11) Don’t Forget to "Seek God for the City,"

Don’t forget — Waymakers have developed a great campaign called, “Seek God for the City,” designed to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of your community. The forty days to Palm Sunday makes an ideal time to venture into a season of sustained, hope-filled prayer, March 6 – April 14, 2019. You can invite your small group, your Sunday School class, your mission org, all the missionaries you support, and/or your entire church to take part. Multiple versions are available, including in Spanish — and via an app. Learn more at…


(Thanks, Betty!)


1) How Do You Start Your Day for Christ’s Sake? Seriously.

If you’re really trying to live your day for Christ’s sake — that is, to serve Him — how do you start it? Betty recently bubbled up an item from that gave somewhat of a formulaic start to a day. We’ve always wondered about these formulaic procedures. But maybe when we throw out formulas, we are indeed “throwing out some of the baby with the bathwater,” so to speak. In other words, is there some good to having a daily “habit” like the Crosswalk Editorial Staff suggests:


So we’re wondering — what’s YOUR day like? When you start the day, how do you make sure you keep your eyes focused on the God of the nations? How do you make sure you’re living for Him and the Great Commission in a “never say die” approach that never waivers, never falters, never quits? Because if we could all discover that formula (if one exists), we need to bottle it, then distribute it to the masses throughout the entire Christian world. Right? Your thoughts?

8) The International Prayer Connect Monthly Journal

International Prayer Connect is a coalition of 3,000+ Christian prayer networks and organizations who share a common vision – to mobilize and equip worldwide prayer for the blessing, healing and transformation of the nations. They have a great monthly bulletin at…


You can also sign up to receive it monthly via email. It’s always packed full of helpful resources — like, in the February 2019 edition, find items on North Korea, Turkey, and the North American Prayer Summit. (Thanks Betty!)


2) Praying the 30 Names and Attributes of God

Hats off to the Navigators. Their document, ” Praying the 30 Names and Attributes of God,” is a keeper. What’s more, they’ve priced it right (free!). It’s super-handy (front and back of one sheet). You could print it on cardstock in your office or at your church and hand it out at your prayer meeting. Imagine the extra content that your participants will feel. Bravo to you, Navigators!


(Thanks to Betty for tipping us off on this!)

3) "Seek God for the City" Now Available in Spanish: "Clama a Dios…"

Have you been following the book at called, “Seek God for the City?”


If so, maybe you’re already aware that it has now released in Spanish…


This allows your church to make the same great text available, with all the same scriptures, prayers, and practical ideas as the original 64-page English version. You can order copies online at…


(Thanks for catching this and bubbling it up to us, Betty!)

6) Seek God for the City, March 6 – Apr. 14 via this App on Your Phone

Waymakers have developed a great campaign called, “Seek God for the City,” designed to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of your community. You can invite your small group, your Sunday School class, your mission org, all the missionaries you support, and/or your entire church to take part. We mentioned the Spanish version above (Item 3), but in this item, we’re highlighting the app version in particular. It’s just 99 cents and you can download it to your phone or smart device wherever you normally get your apps. Just search “Seek God 2019” and you can find it for iOS, Android, and even the Kindle Fire. Learn more at…


(Thanks again, Betty!)

7) Have You Discovered a Rhythm That Keeps You Devoted to Prayer?

Does your organization/church/group have a rhythm that helps to keep you devoted to prayer? Betty wrote this past week, “While we all want to pray continually, there are rhythms that can keep us going. For example, the organization of which I am a member kicks off each year with 21 days of focused prayer and fasting. We begin each day as an international services staff praying in groups for designated areas of the world, leaders of those countries, organizational workers in those fields, and for the unreached. Once a week, we devote an afternoon prayer time to praying for all of the organization’s workers around the world in one fell swoop. Monthly, we devote half a day to prayer and fasting for a specific part of the world, leaders in that part of the world, the unreached and the persecuted in that part of the world, and the organization’s workers serving in that region.” We think Betty’s on to something. Would you please share the rhythms of prayer that keep you going? Just click “Comment” following the web version of this item. We’d love to hear YOUR group’s rhythm if it keeps you devoted to prayer!

(Thanks again, Betty!)

6) Church Prayer Leaders’ Network Introduces New Magazine: Pray

Billed as a magazine to mobilize unified public prayer for America, the new magazine of the National Day of Prayer will be 40 pages or so of articles, testimonies, case studies, and other prayer resources. You can subscribe to the digital version for $20/year. Printed copies go up from there in prices. Learn more at…


(Thanks for this tip, too, Betty!)

9) It’s a Great Time to Start a New "Pray! Prayer Journal"

Of course, any time is a good time to start reading the Bible and praying. But the “Pray!” Prayer Journal works especially well if you start it at the beginning of a year. Two friends of ours, Jenny and Betty, were talking about this journal recently. It invites writing down one’s thoughts AND it combines reading the Bible with prayer. Betty has done this journal for several years in a row. It’s worth a look. Find it at…

10) Would you Help Betty Update the Brigada Prayer Resource List?

Have you come across an especially good resource for prayer recently? If so, would you let Betty know? She is updating the Brigada Resource List for Intercessors, Prayer Coordinators, and Prayer Mobilizers which we published several years ago. The list includes books, magazines, videos, DVDs, and prayer movements. She would love your input! Just click “Comment” to list your item here and she’ll add it to the resource list that we post here:

(Thanks Betty!)

8) Download a Prayer Guide for Somalis; Lift Them Up Starting Today

Isn’t it about time we take a stand for the sake of the longest failed political state in modern history? Learn about the plight and possibilities for Somalis by downloading Team Expansion’s new Somali Prayer Guide at…

This prayer guide was inspired by a local church which has made it a top priority to walk in step with God in reaching Somalis beginning in 2018. Please join them in praying that the Good News of Christ can heal hearts and offer hope in the future for Somalis in East Africa. (Thanks for your work on this, Linda!)

11) Save 25% at PrayerShop Throughout the Rest of January

PrayerShop is a ministry of Harvest Prayer Ministries, “Equipping the church to become a house of prayer for all nations.” During the rest of January, they’re equipping for 25% less. Take 1/4 off nearly any title you find by typing in the code, “AchingBack” at checkout. (Maybe Jon is the manager — and maybe he’s tired of lifting boxes of books! : ) ) You’ll find virtually any book on prayer — and code works for nearly any book there. Check it out at…

3) Prayer walking as a Tool for Outreach

We had always seen prayer walking as a cool practice to lift up the needs of a new neighborhood. But we had never understood that the practice of prayer-walking could work as an active outreach tool for establishing new fields. But DMM (Disciple making movement) trainings have taught us otherwise. For example, in the Zume online training course, the prayer walking training teaches, “As you walk and pray, be alert for opportunities and listen for promptings by God’s Spirit to pray for individuals and groups you meet along the way. You can say, “We’re praying for this community, is there anything in particular we can pray for you about?” Or say, “I’m praying for this area. Do you know anything in particular we should pray for?” After listening to their response you can ask about their own needs. If they share, pray for them right away. If the Lord leads, you may pray about other needs as well. … In most cases, people are grateful you care enough to pray. If the person is not a Christian, your prayer may open the door to a spiritual conversation and an opportunity to share your story and God’s story. You can invite them to be a part of a Bible study or even host one in their home.” There’s a lot more in Zume, including a five-point outline that feeds you with ideas about WHAT to pray for a person you meet along the way. To learn more about the free 18-hour Zume online training course for groups, visit…

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