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6) “Shop to earn” Hopes to Channel Funds to Your Doorstep

shoptoearn.gifMark wrote in recently, inviting us to consider the idea of utilizing “Shop to Earn.” His sample site can be found at…


We mention it not specifically as a fundraiser for Haiti (our publication guidelines prevent us from starting down that road, because nearly all of us are involved in fundraising for something), but more as an example of what you might consider using for your own cause. The concept is simple — and it’s been reproduced elsewhere already. Just seems that this portal has paid out, reportedly, $28 million dollars to charities and others during the last 8 months of 2008 alone. If it works for you, praise God. But as always in situations like this, ‘caveat emptor’ — buyer beware. Make sure you understand all the fine print and keep your expectations at a reasonable level. It might be a year before you see significant income… and some of your organization’s supporters might slighly change their perspective of you if you talk too much about shopping and business. In other words, keep it reasonable. . . and this might be a piece of your support pie.

1) Missionaries Saving 200 Cumulative Years Of Support Raising!

kingdoncomeWe hear great things from Kingdom Come Training (in support-raising). So far in 2009 just over 100 missionaries from 21 agencies have enrolled in training, coaching and accountability with Kingdom Come Training. Most are now on track to achieve their full funding in less than ten months.  Compared to the average time it currently takes missionaries to raise full support, this saves more than two years for each missionary. Six of them have completed their full funding in five months or less. About 75% of their face-to-face presentations result in monthly support.  One missionary, who has gone from zero to 60% in four months, reports that about 90% of his presentations result in monthly support.  The training is done with live, interactive video. KCT now enrolls people from anywhere in the world who have adequate high speed internet. Check out their website:


or write Jerry directly at


(And thanks so much for the $25 gift that Kingdom Come sent to Brigada last week! As a small way of saying thanks, we bumped their item to the front of the line.)

7) People-Raising on FaceBook

peopleraisingNow you have the opportunity to learn more than ever on how to raise support as Bill Dillon, President of People Raising shares practical advice from over 35 years of fund raising experience in his brand new People Raising Facebook group. Get the People Raising blog, newsletter and fund raising tips and conference alerts. Share your fundraising stories and join in discussions with others who raise funds. Whether raising individual support or raising funds for your organization you will find practical fund raising scenarios, tips, and issues. Additional fund raising information is available on his website and a 6-hour training program available in DVD, CD, and MP3


You can access the People Raising facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33721827143 or email


10) The BackPage: Learning to Fund-raise, but a Long Way to Go

fundraising2We recently wrote about the new challenge of learning to fund-raise for our organization. We’ve built a new home office on a new 61-acre campus and, in Team Expansion, there’s no history of a donor list, nor any kind of legacy of fundraising for Int’l Services. So it’s been a learning experience — starting from scratch. Today, my son and I sat down with an extremely nice couple. I was just honest: “Hey, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.” They were very kind and forgiving. Lessons I learned today?

  • Learn something about the prospective donors before you go. We had researched enough to ask some informed questions about their background. It made for great conversation while we were eating lunch.
  • Clarify your goals in advance, before the meeting. I had told the couple today that we weren’t going to ask for any money. Rather, we would just share the great stuff God was doing around the world through Team Expansion workers, give them some options for getting involved, field any questions they had, then set a follow-up appointment for later. I explained by phone in advance that at that follow-up appointment, we would actually make some kind of informed request. The couple gave good feedback that they liked that approach. It seemed to take the pressure off today’s meeting. By the end, they were already talking about options anyway, without us even asking.
  • Pray, Pray, Pray. In our case, we’re facing some pretty steep challenges. I’m pretty sure this would feel like climbing up a steep rock face if it weren’t for God’s faithful encouragement lifting us up. ‘Course, ask me how I am next month when the mortgage payments actually have to start! :-)

So what lessons are you learning in fundraising? What tips could you offer that haven’t already shared at the previous BackPage editorial? What observations have you drawn about the economy’s effect on your organization or your mission work, if any? Please share your feedback by commenting in the box below. Thanks in advance for taking time to give your thoughts.

11) The Backpage: Overcoming Our Fear Of Fundraising

Over the past 30 years, while growing a missionary sending agency, I wish I had a peso for every time I heard the phrase, “I’d become a missionary if I just didn’t have raise support.” I figure I’d have enough pesos for quite an empanada. The truth is, I think we all assume that support-raising is about as much as a root canal.

To make matters worse, there are those folks who try to “encourage” us by explaining that if we do things right, we never really have to ask for funds. That might work for certain support levels with certain connected individuals, but my experience is that it doesn’t work for everyone, nor for every project. Sometimes, apparently, we don’t have because we fail to ask. (James 4, The Bible)

All this has given me pause over the past 4 months as I’ve faced the reality that, as the CEO of what just might be a typical organization, I had never taken time to learn to fundraise for the organization that I love. Years ago, God had supplied the needs equal to our own family’s salary and ministry (May His name be praised!)… and then, after that, I just coasted… like many global workers.

All of that coasting came to a screeching halt once our ‘home office’ team outgrew the old church building we had acquired years ago. By God’s grace, we had acquired land, built an initial facility, and moved in — and now, next month (July), I faced the reality that the mortgage payments were about to begin.

I don’t know if others have traveled a similar road or not. But here are 5 lessons I’m learning as I travel this road:

*** I don’t think I had done our organization any favors by ignoring fundraising for all those years. In some ways, it might have seemed spiritual, never focusing on fundraising for the future. Now that I look back, I have to wonder.
*** I’m really inexperienced at fundraising. Because God provided so faithfully for our own family’s needs, I never really had to stretch to understand the whole process. As a result, I hadn’t ever really identified with those who aren’t as blessed when starting out.
*** I’m finding that fundraising is a faith-stretching experience. I find myself praying really diligently before a presentation. Then, regardless of the outcome, I end up talk to God about it afterward — a lot. If a certain group ends up committing $5000 over the next 3 years, I go crazy thanking God for that tremendous help. If another presentation appears to net nothing, I’m still thanking God, asking for help, pleading with him to help me learn how to do this.
*** I’m wondering if others have been brought to this same position as a result of having to conduct a capital campaign. I’m curious as to whether capital campaigns sometimes serve as tutors for the long-term process of support-raising in general.
*** I’m realizing that I’ve basically eeked by for about 30 years without ever focusing on any serious fundraising duties as a CEO. In many ways, I feel I need to apologize to those in my own organization. When I think about what might have been… When I consider the programs and projects we could have launched, I’m sobered. At the same time, I’m not despairing. Sometimes I think, “OK Doug; you’ve had your 30 years of fun. Now let’s get to work.”

Would you take a moment today to pray for me, that I can learn how to do this? Would you pray for all the other CEO’s who are in similar situations? In fact, would you please take a second and lift up *anyone* in support-raising mode, regardless of the particular project or program. Ask God to give him wisdom, sensitivity, strength, insight, connections, and most of all, endurance.

So what’s your experience with support-raising? Is your story similar? … or different. What helps have you discovered? Have there been any particular books, online resources, coaches, DVDs, etc., that have seemingly hit home for you? (We’ve mentioned some previously in Brigada over the years. The truth is — I’ve never read them or sought them out. I was clueless.) If you have a favorite resource, just click “Comment” immediately below this item and speak up. Who knows how much others (like me) will derive benefit from the resource you mention or the testimony you share.

In closing, I just want to thank all those readers who have made it their special ministry to help those who are “on a journey for his name’s sake” (III John). Your role in the local church might be different than those who are growing a mission organization traveling to some far-flung location. But the reality is, your involvement is every bit as crucial as the person who actually goes. You truly are a fellow-helper. And all of us, together, salute you for the ministry you perform not only for the benefit of the ones hearing the message for the first time, but also as an encouragement for the one carrying it. May God bless each of you in ways beyond measure and may He multiply your capacity to give, and thereby serve.


PS. Don’t forget to click “Comment”, below, and share a short testimony of your experience.

4) Missionaries Now Saving Thousands Of Dollars

Some reports say it takes an average of three and a half years for missionaries to raise their support in a normal economy, but a new approach is now available which is dramatically reducing that average, saving thousands in living costs and travel costs. Kingdom Come Training’s current trainees are on track for achieving their full support within eight to ten months. The training and coaching is done conveniently in your home through live, interactive multipoint videoconferencing. No travel costs! Give Jerry a call at (503) 314-7211 or send an e-mail:

4) Raise Your Full Support In Less Than Ten Months

Guaranteed Results! Kingdom Come Training has recently completed an eight-month study of six leading faith mission agencies, and has learned that with the right training, coaching and follow-up process missionaries can reasonably expect to raise their full budget within ten months. As a result, KCT has added expert staff and revised its identity from being just a training provider, to a provider of training, coaching and accountability through the entire process of raising support. They now guarantee if you apply their training and coaching you will add $500 to $1000 to your support goal every month or your fees will be refunded. There is no financial risk. The training and coaching is done conveniently in your home through live, interactive multipoint videoconferencing. No travel costs! Log on at


or give Jerry a call at +(503)314-7211 or email

9) Support Raising Training

The BodyBuilders “Personal Support Raising Boot Camp” is a two-day intense training for first-time support raisers and under-funded veterans. Their goal: Getting you to 100% in 100 days! Check out our website for more details at


or email them at

Upcoming Boot Camp dates:
Salem, OR—December 1-2, 2008
Dallas, TX—January 26-27, 2009
Nashville, TN—February 9-10, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO—March 23-24, 2009
Bellflower, CA—April 21-22, 2009
Philadelphia, PA—June 8-9, 2009

Register online today.

6) Fund Raising Conference Comin’ Right Up

Tap into the more then 35 years of experience Bill Dillon brings to fund raising. Register by August 15th and save $50.The People Raising conference is designed to double your effectiveness in raising individual or organizational funds. The People Raising basic conference is set for September 12-13. Learn to move beyond the fear factor and raise more funds in half the time. Implement 10 key habits for success. Network with other Christian leaders. Arm yourself with tools needed for effective fund raising. Ask for the $75 spouse discount. This conference is designed for those raising personal support, coaching others or raising organizational funds. For more information or to register on-line go to

or e-mail


Now you can acquire the ministry attitudes and face-to-face relational skills that eliminate the fear of picking up the phone, making appointments and building relationships that result in people supporting your ministry. You can join a group via live, interactive videoconferencing over your own high speed internet connection. Kingdom Come Training will send you the equipment that makes it all work at a very low cost. You will have the time it takes to build confidence that you can ministers to a genuine need of believers to be connected with a major purpose for their redemption-being the expression of Christ to the nations. No pressure tactics! Raising your full support shouldn’t take more than eight months. Just browse:


Or give Jerry a call at (503)314-7211 or email jerry

(at)kingdomcometraining(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address onto one line.]


Bill Dillon, President of People Raising takes the guess work out of raising funds for church planters. He will be doing a pre-conference intensive for the 2008 National New Church Conference in Orlando, FL April 21-22, 2008. Tap into his more than 35 years of experience and raise needed fund for your church planting ministry. This is a must for anyone who has to raise ministry funds. To register and get more information go to


or e-mail Bill(at)

PeopleRaising(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address onto one line.]


Here is one more tool to assure that you can raise your full support in a reasonable time. Since June, 2007 when Kingdom Come Training began offering live, interactive video courses on raising support, missionaries have struggled with the problem of taking three weeks out of their travel schedule. Now that problem is solved by adding the option of a one-week intensive course. The one- week course still offers the full eighteen hours of fear-eliminating presentation skills and requires the full 18 hours of confidence- building offline personal practice. It is designed for those who can dedicate a full week to the training with no outside activities. Anyone with high-speed internet can do it. KCT offers ongoing practical help through the Support Assist Team until you are at 100%. Give Jerry a call at (503) 314-7211 or email him at: jerry(at) kingdomcometraining(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address onto one line.] Find them on the web at:



The BodyBuilders “Personal Support Raising Boot Camp” is a two day intense training for first-time support raisers and under-funded veterans. Their goal: Getting you to 100% in 100 days! Check out our website for more details at


or email them at



Upcoming 2008 Boot Camp dates: Indianapolis, IN – February 11-12, 2008 Colorado Springs, CO – March 13-14, 2008 Bellflower, CA – April 8-9, 2008 Minneapolis, MN – May 12-13, 2008 Philadelphia, PA – June 9-10, 2008 Register online today.

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