5) Free 30-Day Mini-Course: "Intro to Biological Agriculture"

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your soil — or if you’d like to utilize this approach with the unreached people group you’re trying to reach — get started today with this 30-Day Mini-Course that is completely free of charge. You’ll follow a sequence of emails over the 30 days that will expand your mind and enlarge your soil possibilities! Give it a try. You can always unsubscribe at any time.


If you find that you like the material, you might enjoy other offerings at…


which seeks to help you learn to make better soil, grow better crops, and, in general, steward the land more effectively on behalf of the creator.


8) Ecologically Balanced Aquaculture Systems Training

If your outreach ministry or Christian Camp would like to host a 5-day Ecologically Balanced Aquaculture Systems Training Course, email Charlie at


If you and your network promote the training, the profits will be used to construct a Regional Ecologically Balanced Aquaculture Demonstration, Educational and Research Farm which will be part of an international network and will be designed by the Lord. Each will be a place of anointed ministry, love, abundant provision and a refuge for true Believers, beginning with the soon coming economic collapse followed by increasing disasters, especially in areas where evil prevails or the church is asleep. Go to:


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