7) Assess Your Agency’s Human Resource Department…

Next time you have a moment to improve on your mission’s H.R. Dept., why not follow up on a tip from Kelly and Michele O’Donnell. They wrote this past week to recommend a 25-point check-up from People in Aid:

(Note: This URL will wrap; if you have trouble reassembling it, just log onto Brigada and use the link there.)

By the way, if you’d like to create stronger H.R. *management*, the O’Donnell’s also recommended this tool from Management Sciences for Health (MSH).

(Thanks Kelly and Michele!)

9) Resources for Focusing on the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is the focal point of all Islam and there is a growing array of resources to encourage prayer for the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. Download Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula (PTAP) booklets at

Pray, view and/or use in worship any of the excellent 1-2 minute PTAP YouTube videos

Subscribe to receive weekly PTAP prayer requests at pray4ptapatgmaildotcom. Follow PTAP’s “Twitter” version of the prayer email at

10) EFL Workbooks for Christian Studies

These workbooks are designed for learners of English who need to improve their reading comprehension in order to perform effectively in Bible colleges and seminaries that require extensive reading in English. The intention is not to teach English, but to supplement classroom instruction with biblically contextualized passages and exercises. They are available as a download, to print and photocopy for personal or class use, but may not be reproduced for profit. Take a look at all of them at…

Comments or questions can be sent to Lyn at

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/stapletonlynatyahoodotcom_.bmp">title="stapletonlynatyahoodotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/stapletonlynatyahoodotcom_.bmp" alt="" />

(Thanks Lyn!)

7) Boat-load of Resources in Haitian Creole

Headed to Haiti to change a life? Leave a resource that will keep the wheels turning. Visit the page…

for a boat-load of resources in Haitian Creole, all provided by Brian W

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/haitiforchristatgmaildotcom_.jpg">title="haitiforchristatgmaildotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/haitiforchristatgmaildotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="205" height="20" />

Included are sources for complete Bibles, New Testaments, DVDs, childrens materials and tons more.

(Brian, thanks for your work and your willingness to share them unselfishly!)

8) Need Audio Gear? Share the Sound Would like to Help —

“Share the Sound” is currently working with a number of missionaries and missionary organizations to provide much-needed sound and pro audio equipment to aid missionaries in delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ. Certainly, the need exceeds the supply, but at a minimum, you’ll be talking to a mission that will work to understand your audio needs and care about meeting them. Learn more at…

5) Helpful [free!] Resources for Those Ministering to Muslims

Here’s a website created for expatriate and national believers who are ministering to Muslims in the Arab world.  It seeks to provide a comprehensive on-line database of information and critique of print and audio-visual resources for church planting ministry use.

An https version of the site is available by sending email to

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/infoatresource-internationaldotinfo_.jpg">title="infoatresource-internationaldotinfo" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/infoatresource-internationaldotinfo_.jpg" alt="" width="269" height="20" />

9) O’Donnells Recommend Free 50-page Resource in 6 Languages

The the O’Donnells recently featured, in the Culture and Diversity section of their “Member Caravan” website, several new materials that promote understanding, respect, and competency regarding human diversity and multicultural settings. One resource in particular that they recommended to us this past week is “Mental Health in a Changing World: The Impact of Culture and Diversity.” This 50-page resource is filled with core concepts and practical guidelines to help us better navigate the multicultural health care terrain.  It is available online for free in six languages and was developed in 2007 by the World Federation of Mental Health as part of its annual World Mental Health Day programs. See the Member Caravan website at…

12) The BackPage: What’s the most Useful Piece of Advice…?

As we begin 2010, what piece of advice would *you* say is most useful to missionaries, missionary recruits, agency staffers, and church missions committee participants? Just click on the comment box below. Here’s a list of sampler items that we might include:

*** Consider staging a Kairos encounter at your church or mission: Learn more at…

*** Check out the book, “Leading from the Sandbox,” by T.J. Addington, recommended to me by my good friend, Doug, from a sister missions agency. (Thanks Doug!) Learn more about this book at…

It’s all about managing the challenges.

*** Consider putting together a strategic plan for your agency, missions outreach, or ministry. Learn more about doing that at…

Besides sharing several cool resources for free, the above website also contains an online goal-setting service specifically geared toward non-profits … and another for churches.

What would be 3 from your own stack of “good advice” for 2010? To share them with the Brigada audience of 10,000 readers, just click in the Comment box below. And thanks for your help in making 2009 a great year for Brigada!

1) Check out This Mission and Prayer Database

Here’s an amateur ‘Mission and Prayer for the World’ Resources database, maintained by one amateur volunteer since 1999. Find it on the web at…

It contains a fantastic number of links… and the site has almost as much history as Brigada! (Besides — by the way, he even lists Brigada!) It just keeps going and going! Shew! :-) (The truth is: I’ve never seen a page with more links in all my life! :-) Bravo, Michael!)

6) World Hunger Fund Free Resources

worldhungerToday, October 11 has been designated as World Hunger Day. Learn more at…

or contact

title="deastridgeatgobgrdotorg" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/deastridgeatgobgrdotorgdotbmp" alt="deastridgeatgobgrdotorg" />

7) Etnopedia; Translation of Unreached People Profiles

etnopediaEtnopedia is an exciting new project involving Christians from around the world in the translation of unreached people profiles. You can translate, or help out with research. You can also request to add another portal so that you can translate people profiles into your own language! Visit the Etnopedia website

to find out how to get involved.

5) Short Term Mission Trip Bundles, etc., Available

saleCAM International is now offering Short Term Mission Trip Bundles (25% discount) for those taking short term missions trips to Spanish-Speaking areas. See link below. These resources will help reach and disciple Spanish-speakers worldwide. To place your order for these materials call 214-327-8971 or 1-800-620-9903 or email

src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/tiendaatobrerofieldotbmp" alt="tienda@obrerofiel" />

The full resource list can be found at – a ministry of CAM International. Click “flyer” to see the promotional flyer itself.

7) Free Mission Illustrations (Grab some. Share some.)

World Missions 101 is still growing with hundreds of illustrations. Its organizers are collecting mission quotes, illustrations, stories & resources for use by you and many others in mobilizing and motivating. All sources are footnoted. Feel free to use, promote, and/or add illustrations to this resource.andyrayner

Looks like you’re supposed to email Andy with the illustration at


15) Training Program For Literacy Evangelism

The Blind Spot in Christian missions — Literacy and Evangelism International is hosting International Literacy Training Institutes in Ghana, Guatemala, the Ivory Coast, and USA. Topics include Basic Literacy, developing Bible-content literacy materials in local languages, Evangelism through literacy, Discipleship through literacy, teaching English as a Second Language, how to train tutors, and how to run church-based literacy programs. If you are interested in this training, please visit

for the dates and further information or email

To comment on this item, simply click “Comment” below the item at …

11) The Backpage: A Missionary Care Resource Toolkit

Here is a Missionary Care Resource Toolkit list, as profiled by Ron at…

What we would like to know is… what additional resources could be added to this basic library? What, if anything, has Ron neglected to include? If you can think of items that you would add, please click “Comment” at the end of the web version of this entry. Let’s equip a new Member Care person with everything he/she would need for a basic start-up library and resource guide. And hats off to Ron for assembling this list! (Ron & Val are pictured at left)

– Hay’s REMAP update (2007) on Taylor’s classic (Too Valuable to Lose) on member care for missionaries available from William Carey Library

Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World (Globalization of Mission Series) – the newly updated (2002) manual for missionary member care available from William Carey Library. $19.95 plus shipping, 13.95 for 3 or more

Wycliffe Member Care and Counseling Resources CD – a huge collection of alphabetized subjects – you will need to contact Wycliffe Member Care for more information on this great resource

First Term Survival Guide – Ron Berrus put this booklet together as a primer for first term transition. This work was spawned by the careful review of 150 first term debriefing results and includes input from a score of seasoned veterans who have survived long term. for free PDF

Debriefing Handbook – Ron Berrus has put together a booklet outlining the various types and purposes of debriefings and suggested questions for each. for free PDF

– Neal Pirolo’s excellent guide for sending churches and support teams back home

The Missionary Care Team Manual – Brad Winkler’s booklet for building a sending church care team for their missionaries for free pdf

The Battle for Moral Purity – Ron’s Bible studies with compilation of articles from other authors for free pdf

First Steps in the Spiritual Disciplines – Ron Berrus’ introduction to the purposes and practices of eight spiritual disciplines. Good for individual or group studies. for free pdf

Key Qualities – Ron Berrus’ Bible study on 20 key character traits of mature believers. Good for small group and team studies. for free pdf

Five Essentials for Building Lasting Relationships – Ron Berrus’ primer on biblical principles for building relationships that last. Good for individual and group studies. for free pdf

Walk As He Walked & Coming Home – Transition to the Field Devotional Journal by Howard and Bonnie Lisech

E-books and Additional Recommended Resources
a) What Missionaries Ought to Know
b)Re-Entry Transitions
c)TCK’s and Adolescence
d)MK’s Re-Entry and more!

all available from

Recommended Top 5 Websites with additional Member Care resources — excellent for free e-books and other resources for care givers – this has a wealth of materials on an incredible array of topics — website with broad range of resources and info — organization that provides specialized care for missionaries — books on numerous topics related to member care — another website recommending websites and brochures on numerous topics (Evangelical Methodist/Asbury connection)

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