11) What Can Cats and Dogs Teach us about Prayer?

cat and dogIf you’ve taken Perspectives, you’ve probably already learned about “Cat and Dog Theology.” But if you haven’t, this book will catch you up. It’s entitled, “Cat & Dog Theology: Rethinking Our Relationship with Our Master.”

Either way, maybe you haven’t ever considered what Cats and Dogs can teach us about prayer. Now you can find out by reading, “Cat & Dog Prayer: Rethinking Our Conversations with Our Master.”

12) Hear Louis on Prayer

prayer remixIn this one “Prayer Remix” DVD, you’ll hear 3 talks by Louis Giglio: Who’s Blessing Whom?, Supernature Life Inside, and The Prayer God Always Answers. See it at…

Louis’ main premise: “Bless Me. Be With me. Watch over and protect me. Forgive me. Listen to the way you pray, and to the prayer of those around you, and you’ll hear these four tried and true phrases often- familiar words we’ve probably been saying over and over to God since we first learned how to pray. ReMIXED prayers embrace these four concepts, while moving towards a healthier, God-centered prayer language that saturates our thoughts and words with the phrases, “Let Me Bless You,” “Live Though Me,” and “No Matter What, Use Me.” A subtle shift based on radical truth. Potent prayer for a full life.”

Highly recommended.

14) Sovereignty of God: The Movie (“You Reign”)

you reignI love this prayercast video…

Because it shows that, whether in triumph or tragedy, victory of defeat, God is still God. Not that long ago, I had to speak at a missionary retreat about the sovereignty of God. The 300 or so passages that I studied in preparation for that series of talks was life-changing for me. I learned that “God is at work, causing every little detail in my life to come into conformity with His will (Eph. 1:11).” It was transformational for me. I no longer had to worry about life’s decisions. As long as I was seeking his purposes, I just prayed, then acted with the best knowledge I had at my disposal and depended on Him to work out the rest. Using that knowledge, I’ve lived my life straight-up, and God has always won out in the end. Sometimes, I have to be patient (but then, so does He, with me). In the end, He always reigns. So watch the video — and give thanks in all things.

2) Jericho Walls Builds Up Prayer for the Nations

pray for the nationsThe Vision of Jericho Walls is ” To mobilize the Body of Christ to be a house of prayer for the nations.” They seek to accomplish this by fulfilling 3 goals:

To help raise up and mobilize intercessors nationally and internationally.
To mobilize congregations nationally and internationally to be houses of prayer.
To establish prayer watches where people will pray night and day.

Learn more about their work, and pick up on their resources, by visiting…

3) Sleek New Prayer Tool



Prayer.Vision is an innovative new website designed to help workers easily raise and maintain prayer support for their region. The site allows workers to pin prayer requests and stories to a beautiful world map. You can post anonymously, or link your pins to your bio and support account. Take a minute to post your own prayer items, or see what stories others have pinned in your area:

6) Exemplary Video Showing Effects of Prayer with Every Home for Christ

prayerLast week, at a missions conference in Columbus, Ohio, Dick Eastman of Every Home for Christ shared a video that got rave reviews. It accomplishes its mission of lifting up prayer as a key factor in bringing about growth of the church world wide, through the work and workers of Every Home for Christ. But it also accomplishes another, more subtle objective: It shows the centrality and success of the construction of their home office and training building, the Jericho Center. Oh but that we all could be so effective at establishing the link between evangelism, prayer, and our bricks and mortar. Well done, Every Home for Christ! See the video here, by clicking on the link “Click to Play” in the upper right of the page.

9) Why Pray for a Terrorist?

atfpFind the answer to that question and a whole lot more at this “Adopt a Terrorist” site, recommended to us by anonymous Brigada participant, “A.” (Thanks!)

Jesus did say, after all, to pray for those who persecute us. You can choose a terrorist for whom to pray, get updates on his activities, and more.

14) The BackPage: Let’s Reprise Concerts of Prayer

concerts of prayerRemember Dave Bryant’s book, “How Christians Can Join Together in Concerts of Prayer?” I happened to be able to participate in a couple of sessions led by Dave Bryant himself (back in the 80’s) and, I’ll have to say, they were extremely moving. Let’s reprise this concept and “wake up” some much-needed prayer for our cities, regions, nations, and the globe. You might still be able to pick up a used copy of his book at…

But Nate and Paula Wilson have done us a huge favor by putting together this 18-page summary, now available to you at…

(Thanks Nate and Paula!)

Dave Bryant always encouraged us to pray for fullness (a vibrant church) and fulfillment (the global cause). He provided a virtual “script” so we would all be on the same page, as he moved us from large group prayer, to groups of 6, to groups of 3, to individual prayer, and back again. It was a great experience and should be revived.

Do you remember Concerts of Prayer? Please share your testimony, along with any tips or resources by clicking “comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your help.

12) The Best Advice on How to Conduct “Concerts of Prayer”

concerts of prayerRemember David Bryant’s Book, “Concerts of Prayer?” Is it COMPLETELY out of print? All I see are used copies at…

Either way, Dave Bryant basically sparked a praying revolution. You can find more on Concerts of Prayer at

Is that it? Are there any great YouTube videos that DEMONSTRATE a Concert of Prayer? Are there any new books or other resources? Please click “Comment” after the web version of this item and let us know what you’ve seen. Thanks in advance.

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