4) YWAM’s training vessel Next Wave’s next DTS in Greece

YWAM’s 42 meter training vessel t/v Next Wave is a great place for a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with a sailing theme. 2020 school starts 6th April on the beautiful Greek island of Chios, then sails to Skala Loutron, Lesvos for main teaching phase. Connect deeply with God, then add dinghy sailing, canoeing, snorkeling and swimming in Azure blue bays with beach BBQs. Check out




7) Teach in the Himalayas

Love Justice International (LJI) is looking for K-12 teachers for the upcoming school year. LJI’s school, located in South Asia, strives to inspire students to become adept problem solvers, passionate learners, and difference makers for Christ through excellent education. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required. Paid positions are available. Learn more about LJI’s model at




and find the full job description at




7) Teach in South East Asia

Chiang Rai International Christian School is looking for teachers for the 2020-2021 school year. CRICS is a strategic K-12 school located in northern Thailand with close access to neighboring countries. The mission of CRICS is to provide quality education while sharing Jesus with local and MK students, and also to enable missionaries to live on the mission field an extended time with their families.




11) This Lifelong Trainer Wants to Take You on His Next Training Trip

John Hendee has been winning people to Christ for his entire life. Now, he’s offering to take you on his next training trip to equip you so that you’ll, in turn, be able to train others. He’ll take you on an 8-day trip during which he’ll teach you how to train others, while you’re doing the training. The curriculum is “It’s All About Relationship.” Learn more at…




He’ll take you to a place like Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, India, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Philippines, Ukraine, or Poland. John will help you learn to make a global impact for years to come. To learn more, write him on the contact form at…




14) The Last Bit: Best Online Site for Finding Mission Opportunities

This past week, a Brigada participant named Debra wrote to see if we still operated the age-old service called Brigada-Opportunities. At the time, a prospective worker or recruit could write a simple email address (in conjunction with Brigada) and a bunch of us would be monitoring that email group (which was actually an open-ended list-serve address, of sorts) then (in an ideal world) someone from the group would guide the prospective recruit to a mission field opportunity that fit his or her needs to a “T.” It was a great idea — in that it was free, easy to use, and promoted cooperation between several mission organizations and services. Of course, it was also difficult because, since it was free, the entire group of helpers was just doing it out of the goodness of our hearts. Like many such ideas, it ran its course and finally went out into space. But Debra had seen it referenced, a bit like … discovering an old Voyager Spacecraft still orbiting in outer space. (Remember this?


When I saw Debra’s note, I remembered Intercristo. When I searched for them on the web, I actually came across their contact information (of all things) in a VERY old book we did years ago called, “Resources for Missionary Recruits.” (Their contact info at the time was Intercristo Computer Matching Service.[P. O. Box 9323, Seattle, Washington 98109; Tel. 1(800)426–0507. Obviously, that’s long out of date by now.) Intercristo apparently merged with ChristianJobs.com in 2009.


But try as I might, in my web searches tonight, I couldn’t find anything exactly like the old “Intercristo” used to be. That surprises me. As interconnected as the web is today, one would THINK that such a service would exist. Does it? Is ChristianJobs.com the closest thing to it? If you were a mission recruit, where would YOU go to find a listing of all the best and greatest mission opportunities in the world? (Got an answer? If so, please just click “Comment” and let us know. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.)


7) Teaching English Online as a Ministry

There are dozens of companies that you can teach English online for. One of the best for ministry purposes is Enlai (or Native Camp). This website connects you with mostly adult Japanese language learners. About half of these students just want to talk with an English speaker, so you have twenty-five minutes to get to know and hopefully have spiritual conversations with them, while getting paid! Learn more at…




6) Immerse: Team Expansion’s New Business as Mission Internship

Team Expansion, a non-denominational missionary sending agency with its USA sending base located in Louisville, KY, has launched an informal BAM internship called Immerse.




The idea is to take prospective global workers who seek to be intentional about the Kingdom and place them in custom internships with marketplace ministry field people. It’s not for everyone — but those who value meshing business as mission (BAM) with disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies will love it. And those who want to invest in the next generation will look forward to empowering its fruit. The timing and duration are customized based on the participant and multiple unique field hosts. If you’re interested, please pray — then fill out a profile at…




7) Help Telios Law find an associate attorney

Telios Law PLLC is seeking an associate attorney with 3+ years of experience in relevant areas. Telios Law is a MissioNexus member organization based near Colorado Springs. It works with religious organizations, primarily on business policies, religious freedom, child safety, human resources, employment law, and international questions. It advises on and supervises many child abuse or other misconduct investigations. Follow this link to a full position description:




4) Global City is Offering this Unique Opportunity in Dallas

Here’s a unique opportunity for a person with an interest in diaspora and immigrant populations in a place like Dallas/Fort Worth. Global City has teamed with a local church to offer a base salary and a particular approach with immigrants. If you might consider such an opportunity, write

jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg  (jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg)  

for a ministry description and more details. (Thanks Andrew!)

10) ECMI-USA is Searching for a new Executive Director

The Board of ECMI-USA is searching for an Executive Director to provide leadership for the mobilization of workers and raising of funds for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Europe. Ministry experience in Europe, history of self-supported ministry work, and the ability to raise funds is desirable. Please send a one page-letter explaining your qualifications, your desire to apply and your resume to

ecmisearchatgmaildotcom  (ecmisearchatgmaildotcom)  






for more information about the org and




for info about the opportunity.

7) Receiving applications for ACMI Executive Director

The Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) is a network of those working with international university students and scholars (ISM). ACMI is looking for an Executive Director, a person of integrity and high moral character who will be responsible for maintaining the vision of ACMI and working toward the fulfillment of its mission. The candidate will need to demonstrate skills in communication, leadership, cross-cultural sensitivity, and administration in order to effectively fulfill ACMI’s mandate to become a globally networked, multi-generational association of Christians that increases effectiveness, promotes unity, and provides resources for the worldwide ISM community. If interested, write
acmisearchcommitteeatgmaildotcom for more information and an application. Applications must be received by June 1.

3) Pastor Needed in Egypt

Heliopolis Community Church

Heliopolis Community Church

In the midst of many changes in the country of Egypt, there is a steadfast, dynamic group of believing internationals living in the Heliopolis area of Cairo.  They are in need of a full time pastor. Heliopolis Community Church is an English speaking, interdenominational church where any given worship service may have 20 to 25 nationalities represented. It is an exciting body of Christ to be a part of.

Additional information can be found at


or by emailing pastor_searchathcccairodotcom

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