2) and Can Give You Answers is a mission trip search engine that can help you quickly find your fit with opportunities with more than 100 organizations.

The same ministry is behind, a Q&A service that helps would-be cross-cultural workers learn from those who have gone before them.
Learn more about the gears behind these services at…

(And thanks for the $200 gift they gave to Brigada this past week!)

3) List of Urban Centers from the IMB Research Division

china_urban-cities-crowdsIMB now offers a list of the world’s cities via a web service, and it is available on our Open Data site at:

They’ve developed this to make sure that every unreached urban center of the world is engaged by an urban strategist who can see, segment, mobilize and engage the people groups and population segments found in these centers. Codes to help portray urban information are shared in the download, and these help to visualize urban center data in a KML (for GoogleEarth), Shapefile (for ArcGIS), and API (for GeoJSON / GeoService). What we have here is the beginning of an urban “to do list,” not unlike the list of unreached peoples first offered by MARC (World Vision) back in the early 80’s and improved-upon by Joshua Project in the 90’s. (Great work, Jim!)

9) Understanding those Willing to Serve

Your ministry website is the gateway to engage with hundreds of potential missionaries and volunteers. Do you know understand their patterns, preferences and searching criteria? Now you can get a powerful glimpse into your audience’s searching habits and preferences through GMI’s latest resource: Searching to Serve. This small book is a summary of GMI’s extensive research on potential missionaries’ use of the Internet. The book introduces you to individual searchers and highlights the five profiles of online ministry opportunity searchers in an easy-to-read format. You can give this resource to everyone from the president of your organization to a recruiter out in the field as a tool to start a conversation and understand those who are searching to serve. Visit …

for more details.

2) How strong is your language? —

Our world is changing rapidly. Previously untouched groups now have cell phones and even Internet. This is changing what languages people speak, and what language(s) may be most effective for ministry. Is the language situation shifting where you work? Are you interested in learning more about language vitality? Visit


to gain some basic tools for thinking about and defining language vitality. As a bonus, if your focus is Indonesia or Malaysia, you can see what your favorite language is currently rated, and even give feedback if you think the rating is incorrect. (Thanks to this ministry for the $60 gift for Brigada!)

4) Breakthrough!: Field Research for Kingdom Gain —

I’m loving my study of the book by Stan Nussbaum, entitled, “Breakthrough: Prayerful Productive Field Research in Your Place of Ministry” (published by GMI). In this 2nd edition, Nussbaum outlines how to get into position for insight, frame your concern, brainstorm and guess, get strategy right, prepare great questions, hunt & gather, draws insights from information, convert all the above into conclusions and recommendations, take inspired action, and watch God’s glory break through. You can learn more at…


Stan and company will even come and help you “live and in person” on sight. This is a great idea for workers that are having trouble adapting, but didn’t want to admit it. Hats off to GMI for creative problem-solving, which has generated a new realm of information-sharing.

4) Researching Mission Activity in the Solomon Islands —

John is researching missionary activity in the Solomon Islands.  If you are aware of any missionary activity in the Solomons, would you share it with him? Click on comment below or by email:

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/johndotomalleyatmedotcom_.jpg">title="johndotomalleyatmedotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/johndotomalleyatmedotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="165" height="20" />

Online Training in Relationship-based Research

calebresourcesPioneering new ministry or seeking deeper insights into the culture where you live? Learn relationship-based research techniques used by short-term teams, church planters, strategists, and students around the world since 1988. Encounter Culture is a 10-week experiential training course developed by Caleb Resources using the book, “Exploring the Land.” A class begins September 15, 2009, and the next one is scheduled for January 15, 2010.

1) Your Unreached People Group Research Starts & Ends With Jp2K

Never fear… Dan’s still here. Yes, “AD2000 & Beyond” is long gone… but the research arm that began during their tenure is still hard at work. Dan the man is still there, heading up a broad-based initiative to get you the best information possible on any people group you can imagine. Check his work… and that of the team of people assisting him… at

There’s even a cool plug-in there that let’s you see a sample “people group a day” picture and link. (See the plug-in right here on the Brigada home page.)

2) Catch The Momentum At Momentum

When I grow up, I want to be as smart as Justin. See a fraction of his research at

Read the latest on intercession for unreached peoples, browse global issues, catch upcoming conferences, and, in short, “Build your ability to reach the unreached peoples of the world.” That’s what Momentum Magazine is all about. Be sure to catch the full-length magazine layouts at

There’s nothing like that anywhere else on the web. Thanks for your work, Justin.

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