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14) The Last Bit: Do You Know a Premium Conference Center in Singapore?

…or really, anywhere near there? It’s that time again. Our org is looking for a great conference center for a global gathering. The question is — how do we discover it? There’s no one clearinghouse for these things. We usually need a main meeting room that would (perferably) seat 250. But we also need at least 6 breakout rooms as well. Plus a dining area for 250… and lots of sleeping rooms, too. (Maybe 75?) We love a “destination” place (beautiful ocean view? …mountains?) but it doesn’t have to be luxurious. It just needs to be clean and free from bugs. Do you know of a place like that in Singapore or anywhere nearby? Do you know of a directory that helps orgs like ours discover sites like these? If so, please click comment. We’d be very grateful!!!


9) Malenovice: A Great Place to Stage Your Next Retreat

Our org just staged an event at Malenovice, a retreat center in Czech operated by Josiah Venture. They don’t know yet that we’re mentioning their retreat center in Brigada. But the truth is — it was a great site. In fact, for groups of up to 100 adults or so, it would be perfect. Because our event grew to double that size, we had to involve additional properties for overflow housing. We also had to double-shift our meal times. But if your group will max out at 100 or so (or less), Malenovice would be perfect. It’s affordable, the staff are incredibly servant-hearted, the facilities are top-class clean (no bugs), and the setting is amazing ( Learn more at…


3) Looking for a Place to Get Away from it All after Going Far?

Perhaps you’ve found it here. EdenRidge, a missionary-focused retreat and vacation destination located in East Tennessee, is pleased to announce the opening of the Goodness Studio this spring. This new smaller guest facility will complement the ministry’s larger five cabins. EdenRidge is also excited to begin construction this summer of the Welcome Center, a game-changing 5,000 square-foot facility. To learn more about EdenRidge and to make reservations, please visit

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