prayer walking

3) Prayer walking as a Tool for Outreach

We had always seen prayer walking as a cool practice to lift up the needs of a new neighborhood. But we had never understood that the practice of prayer-walking could work as an active outreach tool for establishing new fields. But DMM (Disciple making movement) trainings have taught us otherwise. For example, in the Zume online training course, the prayer walking training teaches, “As you walk and pray, be alert for opportunities and listen for promptings by God’s Spirit to pray for individuals and groups you meet along the way. You can say, “We’re praying for this community, is there anything in particular we can pray for you about?” Or say, “I’m praying for this area. Do you know anything in particular we should pray for?” After listening to their response you can ask about their own needs. If they share, pray for them right away. If the Lord leads, you may pray about other needs as well. … In most cases, people are grateful you care enough to pray. If the person is not a Christian, your prayer may open the door to a spiritual conversation and an opportunity to share your story and God’s story. You can invite them to be a part of a Bible study or even host one in their home.” There’s a lot more in Zume, including a five-point outline that feeds you with ideas about WHAT to pray for a person you meet along the way. To learn more about the free 18-hour Zume online training course for groups, visit…

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