1) Another Look At Polygamy

Back in 2007 (Nov. 25th edition), we looked at Polygamy. The item was entitled, “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF POLYGAMY?” and the text of the item went, “OK… remember my two sons? They’re at it again. Today at lunch they started asking me about polygamy. Well I knew to tell them that elders and deacons should just have one wife. But what do I tell them — scripturally — about marriages in countries that *allow* polygamy legally? I know it’s a problem, when missionaries confront new cultures where polygamy is dominant. Christianity arrives, the missionaries teach monogamy, and — what does that say to existing believers who are already married to 4 wives? If you have an answer… or a good scriptural response (especially one in the New Testament), or if you can even remember what you said before (back in Nov. 2007), please click “Comment” below. When we transitioned to this new format, it meant we lost those comments. Brigada participant, Charmaine, recently wrote to ask, “I received an email from a friend in Tanzania asking some contextualization questions. I remembered a fascinating conversation from Brigada that I followed a little over a year ago on polygamy. I followed a link from Brigada website and read the fascinating story of a missionary in west Africa working with Muslim peoples and his observations about polygamy. Please help us rebuild a thread on this important topic. Thanks.

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