6) Exemplary Video Showing Effects of Prayer with Every Home for Christ

prayerLast week, at a missions conference in Columbus, Ohio, Dick Eastman of Every Home for Christ shared a video that got rave reviews. It accomplishes its mission of lifting up prayer as a key factor in bringing about growth of the church world wide, through the work and workers of Every Home for Christ. But it also accomplishes another, more subtle objective: It shows the centrality and success of the construction of their home office and training building, the Jericho Center. Oh but that we all could be so effective at establishing the link between evangelism, prayer, and our bricks and mortar. Well done, Every Home for Christ! See the video here, by clicking on the link “Click to Play” in the upper right of the page.

9) Why Pray for a Terrorist?

atfpFind the answer to that question and a whole lot more at this “Adopt a Terrorist” site, recommended to us by anonymous Brigada participant, “A.” (Thanks!)

Jesus did say, after all, to pray for those who persecute us. You can choose a terrorist for whom to pray, get updates on his activities, and more.

14) The BackPage: Let’s Reprise Concerts of Prayer

concerts of prayerRemember Dave Bryant’s book, “How Christians Can Join Together in Concerts of Prayer?” I happened to be able to participate in a couple of sessions led by Dave Bryant himself (back in the 80’s) and, I’ll have to say, they were extremely moving. Let’s reprise this concept and “wake up” some much-needed prayer for our cities, regions, nations, and the globe. You might still be able to pick up a used copy of his book at…

But Nate and Paula Wilson have done us a huge favor by putting together this 18-page summary, now available to you at…

(Thanks Nate and Paula!)

Dave Bryant always encouraged us to pray for fullness (a vibrant church) and fulfillment (the global cause). He provided a virtual “script” so we would all be on the same page, as he moved us from large group prayer, to groups of 6, to groups of 3, to individual prayer, and back again. It was a great experience and should be revived.

Do you remember Concerts of Prayer? Please share your testimony, along with any tips or resources by clicking “comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your help.

12) The Best Advice on How to Conduct “Concerts of Prayer”

concerts of prayerRemember David Bryant’s Book, “Concerts of Prayer?” Is it COMPLETELY out of print? All I see are used copies at…

Either way, Dave Bryant basically sparked a praying revolution. You can find more on Concerts of Prayer at

Is that it? Are there any great YouTube videos that DEMONSTRATE a Concert of Prayer? Are there any new books or other resources? Please click “Comment” after the web version of this item and let us know what you’ve seen. Thanks in advance.

4) Spiritual Development is Important

To deepen intimacy with God and to experience a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit through a time of retreat, rest, and renewal, sign up for Experiencing Prayer Days and Short Retreats. This will be in September, 2014 at the White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro, SC. (an hour’s drive from Charlotte, NC). The Full Session is September 17-26 ($795.00) and the Short Session September 17-22 ($585.00).  This covers accommodations, meals, all materials, some books, and resources. Partial scholarships are available. Participants will experience prayer topics, retreat topics, and a leadership topic using Jesus’ example. They will be prepared to facilitate topics with others. If you need other information, have questions, and/or to get a copy of the Overview/Application, contact Dr. Evelyn Davis, the author/coordinator. Email her at


1) Wanted: Prayer Advocates for the Northern Dong of China

northern dongAre you willing to pray and/or advocate for the Northern Dong? Over 1/2 million Northern Dong live in China, with around 0.1% being evangelical believers. Read their Unreached People Group profile here…

Then, if God calls you to get involved in praying for them, please register your willingness at Joshua Project by browsing to…

Your reward might not be great here on earth. But if God raises up more harvesters for the Northern Dong people, and you see more Northern Dong wearing white robes on that day we all gather before the throne, won’t that be a reason to celebrate!?

14) The BackPage: 30 Minutes of Morning Prayer

prayer morningSuppose you took 30 minutes each morning to pray to the Lord of the Harvest. How would you divide those 30 minutes? Would you spend…
5 minutes praising God for who he is and what he’s done
5 minutes for your loved ones – spouse, family, friends, co-workers
5 minutes praying for existing missionaries already in place
5 minutes asking for new workers for specific places (name them)
5 minutes for special projects you’re tackling on behalf of nations
5 minutes for new resources to empower your dreams

Whoa — the half-hour is done and you just got started.
How would your list be different? What would you add/change/subtract? Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item and help us improve or revise this idea. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

6) Why Don’t We Pray for Militants?

militantHats off to Ailsa for asking tough questions in response to our item from the July 13th edition of Brigada, “2) Pray for Peace.” In the past, visible at…

Ailsa wrote, “I am surprised that Brigada is not advocating prayer for the militants – for their salvation. Many are praying for the victims -which is good- but no one is praying for the militants.” She asks a great question. What’s your take on it? Click on “Comment” at the end of the web version of this item.

11) Prayer Notebook App Might be the Berries For You

prayer appEver have someone ask you to pray… and you wanted to make note of it on your smartphone but just didn’t know where? If you put it in your Evernote app, it gets lost with 1000 other notes. So … why not use a special app like…

Or maybe you have your own favorite? If so, please click comment after the web version of this item and tell us about your find! Thanks in advance.

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