11) Best Way to Improve Your Storytelling Skills is With a Mentor

Understand the importance – and urgency – of story for ministry effectiveness. Learn how to tell a great story to reach and teach people for Christ. Mission Media U is offering its five-week online mentored experience for you and your team. Visit:




to find course details, instructor and mentor bio, and comments from previous students. The course runs Sept.18-Oct.16.


7) Unique Outreach to China Involves Global Learning and Curricula

friends4oneHow many ministries give you a chance to involve your kids in witnessing opportunities with children on the other side of the globe?! That’s what the folks at friends4one say they can do.


Get your kids engaged in mission to China through their global learning and outreach curriculum. Kids 6-12 are matched with a child in China. Through their secure website, they can make a friend, learn about another culture, and share the hope they have! (Thanks for the tip, Laura!)

6) Planning an outreach in Brazil for the World Cup?

born2flyJust in time for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, the Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking has translated its widely used child-trafficking prevention curriculum into Portuguese. It’s available for free download at


Sadly whenever there’s a large international sporting event such as the World Cup, Super Bowl, or Olympics, it’s not only fans who show up but also human traffickers. Born2Fly’s goal is to help you reach kids before the traffickers do. Just fill out a short registration form on B2F’s site and once B2F determines you’re not a trafficker yourself, they’ll send you a password to download whatever you need without charge. Portuguese is the 10th translation, so if you need Russian, Hindi, Chinese (simplified), Thai, Nepali, Spanish, Indonesian, or others, you’ll find them on the site, too. For more information:

3) Build Your Own Free Website with Wix.com

wixOne Brigada reader gave this testimony: “Have you heard of wix.com?!?!?! It’s genius! Better than any other site I have used (to build a collaborative online presence for a non-profit) and it’s totally free. I cancelled my Nationbuilder account for it. They claim to advertise on your site, but all that appears is a fancy icon in the upper right, which actually looks nice.” Check out the options at Wix. You might find it’s all you need for your church or mission outreach. And you certainly won’t be able to complain about the price. (Thanks Caleb!)

8) Children in Mission to China

Some would say that culture and language are best learned through peer friendships, mission is best done through relationships, and children are a gift of God that He can uniquely use in his mission to lost and hurting people. In light of these truths, Friends4One offers an educational, missions engagement program that connects American Christian children with a child of the same age and gender in China. These 21st century pen pals use the internet to build a friendship and share Christ’s love. Check out…


to discover how you can connect more American children (12 and younger) in your family, church, Christian school or homeschool network with this unique opportunity to engage in relational, cross-cultural ministry. Write
infoatfriends4onedotorg if you are interested. (Word to the wise: In today’s environment, obviously, you’ll want to build in every safeguard imaginable so that these children aren’t misled.)

1) A New Way to Report on Your Mission Outreach —

Last year, we reported on a filmmaker’s ‘over-the-top’ DVD report of his mission trip. I mean — it gave new meaning to “over-the-top” (pun intended). See the item at…




Well guess what: David Kiern has been at it again. This time, he’s reported on a huge project by a national from another land. See the details at…




To me, this item has significance in at least 3 ways. First, it’s important because of the outreach itself, obviously. These two young men have accomlpished an amazing feat for their village — and those who help them can feel good about what they’re doing for health and outreach in a very difficult land.


But second, it has implications for David, himself, and his film company, “Epiphany Pictures.” It shows David’s creativity, continuous passion for excellence, and his future.


But third, and just as important, this shows the potential for many others, if we but reached a bit higher. It’s worth someone in your church buying this video and watching it, if for no other reason than to make a statement: “We could be doing this.” It would attract more donors, more momentum, and, correspondingly, help us get the job done. The tools are out there. The creative people are in our midst. My theory is — all that remains is the *dare* — to communicate more effectively than we ever have before. Well done, David. Hats off.

9) Using Contact Cards for Outreach

contactcardsContact cards are an often-overlooked way to enhance a face-to-face interaction. As well as carrying your personal information, a card can invite people to visit a church website, and/or some recommended outreach sites that explain the Gospel clearly to outsiders. Internet Evangelism Day has a webpage explaining strategies for using contact cards, with a guide about using online design and print services to make your own cards quickly and easily. Pricing for 250 cards can be remarkably cheap – only a few pennies or cents each.


5) Help Children Minister In Their Communities On Valentine’s Day

Invite children from your church and community to participate in the second annual Children’s Ministry Day on February 14, 2009. On this day, thousands of children’s groups will participate in ministry projects to show Christ’s love to their communities. This year’s emphasis is health-care ministry. To learn more about Children’s Ministry Day (CMD) and read stories from CMD 2008, visit


or email

4) Evangelistic English Freeware

The extremely popular website


is currently downloading at the rate of 900G per month. You can add a free version of this English course to your own website to increase both your website traffic and your ministry. Look at the introduction at


You can download the American accent course directly from

http://www.handheldenglish.com/selq/freeenglishshorta.iso (321M)

and the British accent supplement from

http://www.handheldenglish.com/selq/freeenglishshortb.iso (283M)

Look at this English course as it is posted on another website at


What would it look like on your website?

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