printed in 1974, more than 2.5 million copies have been sold in a variety of languages. The book has been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, and in part into Indonesian and Italian. It’s my go-to book, the one I open during prayer times (when I’m sure people think at first that I’m checking my email), and the one you’ll go to again and again. No kickbacks, no marketing fees, no fooling — this book is the real deal.

13) The BackPage: Operation World DVD is Epic —

It’s not often that we use the BackPage editorial to write about a single product… but it’s not often that a single product rolls out like the Operation World DVD. It’s impossible to describe in 8 lines. If you doubt my word, take a look at this page…


Can you imagine 10,000 files on one resource DVD? I’ve started just leaving it in the DVD slot on my laptop. It’s the *primary* reason I won’t drop down to a lighter notebook that sacrifices an onboard DVD player. Not only do you have the complete text of the book (over 1000 pages), you’ve also got 2 hours of video (including a 66′ minute presentation by Op. World author, Jason Mandryk, explaining the state of the Gospel. Just as gripping, there’s a 26′ interview between Jason and Patrick Johnstone, the “Father of Operation World.” On top of all that, you get an introductory PowerPoint presentation, flag graphic and handout for each of the 231 countries of the world (965 slides in all), plus about 500 maps, nearly 1000 charts, and all the Operation World data sets. Imagine — years of research in your disk drive! I don’t think there’s ever been any product like this in the history of the world. There’s also a global Mission Agency Directory (and they even mention Brigada on page 951!!!) plus the capability of building custom maps and charts in the years to come.

So I ask you — can you now understand why $29.99 is an incredible price, seeing as how the typical global atlas for your coffee table might run you $150.


And this one doesn’t even get dusty!!! Hats off to Jason, the entire OW crew, plus Global Mapping — for bringing technology to us at a bargain price. And here’s the most amazing thing of all: It’s so simple, you will probably be able to use it on any computer (Mac or PC) without even running the install file. Amazing. Thanks guys.

1) Operation World Launches Global Prayer Event —

Operation World’s global prayer movement officially launched with two live global webcast celebrations on Tuesday November 9, 2010. Each webcast was hosted by Operation World author Jason Mandryk and Biblica Publishing’s Mike Dworak. Over 4,000 individuals, groups, and churches gathered as Max Lucado, Joni Eareckson Tada, David Platt and other ministry leaders talked about the new edition of Operation World and called on Christians to pray for the nations by signing up for the 60 day prayer experience. If you missed the live webcast you can still watch it at


9) Can’t afford Operation World for now? —

At least you can pray. Take a look at…


That’s where the Operation World folks give you a teaser of some of the information you’ll find in the latest edition of the earthshaking volume. And honestly, they’ve given quite a lot of information for free. If nothing else, that level of nobility ought to convict all of us to go out and buy the book. Well done Jason & company!

16) All the Cool People will Have the new Operation World DVD —

You’ll want this resource. Check it out at…


Author Jason Mandryk told us about this at Lausanne III in a special reception on Monday night. One of the CD/DVD developers was there and it sounded as if this would be the resource to beat. It will contain A fully searchable PDF of the Operation World book in color, extended info on each country, and lots of multi-media content — including a Powerpoint about each and every country in the world! You’ll also get extended rights to reproduce the content for your school or ministry, along with additional maps, charts, and data tables not in the printed book. Here’s a chart to see which version comes with what resource:


(By the way, you can try entering “Brigada” in the comments box at the bottom of the Check Out form if you want to let them know where you heard about it.)

1) New Operation World Released —

Last night, I was able to attend a reception here at Lausanne III. The reception celebrated the launching of Operation World. The new 2010 edition features….

*** All the countries of the world featured

*** Maps of each country

*** Geographic information

*** People groups within each country

*** Economic information

*** Political information

*** Religious make-up of each country

*** Daily Prayer Calendar

*** Answers to prayer

*** Challenges for prayer

*** Persecution index

…and more.  Best of all, the edition is faithful to Patrick Johnstone’s precision — and it’s all refreshed and upgraded. Plus, you’ll like the 2nd color, the additional charts, and much much more. Learn about it at…


Get the DVD, the CDRom, the wall map, and/or the newly-refreshed old-fashioned book. The DVD version will come with a cool feature through which you can “build your own map!” Cool.

2) Pre-Order the Op. World DVD or CD and GMI gives 10% to Brigada —

Yup, that’s right. If you pre-order the new Operation World CD-ROM or DVD-ROM from GMI within the next 7 days, you get the special introductory price *and* GMI will donate 10% of the sales revenue to Brigada. Simply go to


to learn about and buy the CD or DVD, and enter “Brigada” in the comments box at the bottom of the Check Out form. Imagine if 5, 10 or 100 Brigada participants were to order a DVD. They’d be getting the latest mobilization info *and* helping Brigada all at once! However, better act fact. If you’re delayed even 8 days, your purchase won’t help Brigada in the least (directly). Thanks for your rapid response on this!

1) Can you believe it? Operation World 2010 is almost here! —

I know… if you’re like me you wondered if this day would ever come. Your copy of Operation World (if you haven’t loaned it out to someone else) is now dog-eared, yellowed, and travel-worn. But take heart, pilgrim: Help is on its way. Check out…


Get the DVD, the CDRom, the wall map, or the old-fashioned book. It really doesn’t matter. Whatever you get will be chalked full of new knowledge for which we’re all hungry. You can even get the map in a format good for dry-erase markers. (You can tell your mom and dad that you’ve finally made your mark on the world!) And the DVD version will come with a cool feature through which you can “build your own map!” I love it. Walk — don’t run — to gmi.org to pre-order today.

5) Operation World Spanish (2005) is still available! —

This translation is from the latest version, revised in 2005. (A team has just begun on translating the new 2010 edition, but it will probably not be out until late 2011.) You can get copies of this 2005 edition for the actual cost of printing/shipping to you. But you must order a full case of 20. The price is $4 per book or $80 per case, including shipping in the continental U.S.


2) Operation World Spanish is coming! (Pre-Order Now)

operacion mundoAfter years of struggle, technical problems and other kinds of spiritual warfare, Operation World has been translated into Spanish. This translation is from the latest version, revised in 2005. You can get copies of this edition for the actual cost of printing/shipping to you. But you must order a full case of 20. The price will be $4 per book or $80 per case, including shipping in the U.S. This is a PRE-PRESS order, so let them know by Oct. 15. To help them get the print run up (and the price down), let them know how many you want by PRE-Ordering at least one case by going to:


Or email:

title="OWspanishatuscwmdotorg" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/OWspanishatuscwmdotorgdotbmp" alt="OWspanishatuscwmdotorg" />

Or call: 626-398-2229

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