4) Global City is Offering this Unique Opportunity in Dallas

Here’s a unique opportunity for a person with an interest in diaspora and immigrant populations in a place like Dallas/Fort Worth. Global City has teamed with a local church to offer a base salary and a particular approach with immigrants. If you might consider such an opportunity, write

jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg  (jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg)  

for a ministry description and more details. (Thanks Andrew!)

10) ECMI-USA is Searching for a new Executive Director

The Board of ECMI-USA is searching for an Executive Director to provide leadership for the mobilization of workers and raising of funds for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Europe. Ministry experience in Europe, history of self-supported ministry work, and the ability to raise funds is desirable. Please send a one page-letter explaining your qualifications, your desire to apply and your resume to

ecmisearchatgmaildotcom  (ecmisearchatgmaildotcom)  






for more information about the org and




for info about the opportunity.

7) Receiving applications for ACMI Executive Director

The Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) is a network of those working with international university students and scholars (ISM). ACMI is looking for an Executive Director, a person of integrity and high moral character who will be responsible for maintaining the vision of ACMI and working toward the fulfillment of its mission. The candidate will need to demonstrate skills in communication, leadership, cross-cultural sensitivity, and administration in order to effectively fulfill ACMI’s mandate to become a globally networked, multi-generational association of Christians that increases effectiveness, promotes unity, and provides resources for the worldwide ISM community. If interested, write
acmisearchcommitteeatgmaildotcom for more information and an application. Applications must be received by June 1.

3) Pastor Needed in Egypt

Heliopolis Community Church

Heliopolis Community Church

In the midst of many changes in the country of Egypt, there is a steadfast, dynamic group of believing internationals living in the Heliopolis area of Cairo.  They are in need of a full time pastor. Heliopolis Community Church is an English speaking, interdenominational church where any given worship service may have 20 to 25 nationalities represented. It is an exciting body of Christ to be a part of.

Additional information can be found at


or by emailing pastor_searchathcccairodotcom

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