2) Check Out this Tiny Data Projector and Powerful Speaker

These Anker people are over-the-top impressive. Check out their projector at…


and their speaker at…


I heard the speaker while visiting our team in West Africa this past week. It was super-impressive. Though I didn’t personally observe the projector, our team said they were top-notch.

3) What’s the best Data Projector?

projector_cropBrigada participant, John, would like to know if anyone has found the best and least expensive data projector for use church services and mission presentations. He’s leaning towards an LED as opposed to a LCD or DLP version because of the cost of a replacement bulb. For his part, he’s in Mexico so any U.S. unit would work. But others might like to know if there are particular voltage expectations. If you have a recommendation/source, please click “Comment” immediately after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your review.

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