6) Church Prayer Leaders’ Network Introduces New Magazine: Pray

Billed as a magazine to mobilize unified public prayer for America, the new magazine of the National Day of Prayer will be 40 pages or so of articles, testimonies, case studies, and other prayer resources. You can subscribe to the digital version for $20/year. Printed copies go up from there in prices. Learn more at…


(Thanks for this tip, too, Betty!)

3) LightSys Rocks: See Their Makeover of the Former GMI Infobank

We love LightSys.
They travel the world helping nonprofits and churches with I.T. needs… like angels
doing good deeds in the name of Jesus! For example, see the makeover they just
completed of Global Mapping’s former “Infobank” website.

Just as an example, scroll down, click “browse resources by country,” then click on “China.” Outstanding stuff. Thank you LightSys!

1) Resource to Help You or Your Staff Return “Home” Well

If you’re returning to your homeland after serving cross-culturally, there will likely be SOME kind of reentry adjustment. Consider “Returning Well: Your Guide to Thriving Back “Home” After Serving Cross-Culturally.” It guides cross-cultural workers of faith, step by step, through the process of a debriefing that leads to renewal so that they may truly thrive back “home.” Consider giving one to every re-entering staff person this year – what a great gift! Buy 10 or more and get a bulk discount at

12) Resources for Missionaries

Brigada loves sites which gather great content for missionaries — and there’s a new one especially (exclusively?) for people engaged in overseas missions or full-time ministry…

This site was created by a missionary, for missionaries, with the purpose of helping to connect missionaries with existing resources. You might ask, but why would Brigada (which attempts to do exactly the same?) refer people to a competing site? The answer is simple: There’s no competition among lighthouses. : )

7) Resources for Christian teachers

transformingteachersEquipping teachers for Christ-centered education is not easy, so Transforming Teachers has collected resources to help at the recently renewed website

The “Visual Valet: Personal assistant for the Christian teacher and thinker” has also been published as an Amazon e-Book

This book presents a simple model to connect God’s world to God’s word. It is also available as a PDF download on the Transforming Teachers website. Additional resources for Christ-centered education in all languages are welcome. Please contact Harold at

5) Got Kids? Visit

Life-KidsIn the previous item, we highlighted YouVersion (in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock and haven’t heard of it). But if you’re a missionary family serving far from your local church and you’ve been seeking resources online to help your kids get faith and/or keep it, try visiting…

There you’ll find music and teaching videos, challenge cards, bible stories and more. Download coloring pages and activity guides. Check out parent resources and small group studies for your family. It’s colorful, it’s relevant, and it’s free.

14) The BackPage: Search and Replicate

sowing good seedThis past week, we received an email from a teammate headed to the Middle East. She was training out in Colorado and, in her training facility, she came across a binder FULL of past editions of Brigada Today’. She asked around and, come to find out, a long-time Brigada participant named Paula had been printing and binding the past editions to benefit the many missionary guests who regularly passed through there. Obviously, the teammate was overjoyed to find people using Brigada. (The Brigada fan in Colorado had said, “In nearly every edition, I find at least SOMETHING to pass along to other missionaries.” God be praised. But what we loved as much as anything was Paula’s willingness to search and redistribute… to share “as one beggar telling another where to find bread.”

We’re not sure how you see your own role in missions, but we feel like this “search and replicate” strategy is a great one. Why not decide today that you’re going to “search and replicate” the best resources, the best information, and the best data you can — for the good of the Kingdom, for the growth of His cause, and for the glory of the King.

Your thoughts? Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing.

5) RightNow Ministries Fills Crucial Gap for Tomorrow

rightnowWow. Hats off to the leaders at

who are putting together a great site, along with a great set of resources, for all of us. They talk about a “Trader” from a biblical standpoint. ” A Trader is a new kind of missionary, not defined by geography, but defined by a resolve to do four things: choose daily, hate injustice, work as worship, and act swiftly.”

Regardless of whether you’re looking for media, teaching videos, conferences, or workshops, RightNow has something for everyone. Learn about their mission and purposes at…

8) What Can You Tell us About the Keystone Project?

keystone projectThis past week, a colleague shared quite a find:

There are tons of resources on the “Training Downloads” page. Has anyone tried these and, if so, can anyone share (in one of the Comment boxes following the web version of this item) how helpful this stuff is please? Because it LOOKS awesome… for instruction on discipleship and what it requires, the Holy Spirit, and disciplemaking movements. And it LOOKS like all this stuff is absolutely free. Could it be true?

1) Great Member Care Resources

MemberCareWow. Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell, with website at…

wrote this past week with a virtual cornucopia of member care recourses. I was completely bowled over by how far the “industry” had come in the last 20 years. Take a look:

First, grab the PDF copy of their list of 100+ member care books and resources at…

Then take a look at these other resources:

*Member care database indexed at Mental Health Resources for Cross-Cultural Workers

*E-books/materials from Missionary Care

*Media materials available at Member Care Media

*Member care-related books for sale: William Carey Library Publishers

Mission Training International

Society for Human Resource Management

People in Aid

Headington Institute (e.g., training modules;

Families in Global Transition

Intercultural Press

Bibliography of articles from the 1960s-1987 in Helping Missionaries Grow (1988, Appendix)

Partial listing of materials in other languages

Member Care: 50 Years-50 Quotes (1964-2013)

Materials at Global MCA from different sectors and relevant for member care and mission/aid (see “Vol 2 Resources” and “Vol 2 Updates”)

Materials on Brigada (search “member care” and “books”,

(They get extra thanks for pointing their friends and readers to this last resource!!! :-) )

6) More Books/Resources on Understanding Islam

how-to-respond-muslimsI’m struck by the way Logos has created a learning system within its publishing platform. It’s a great way for missionaries to build a fantastic library at a decent price without buying those Rubbermaid “Tote” tubs. What’s more, one book that was $5 in print and $3.50 in Kindle edition (on Amazon) was just $2.25 in Logos’ marketplace. As always, it’s best to shop. About half the time, in my own comparisons, the Kindle edition would be cheaper, but Logos’ system was less expensive in other situations. See for yourself and do your own cost comparison at…

Either way, don’t forget that you can use coupon code BRIGADA5 at checkout to get 15% additional discount off the already-discounted price. (Disclaimer: They’ve said they’ll make a gift to Brigada as a result of these purchases. But what I don’t understand is — if they’re shaving off dollars from what Amazon charges, how will they have any money leftover to make a donation? Does this mean Amazon is becoming filthy rich? :-) Your choice as to whom you want to support. :-) )

4) Is there a Forum Specifically for Missions Mobilizers?

This past week, a Brigada participant asked if there was any specific online forum (other than Brigada, of course) specifically for Missions Mobilizers. We knew about the Catalyst e-zine at…

But we wondered if there was some kind of regular physical gathering, or at least a regular online get-together of mobilizers around the world. If there are, and if that’s public knowledge, would you use the comment box below to share more information about it please? Thanks!

4) Posts New Offerings

The elves at have been busy. You can download free mobile apps, sign up for the “Unreached People Group of the Day,” study stats, learn about a traveling exhibit called “The Wall of Unreached Peoples,” download prayer cards, study all their new cool maps, get a multi-lingual overview, and even download bulletin inserts, videos, and presentations. Do it all here, at JoshuaProject.

1) In Your Brigada Web-stocking: A Fast New Search Engine

Our new fast search engine...

Our new fast search engine…

This past week, we paid the piper to add Google’s custom search engine service at By doing so, we insured that your searches at would implement about 10 times faster. Check it out in the top-line menu or go directly to…

and try searching for ANYTHING in the Brigada archives from 1995 through this current edition. We think you’ll like the results. This faster Google-based search engine replaces the slower search engine we were running in the right side-bar.

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