8) Missio Nexus to Sponsor 24-hour Event: "Risk Decision Making"

If you’re a leader and you’ve wondered how you’ll make decisions regarding risk analysis and crisis preparedness, this workshop is for you. The 24-hour gathering will examine in-depth the issues and challenges in the emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual preparation all staff need when facing global conflict. They’ll help you grapple with questions like, “How do we get all staff, not just “security” staff, to be more effective decision-makers in risk?

How do leaders apply risk assessment theory and know what to do to improve individual, team, and organizational decision making in cross-cultural risk? How do we assess staff in risk and what biases may be operating in their decision making? When facing overwhelming uncertainty, how do we know when we have enough information?” If these questions sound interesting, run, don’t walk, to …




to learn more and sign up for this May 9-10 event in Minneapolis.

4) Discover How Much Danger You’re In with this Color-coded Map

Each country is color-coded on this map by controlrisks.com — and some countries are even subdivided because certain portions are more dangerous than others. We’re not suggesting that you should evacuate today or anything. But the general guidelines might help you be sobered into taking great care with your personal daily practices in one or more of these troubling lands. See the map at…




(And thanks, Justin, for finding this, then bubbling it up to us!)

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