6) Church Prayer Leaders’ Network Introduces New Magazine: Pray

Billed as a magazine to mobilize unified public prayer for America, the new magazine of the National Day of Prayer will be 40 pages or so of articles, testimonies, case studies, and other prayer resources. You can subscribe to the digital version for $20/year. Printed copies go up from there in prices. Learn more at…


(Thanks for this tip, too, Betty!)

9) It’s a Great Time to Start a New "Pray! Prayer Journal"

Of course, any time is a good time to start reading the Bible and praying. But the “Pray!” Prayer Journal works especially well if you start it at the beginning of a year. Two friends of ours, Jenny and Betty, were talking about this journal recently. It invites writing down one’s thoughts AND it combines reading the Bible with prayer. Betty has done this journal for several years in a row. It’s worth a look. Find it at…

10) Would you Help Betty Update the Brigada Prayer Resource List?

Have you come across an especially good resource for prayer recently? If so, would you let Betty know? She is updating the Brigada Resource List for Intercessors, Prayer Coordinators, and Prayer Mobilizers which we published several years ago. The list includes books, magazines, videos, DVDs, and prayer movements. She would love your input! Just click “Comment” to list your item here and she’ll add it to the resource list that we post here:

(Thanks Betty!)

8) Download a Prayer Guide for Somalis; Lift Them Up Starting Today

Isn’t it about time we take a stand for the sake of the longest failed political state in modern history? Learn about the plight and possibilities for Somalis by downloading Team Expansion’s new Somali Prayer Guide at…

This prayer guide was inspired by a local church which has made it a top priority to walk in step with God in reaching Somalis beginning in 2018. Please join them in praying that the Good News of Christ can heal hearts and offer hope in the future for Somalis in East Africa. (Thanks for your work on this, Linda!)

11) Save 25% at PrayerShop Throughout the Rest of January

PrayerShop is a ministry of Harvest Prayer Ministries, “Equipping the church to become a house of prayer for all nations.” During the rest of January, they’re equipping for 25% less. Take 1/4 off nearly any title you find by typing in the code, “AchingBack” at checkout. (Maybe Jon is the manager — and maybe he’s tired of lifting boxes of books! : ) ) You’ll find virtually any book on prayer — and code works for nearly any book there. Check it out at…

3) Prayer walking as a Tool for Outreach

We had always seen prayer walking as a cool practice to lift up the needs of a new neighborhood. But we had never understood that the practice of prayer-walking could work as an active outreach tool for establishing new fields. But DMM (Disciple making movement) trainings have taught us otherwise. For example, in the Zume online training course, the prayer walking training teaches, “As you walk and pray, be alert for opportunities and listen for promptings by God’s Spirit to pray for individuals and groups you meet along the way. You can say, “We’re praying for this community, is there anything in particular we can pray for you about?” Or say, “I’m praying for this area. Do you know anything in particular we should pray for?” After listening to their response you can ask about their own needs. If they share, pray for them right away. If the Lord leads, you may pray about other needs as well. … In most cases, people are grateful you care enough to pray. If the person is not a Christian, your prayer may open the door to a spiritual conversation and an opportunity to share your story and God’s story. You can invite them to be a part of a Bible study or even host one in their home.” There’s a lot more in Zume, including a five-point outline that feeds you with ideas about WHAT to pray for a person you meet along the way. To learn more about the free 18-hour Zume online training course for groups, visit…

Remembering Those Struck by Disaster

As this Brigada heads out the door, it goes without saying that we ought to pause to pray for those suffering from the effects of hurricanes, flooding, and more. Apparently 90% of the housing on the island of Barbuda has been leveled.

We’ve heard that one-third of Bangladesh is under water? Houston has $180 billion dollars in damages. Many are trying to escape Irma. Some in other parts of the world have nowhere to go and no way to get there. The list goes on. Please join us in lifting up those impacted by these horrific disasters.

10) Get Your 30 Days Muslim Prayer Guides in March…

By preordering them now, will start shipping your order to you FIRST, in March 2016. Order now at…

Since 1993, this campaign has focused on helping you pray in an informed way about people who would, perhaps otherwise, only be feared or ignored. Get a 50+ page prayer guide for your church AND … don’t forget that if you’re a ministry with an initiative you’d like to promote, you can advertise in the prayer guide at…

12) We’re Fascinated by the 24/7 Prayer Community

Ever since the Moravians, we’ve been fascinated with the concept of ‘hourly intercession,’ or 24-7 prayer. To catch the way it links with missions, watch this 2-minute podcast deal they prepared for advent a year or two ago…

If you like it and you want to catch the whole series, see it at…

3) Why in the World would Anyone Ever Try 24-7 Prayer

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Moravians? The whole 24/7 prayer thing worked out ok for them. Red Moon Rising suggests we might want to try that again. This video makes a strong case for it in 2 minutes…

Of course, nobody said it was easy to get up in the middle of the night to pray. But… we could take a lesson from thousands who are somehow making it happen (and growing) in spite of the challenges. If you don’t believe it, see all the animation (and investment of paint!) in this video:

Need a manual? They’ve got you covered there too…

What would it look like at YOUR church or group?

9) Get the Prayer Warriors Ultimate Handbook

Can you believe it? For less than $3, you get 14 books on prayer.

Find answer for questions like these:
The 7 Most Powerful Prayers that will Change Your Life Forever
The Prayer Warrior’s 30 Day Challenged
Praying for a grateful heart
Praying to increase your faith
Praying God’s Promises
30 days of prayer devotions
Experiencing personal life change through praying the Words of Jesus
Prayers when you need God’s perfect peace
Prayers to build a habit of praise (praising God through prayer)
How to Slay Your Giants and Have Massive Faith
Further Tips to increase your faith for a more effective prayer life
How to Hear God Clearly and Discern His Will for You
How to Become a Love Warrior
How To Become a Praise Warrior
…and more.

2) Rediscover the Heart of Worship at this Prayer Weekend

Prayerweekend7Our natural tendency in our prayer lives is to offer a laundry list that resolves around “us” and our needs and comfort. We have an inclination to check in from time to time making sure He knows we are there and reminding Him of our needs, hoping He’ll do something about them. At this special prayer weekend, September 18 & 19, participants will stand united in worship and prayer as they exalt His name. It will take place at beautiful Emerald Hills, on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. Cost is just $70 and includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday, along with all materials and program. Most sessions will be outdoors on a 61-acre campus that is mostly wooded. There will be ample time in guided yet individual prayers. Register today at…

8) Clothed In Armor: Spiritual Warfare for Kids

clothed in armorThe life of a missionary kid is filled with transitions, good-byes and feelings of not fitting into either their host or home culture. Satan loves to use these hurts to create feelings of doubt, self-criticism, and hopelessness. Help your child learn specific ways they can fight back against Satan’s schemes through a new children’s Bible Study by Carol Lozier, LCSW called “Clothed In Armor: Spiritual Warfare for Kids.” Based on the armor of God, children will learn the truth about themselves and specific ways they can fight back like a mighty Christian soldier. The Bible studies come in two editions, one for all children

and one specifically for adopted and foster children.

Highly recommended. (Thanks Renee, who told Allan, who told us.)

10) Remember When Caleb Project Used to Release Kids’ Resources?

KLTPT TeacherPeople are still using them all over the country. Hats off, in fact, to ANY group who continues to address the question of how we teach our kids to pray. Watching a teacher this week try to teach a five-year-old to pray convinces us: This question deserves more attention.

Thankfully, here’s at least one curriculum you could consider…

This material includes a music CD, a teacher’s resource CD, a reproducible journal, and more. (This Pebbles and Stones group is taken from “all of us are living stones.” They focus on children across the world, raising up leaders within communities, in an attempt to raise up kids who know God’s story and how to reproduce it.) The “Kids Love to Pray Too” curriculum is based on Al VanderGriend’s book, “Love to Pray.”

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