6) How to Print Joshua Project Unreached People Group Profiles

For those who were wondering how to print UPG profiles at Joshua Project (mentioned in our last edition at… )

First, search for the unreached people group in which you are interested. Once you’ve found it, just look in the upper right of the page for the “printer” icon. When you click that icon, you’ll be given a chance to print the profile. It’s that simple.

2) JoshuaProject Now Can Print Profiles Directly from "New" Site!

Remember our item from the Feb. 3rd edition (“14) The Last Bit: How to Print a UPG Profile at”)? We spelled out a work-around for the fact that one couldn’t print JoshuaProject Unreached People Group profiles directly from the corresponding web-pages. The work-around was — in order to print a hard-copy of a UPG profile, one had to use the legacy site. Well, as we said in that item, “Give them some time. There are few services as responsive as” We rest our case. Now, a mere three weeks later, they’ve completed writing new code that now allows you to print a VERY attractive profile from any unreached people group in their entire database! Way to go, Dan, Bill, and others! We appreciate you!


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