3) Ramadan Prayer Focus

muslim prayerMuslims around the world are getting ready for the annual Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month (June 18 to July 17). Christians are gearing up as well for the “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World,” an international movement that began in 1993. Millions of Christians worldwide, and from many denominations, have regularly participated in this concerted but respectful prayer effort for Muslims during a time of the year when many of them are much more deeply aware of spiritual matters.

7) Try Taking this Course on Prayer

We learned about this course from our friends at Mission Catalyst. If you’re interested in honing your prayer skills, try…

Evidently, it’s a kind of journey through the Lord’s Prayer with six short videos and a handy ‘cheat sheet’ for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church. We’d love to see your review of it here. Just click “Comment” to add your review to the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your ‘take’ on this course, produced by Alpha International and 24-7 Prayer.

11) 30 Days Prayer For Muslims For Children And Families

Family PrayerJesus teaches us to love our neighbors and to pray for our enemies. For many of us, Muslims are neighbors we hardly know. Others see them only as enemies and terrorists. But there is a great way to learn to love Muslims like Jesus does. Ramadan is June 18th to July 17th. Perhaps there’s no better way to experience Ramadan than praying together for Muslims with the children in our household. That’s why we’re excited about the new 30-Days-of-Prayer-Booklet made ‘Just for Kids.’ The booklet would work for family devotions as well as children’s church since it offers to many creative prayer ideas. Find it here…

for the USA or for the UK.

1) Transform your Church with a Pervasive Culture Of Prayer

church that prays

church that praysAre you feeling the upswing of emphasis on prayer? It has to be a positive thing. Want to see what happened at 10 different cultures, once they began emphasizing prayer as the main thing? Try reading, ” The Church That Prays Together: Inside the Prayer Life of 10 Dynamic Churches.” You can order it here…

These dynamic praying churches will inspire you as they share the principles they learned along the way. Get ready to reach new heights in prayer at your church!

3) Teach Your Kids to be Kingdom Intercessors

kidsgapNow you can train your kids to pray like never before. Get the book, ” KidsGap: Teaching Children To Be Kingdom Intercessors,” by Jenny Almquist. Check it out here…

It’s designed for kids 8-12 and has 12 lessons on prayer, including “How to hear God’s voice, How to Pray for the Lost, The Power of Praise in Spiritual Warfare and much more.” Highly recommended.

5) “30 Days of Prayer” for the Muslim World Starts June 18

prayer for muslimIn case you wondered, the “30 days of Prayer” campaign is alive and well. In fact, at a conference in Phoenix last week, I had a chance to speak to the point person for the initiative. Due in part to some special initiatives, the June 2015 initiative might end up being the biggest in history. The online presence is better than ever too. You can purchase and download the ebook instantly, online, for just $3.

There are videos there too, and a special kids’ version. If you’ve never done a “30 Days” campaign with your church, this is the best time to start. We suggest: go there now.

6) You’ve Seen the Book, but What about the Movie? (“In the House”)

wind in the house of islamNo doubt, you’ve seen the book (now in its 3rd printing), “A Wind in the House of Islam.”

But did you know that Paul, David and Jon (almost sounds like a singing group from England?!) have now turned the book into a DVD, “In the House of Islam DVD?” It includes 56-, 32-, and 17-minute versions, all on the same DVD, making it useful for a variety of contexts, including class room, home group, Sunday School, church service, etc. You’ll learn firsthand how God is at work in the world’s largest non-Christian religion (Islam) drawing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to new life in Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to journey beyond the headlines and into the remote corners of the Great Commission, where God is at work… In The House of Islam!

1) Waymakers — a Different Hope and a Different Prayer

WayMakers is a mobilization ministry focused on seeing Christ glorified by obedient, worshiping movements in every people group.

They love getting you involved in what they call “saturation prayer.” They talk about the word, “co-passion” as being “a way of living in friendship with God that relies on God’s own joy and jealousy to be the energizing, integrating power of their lives.” They focus on helping people move from a sense of duty to a calling of destiny. (Thanks for pointing us to them in the comments box following our request for input in the last edition, Roger.)

3) Get the Skinny on What to Pray at Joshua Project

joshuaproject2As Roger pointed out (thanks for a third time, Roger), you might WANT to pray, but maybe you wouldn’t know for WHAT to pray. That’s where Joshua Project comes in. They bring definition to the unfinished task, and by doing so, give us a tangible focus for prayer. Visit them at…

See their “Hot spots” (People Groups in the News). Here’s an example (Boko Haram)…

See their page of prayer resources at…

…and additional prayer ideas at…

6) Rediscover Prayer in this new Book

threshold prayerIn the old days, Solomon placed people in the temple to pray and worship full-time. There were people in the Kingdom who invested their lives, just helping other people pray and praise. Fortunately, today, some have rediscovered that priority, making it possible for people like Paul Covert to bring you the book, “Threshold: Transformational Prayer Ministry

It’s big. It’s practical. And, if you read it and apply it, it’s lifechanging both for you and your church.

7) Learn about Transforming Prayer in this 2011 eBook

transforming prayerHere’s a book by Daniel Henderson, who believes in strategic and transforming prayer…

Use it to grow beyond the typical grocery-list approach to prayer. Use it to explores the profound difference between seeking God’s hand (what he does for people) and seeking God’s face (who he really is). Use it to transform your life, your church, and your world.

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