8) Bravo for the Ten Agencies Cooperating in IllumiNations Website

The new version of IllumiNations Bible translation website went live this week. See it at…


And be sure to scroll to the end to see the 10 agencies that make up this powerful impact alliance hoping to finish the majority of Bible translations (95% of the whole Bibles and 99.96% of the New Testaments) by 2033. It’s a beautiful example of synergy and partnership.


4) Synergy Commons Webinar: "Rooting for Rivals" by Peter Greer

Plan now to take part in the upcoming webinar, “Rooting for Rivals,” on the 25th of Oct. In this webinar, Peter Greer will explore case studies illustrating the power of collaborative partnership and share failures and successes in pursuing the power of openhanded leadership. In a world that competes for resources and status, learn how your multi-organization network or partnership can multiply and strengthen its impact through Kingdom collaboration. Learn more and register at…


9) The Strategic Role of Networks

We face complex challenges that require global collaboration. The multi-network GENMobile App is built on the database of Linking Global Voices that tracks over 600 global networks and their events. Some are geographically defined and others are issue-focused. This app looks so cool and is packed with resources.


The Android version of GENMobile is now available with the IOS coming soon. We can’t wait. Use this app to develop your network engagement strategy. Network leaders should contact Eldon to access additional services. Email him at…

eporteratlinkingglobalvoicesdotcom  (eporteratlinkingglobalvoicesdotcom)  


9) How to Discover if there’s a Pre-existing Network for Your UPG

Suppose you’ve selected an unreached and/or unengaged people group for your team or church. What do you do next? One GREAT place to start is…save_image_of

Eldon, the guy behind this site, has pulled off a major deal here by creating a listing of global and regional networks, country networks, and issue specific networks as well. What’s more, if the particular network or conference has no public website, he’s volunteering to serve as a broker to vet identities to connect you with a particular network to learn more. Great stuff. Bravo Eldon.

6) 2015 COSIM Conference: Best Practices In Cross-Cultural Partnership

partnershipCoalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries (COSIM) will conduct its 20th annual conference May 27-29, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.
The theme is “Best Practices in Cross-Cultural Partnership:
For the Peoples, for the City, for the Gospel.” Plenary and workshop presenters will include Alex Araujo, Steve Corbett, Mary Lederleitner, and a host of others. Attention will be given to cross-cultural partnership to reach the unreached in our North American cities. Plus, Werner Mischke will also do a pre-conference seminar Wednesday afternoon May 27: “Honor and shame in the Bible and what it means for cross-cultural ministry.” For more information visit

or write to Werner at

5) Gacx Forum Coming to San Diego, Oct. 8-10, 2014

partnerships in actionThe theme for the upcoming GACX Forum in San Diego will be “Partnerships in Action.” Participants will learn about the power, practice, and pitfalls of partnerships. To register, just click to…

Organizers are hoping to engage task groups in shaping the vision and practices of church planting movements, engaging the unengaged, tracking ministry progress, long-term discipleship & training, and mobilizing the global diaspora.

12) Networks and Global Missions

Networks serve a unique role in today’s world by facilitating the interconnecting of ministries and individuals both locally and globally. There are networks that are by nature restricted to specific geographic regions and others that intentionally focus on specific issues. Linking Global Voices serves network and ministry leaders as they seek to build relationships in the global paradigm of missions by tracking some 350 networks and providing a calendar of events of global interest. Send your network info or make corrections via their “Contact Us” tab.

5) COSIM conference to be held May 6–8 in Phoenix

The quality of listening, or often the lack thereof, is a big issue in the global Christian movement. So the theme of this year’s COSIM Conference is “LISTEN: Deepening the Conversation in Cross-Cultural Partnership.” They’ve gathered a sharp group of key presenters too numerous to mention here. But learn more at…

COSIM stands for Coalition On the Support of Indigenous Ministries; it is an association of churches and agencies cooperating together to advance the best practices of cross-cultural partnership. For more info, write Phil

11) Learn to Build Seamless Partnerships in Less than Six Weeks

If you have to build a strong partnership with someone from another culture, don’t give up until you run, rather than walk, to…

I’ve used this course with new friends in Asia, and I’m about to use it (starting tomorrow) with new friends in Serbia and two days later, in Bulgaria. It’s good stuff. You might have to adapt it to your situation, but it will give you plenty of meat to adapt.

1) Successful Cross-Cultural Partnerships —

The Daniel Rickett Group now trains churches and agencies in starting, strengthening, and evaluating cross-cultural ministry partnerships. For those new-to-ministry alliances, classes teach fundamentals of partnership, how to choose the right partner, how to discover common ground, and how to establish a covenant relationship. Existing alliances are strengthened as they learn the tools to repair a strained relationship, to solve issues, to help without hurting, and to safeguard fiscal integrity. Successful partnerships continually assess ministry outcomes. These workshops train partnerships how to track progress and measure results, how to build capacity and sustainability, when to end a partnership, and how to end successfully, leaving partners stronger than when they started. The Classes are in workshop, webinar, and consulting formats.

For information, contact Daniel 770.640.13332

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/infoatdanielrickettdotcom_1.jpg">title="infoatdanielrickettdotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/infoatdanielrickettdotcom_1.jpg" alt="" width="189" height="20" />

1) Embrace “The Beauty of Partnership” —

Learn more about the Beauty of Partnership. Browse to…

And although we didn’t ask them to do so, if you order, check out the drop-down at their purchase site…

You can make note that you heard about it on Brigada (and the author says he’ll send a 10% gift to Brigada in your name, but we would have recommended it anyway). This course would help in any situation involving a key prospective partner (church, agency, or group) that seeks to work in partnership with a national or local friend.

2) Watch Doug on “The Beauty of Partnership Study Guide” Website

Now you’ll see why we sometimes (*all* the time?) run behind on Brigada, as I explain my experience with “The Beauty of Partnership Study Guide” in living color. Here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of what I do in my “real job” (for whatever it’s worth), while at the same time hear a real-life application of this new course. Just browse to…

And by the way, while you’re there, notice that they’re giving away all the course videos now. See one or all at…

And although we didn’t ask them to do so, check out the drop-down box at their purchase site…

You can even make note that you heard about it on Brigada. (The author says he’ll send a 10% gift to Brigada in your name. So here’s your chance to buy all your Christmas gifts and help Brigada all at the same time!) I honestly *do* think this course would help in a number of situations and it was working for me effectively before the author offered to send a gift to Brigada. You won’t be disappointed. I recently attended COSIM and everybody was talking about this course. But don’t just read my words, hear my story in the video. Check it out.

9) Finishing Well

We hear a lot of talk these days about “finishing well.” We hear about the fact that people want to move from a life seeking success to a life seeking significance. We hear that people want to be their own bosses. Daniel Rickett writes in his book, “Making Your Partnership Work,” that a key difference-maker are “Alliance Champions.” People who advocate for the partnership. They “get it.” They understand the importance of the network… and they want to expand & strengthen it.

Are you an Alliance Champion? Are you focusing on building any particular networks or affinity groups? It just might help a lot of folks to finish well.

7) Partnership Conference

An international partnership working to advance the Kingdom among an unreached people group of Central Asia will hold a conference this spring near a major U.S. city. Come learn how the Spirit is moving in this Muslim people group! For security reasons, the details of the conference are privileged information, so first time attendees will be required to provide church or ministry references. Contact

href="NAKPatcentralasianpartnersdotorg">href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/NAKPatcentralasianpartnersdotorg_.jpg">title="NAKPatcentralasianpartnersdotorg" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/NAKPatcentralasianpartnersdotorg_.jpg" alt="" width="245" height="20" />

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