11) Pre-Order "Moms in Prayer: Raise them Up!"

If you pre-order “Moms in Prayer” book, “Raise them Up,” you can also participate in a four-week book club with the authors, Sally Burke and Cyndie Claypool De Neve! During the four-week book club, Sally will give participants a behind the scenes glimpse at why she and Cyndie chose the prayer focuses they did including:


*** Praying for Protection

*** Praying Through Suffering

*** Praying for Boldness in Faith


You’ll have a chance to ask Sally questions during private Facebook Lives/Zoom meetings and are sure to walk away encouraged and equipped to Raise Them Up! But you’d better act quickly. The book releases on August 6. Pre-order here:


(By the way, each week, they will also be giving away Moms in Prayer swag!)


14) The Last Bit: What Can We Do about Human Trafficking?

I was pretty shocked at the July 29th article in USA Today about human trafficking. I didn’t realize what a massive, worldwide problem human trafficking had become. I didn’t know there were 4 million victims right now, including 1 in 7 runaways. (Girls in foster care are particularly vulnerable.) I had no idea about the money involved — billions of dollars annually. I had no idea that prosecutions were down, even though trafficking is up. But now that I’ve learned this, I’m concerned: What do I *do* about it? First, please read the article at…


Now — will someone please coach us on what common folks can *do* about it… please. Just click comment.


1) Join Others in Praying for Muslims during the Hajj

Hats off to the people at pray-ap (Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula, otherwise known as PTAP). They’ve developed a superb website for the upcoming time of Hajj to Mecca (Aug. 9-11). Of course, many Muslims are already traveling there to go on the spiritual journey of a lifetime. The idea behind the site is to pray that they would journey into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ instead. They’re asking us to join in praying for the 2.5 million Muslims who will be performing the Hajj this year. Would you and your group consider praying? If so, learn more at…


They’ve placed videos and information there in 8 languages, including English, Korean, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, and Chinese. Oh — and by the way — Prayercast is reportedly preparing more for the Hajj as well. More on that soon.


5) Isn’t it Time The Church Stood Up for Libya? Got 4 Minutes to Pray?

What church among us doesn’t have four minutes to pray for a stateless society that reflects some of the biggest challenges of peace, Islam, corruption, hunger for power, and more? Would you and/or your group consider scheduling a four-minute prayer time in some upcoming worship service at your church or assembly? If so, consider using the PrayerCast prayer as your guide:


Note: In one sentence, the guy who is praying says there are no missionaries. Please don’t get hung up over that one sentence if you happen to know someone who is dedicated to working with Libyans. Because, after all, has there been a time that workers have had to evacuate for a while because of security/safety issues? If so, just imagine that this prayer was being uttered during one of those dark times. And pray all the harder for more workers, please.


3) These "Flash Card" Prayer Guides Can Light Your Prayer Path

“Keys to the Kingdom” is a line of Scripture-based, topical prayer guides that are on small cards attached to a key ring. Developed and written by prayer leader Dr. Terry Teykl, the idea of the format is to have these prayers handy for the user. The key rings allow them to be hung in many locations where the user might see them regularly and be reminded to pray the prayers.


The Scripture-based prayers will teach the user both how to pray God’s Word back to Him and how to pray beyond simple fix-it prayers for a situation to cover a target with prayer for God’s purposes. See samples and/or order at…


9) Understanding the Strength of "Family" in Islam

Some say the strength of family is a downer for those who want to follow Jesus as Lord. Why? Because members of one’s family can actually be the most severe in persecuting those who want to accept Christ. They reportedly persecute because they feel the renegade believer is going to bring shame on their family name. Still others advocate that if we were to be able to figure out how to reach whole families, the strength of their decision for Christ might help them be lock-solid in following Him. What’s your take. For background, pray through this video on family from Prayercast:


Please click comment to share your take. Thanks in advance for giving input.


3) "Pray Now Pray Boldly" Seeks Prayer in the Marketplace

God has been stirring the marketplaces around the world to bring His Kingdom through everyday believers. But as this happens, we are reminded that every major movement of God is rooted in extraordinary prayer. So, how can we be a part of what God is doing?


“Pray Now Pray Boldly” is a newly launched global prayer movement seeking to transform individuals, families, organizations and communities through persistent and fervent prayer. It is made up of a diverse remnant of zealous and bold Warriors of God, banded together to restore God’s Kingdom in the marketplace. We are called to pray, to recruit others to pray, to equip new “chief prayer officers”, and to empower multiplying generations to do the same.  If you would like to learn more about joining a group, starting a group, or connecting your existing group to an informal community of like-minded folks, visit


6) A New Focus: 30 Days of Prayer for the Buddhist World

By now you’ve probably participated in a “30 Days” campaign for the Muslim world. But this brand new campaign puts the spotlight on the *Buddhist* world. It doesn’t matter whether or not your group or church has workers there. What matters is that we care about Buddhists and want to see them reached. Order your heavily discounted copies at…


Keep in mind, there’s no set time frame of the year (like Ramadan) for this campaign. You can start it on any date you choose.


14) The Last Bit: Help us Figure Out Hong Kong Please

You know, to me, one of the hardest geographical challenges in the world is figuring out the mystery that is Hong Kong. How could a piece of China be a British colony — then not so much. And what happens when all these citizens fight so hard to become so Western, then they suddenly are reattached to mainland China, so mainland China pretends to let them remain as a special economic zone, but then, not. And then, most recently, the CEO of Hong Kong (appointed by mainland China) sets about to pass a new set of laws that would extradite Hong Kong citizens who were activists, advocates and even foreign nationals into mainland China — so as many as 1/4 of the entire population took to the streets in protest. So finally the CEO drops the proposed law (for now), but people keep demonstrating. And one of the main “unofficial anthems” of the entire protest is the song, “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord.” How can all this be? Would somebody please explain Hong Kong to us? Do you know of an article or book that makes this easy? If so, please click comment after this items on the web and help us out here. Because at first glance, to me, Hong Kong is an enigma.


Learn more about the protest (and the anthem) here:


You can pray for Hong Kong with greater insight at your church or group using this Prayercast video…


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