7) If you Had Just One Wish This Christmas, What Would it be?

Boy, I’d be very tempted to wish for the complete peace of Christ in Yemen. Take a look at the conflict tracker at…!/conflict/war-in-yemen

It’s haunting. I would wish that it could stop. Today. Now.

By the way, learn more about conflict throughout the world at…!/

6) Speaker & seminar on Muslim-Christian engagement

John, an expert in Islam, world religions, dialogue, religious diplomacy, and peacemaking, is available for seminars in churches and other venues on Muslim-Christian engagement in the way of Jesus and other topics. He is the editor of a Christianity Today award-winning book on mission and evangelism, and a leader in Evangelical missions and dialogue. For more information visit or

You can also arrange for a presentation by contacting him by phone at (801) 643-6983.

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