1) Free Strategy Design Resource —

Wow. I’m serious. If you have anything to do with putting together plans to reach unreached peoples, RUN, don’t walk, to this site:

This Orville Boyd Jenkins dude has amassed a TON of resources for us. I’m thinking… who DOES this??? Where have you seen a broader stack of tools for learning about a country, a people, a worldview, and how to reach them???? (Thanks to Eric and Jeff for this tip.)

8) Help needed: Current Project of Digital Resource Libraries —

The Digital Bible Society (DBS) serve the Church around the world by collecting and distributing digital Bibles and Christian literature in their own languages.  These Treasure Libraries (TL’s) are then freely made available to individuals, churches, and mission agencies for distribution in every nation. DBS has completed Treasure Libraries in Chinese, Arabic, and Persian on digital media such as CD’s DVD’s, and SD chips to be used in a multitude of devices.  They are currently producing digital libraries for a number of languages, countries, and regions of the world.  To increase their value, DBS is actively seeking the help of churches, individuals and ministries representing these languages.  They need help to identify and collect digital materials and assistance in the production process.  This includes collecting content materials and permissions, small translation tasks, reviewing of libraries, networking, and distributing finished libraries.  Contact

hannesatdbsBibledotorg for a list of current targeted regions and needs.

Additional Information:


Forum of Bible Agencies:


Charisma News:


(Note: Some of these links will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying them and pasting them into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

3) Serving As Senders Today —

Emmaus Road International is pleased to announce the availability of the 20th anniversary, revised and expanded edition of the classic book on member care: Serving As Senders. First published in 1991, in 16 print runs, numerous custom editions and 18 translations, over 400,000 copies have ministered to missionaries and their caregivers, alike. Serving As Senders~Today clarifies and enhances the basic principles. Exciting new stories of how these Biblical principles work in local situations around the world have been added. To order your copy(ies), visit


If you are a missionary, do not pay by PayPal. Ask for an Invoice and note that you are a missionary.


Contacts for the translations are available at


(Note: These links will likely “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

8) The future of the global church is Open —

Did you know that releasing discipleship resources (like the Bible and training materials) from copyright restrictions using open licenses can greatly increase their usefulness to the global church? Find out more about what the “open” future of the global church is like by watching the short video at


Check out the Door43 project that puts this idea of “open” into practice.


Door43 is an open-access, web-based platform where anyone can join for free and work together with others to create, translate and distribute unrestricted discipleship resources in any language. You can think of it as something like “Wikipedia for discipleship resources” but with a strong focus on multimedia, oral cultures, mobile phone technology and quality control. Resources in Door43 can be legally used by anyone, for any ministry purpose, without needing to ask permission. You can help make this vision come true: “unrestricted discipleship resources, in every language, and on any mobile phone”.

2) “Go International” Invites You to Go with Them! —

Go International, a recent contributor to Brigada, has a great website at


They share lots of videos, simple “lessons learned,” and great opportunities. If you’re thinking about traveling overseas with your trade or skill, give them a look! (And thanks again for helping Brigada get the word out about unreached peoples & cities, cool tools to reach them, and much much more.

2) Create a Map Envelope —

Before you conclude that this is just really bizarre, you’ve got to try this one time. You see, here’s a service that will allow you to create an envelope which is lined with a Google map of any location you choose. (I told you you’d think it’s bizarre.) Just go to


then pick a location and message, print it, fold along dotted lines, stamp and mail. It’s a great visual way to connect with supporters! And your kids (or the kid in you) will love it. (Thanks to Heidi, who saw this tip in Reader’s Digest, June/July 2010, p 20.)

2) Free Member Care Resources that never mention “Missionaries” —

If you know people serving in sensitive areas, these books and brochures may be helpful to them. You can send your friends the link below, or you can download particular resources yourself and send those books or brochures as attachments.  This site is openly Christian and quotes Scripture, but it never uses words such as “missionary” or “missions.” The website has 9 books, each in the following formats: .pdf, .doc, .zip, .mobi (for Kindle) and, .epub (for other E-readers, such as Nook or Sony).  It also has 70 brochures, each available in the following formats: .pdf and .doc.  You can’t beat the price–everything is free.  Find it at…


(Hats off to GO International for making available these and other resources! GO International is also a great friend and partner of Brigada.)

5) Resources for Christians in Education —

Transforming Teachers has a large collection of articles, links and downloads in a variety of languages for Christian teachers who want to relate all of life and learning to God and His word. You can download a free copy of the Visual Valet: Personal assistant for Christian thinkers and teachers at


(Note: This URL will likely ‘wrap.’ You can try reassembling it, but if you have difficulty, just find it at the Brigada site, where you can click to your heart’s content.)


For permission to reprint the book, contact Harold at hklassenatteachbeyonddotorg .

1) Check out these publishing resources for missionaries —

Magazine Training International offers a series of manuals, audio courses, and DVD courses on publishing. These high-quality professional materials are written and produced for missionaries and Christians in the Developing World. Resources cover magazine editing, magazine design, magazine management/business, and writing for magazines. Although even full price is less than cost, they are available at half price for readers of this issue of Brigada. Click on this link for the special price:


MTI’s Web site also offers downloadable resources and tons of information for Christian publishers or would-be publishers. Check out the Web site at:


(Thanks, too, to Magazine Training International for the faith they showed by investing $50 in

3) Somebody Evidently Reads Brigada —

That’s what we’re hearing from Ron, who keeps careful track of his normal, everyday downloads, as well as what happens when he lists an item in Brigada. Here’s his unsolicited note, received April 29th:


“I told you I would let you know about how many books are downloaded at the end of three weeks, but I believe you will be interested in what happened yesterday–the first day after you sent Brigada Today late Tuesday evening.


“During the first 25 days of April people downloaded an average of 90 books each day (range was 45-154). Yesterday people downloaded 912 books!! (238 of them were Psychology for Missionaries, [the book Brigada featured]) … It really has a huge impact!”


Ron, thanks for taking time to write back and let us know your quantitative results — and may God keep on empowering you to offer up good stuff to the Brigada family on your site at…


Who knew that Brigada would bring him 10 times the normal “customers” at his site. But the truth is, Brigada readers know a great deal when they see it. The site sells itself. And it’s really rare to find such great stuff on missionary care — period — and the fact that it’s being offered for free is unbelievable. Great content on missionary marriage, third-culture kids, raising resilient MKs, reentry, reentry for MKs, reentry for short-termers — I’m tellin’ ya, the guy has something for everyone. Highly recommended.

8) Web Follow-up System for your Church or Ministry —

The Mentor Center is an online follow-up system developed by which offers two opportunities to your church or ministry:

– empowers members with the appropriate gifts to volunteer as spare-time home-based mentors, to advise (by email) inquirers from other websites, who have spiritual questions.

– also enables any church or ministry to add a Mentor Center response form to their website, and thereby offer online advice to inquirers, using either their own in-house volunteers, or TruthMedia’s wider team of volunteers. Check it out at…


(Thanks for this one also, Tony!)

4) Cool Tools to be Featured Thursday, Apr. 21 —

Here’s your last chance to add some “cool tools” to the list of resources to be offered by Doug and company when The Mission Exchange stages a special Brigada-edition on Apr. 21st. David Mays writes, “One of the most popular series ever to appear in the weekly e-zine, Brigada Today, is a set of ‘Cool Tools’ which, according to some, contained just the right mix of ‘gadget’ with reality. This webinar will build on the Brigada series, discussing tools and gadgets that can enhance your efficiency and productivity, beginning with the simple and moving toward James Bond.

Doug will consider the elementary to the complex, the obvious to the obscure, discussing some of the equipment he has found to leverage his time in travel, keeping in touch, remaining secure, reporting to donors, and raising up prayer. Items range from a journal, camera kit, and USB cell-phone charger, to software and personal sat-beacons.” So be there or be square. Let’s see if we can beat the record for the most participants ever in a David Mays webinar. Who knows! If we gather enough Brigiteers, David just might be guilted into making a contribution to Brigada once the webinar has concluded! :-) (That’s a dare, David!) Learn more — and/or register — at

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