12) 40-50% Tuition Discount for MA in Abrahamic Studies

Prepare to work cross-culturally, professionally, or academically in Abrahamic (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) communities and organizations. Apprehend the basic concepts and theories of these global cultures through a focus on the monotheism of Abraham and the implications of his life, activity, and faith on three major world religions. Expose blind spots and build bridges of communication and cooperation through respectful understanding of each community’s history, language, culture, literature, beliefs, practices, traditions and way of life.


The Abraham Center at Dallas International University offers a 40% tuition discount for the only accredited MA in Abrahamic Studies in the USA. International students receive 50% tuition discount for Distance Education courses from the Abraham Center. Check out the details at:


9) How Do Third-Culture Kids (TCK’s) Get Scholarships?

college-kidsThat’s the question that at least one missionary kid (‘MK’) care coordinator is asking of Brigada today. Suppose a TCK/MK has spent his or her entire life overseas. When he/she gets ready to head or college, is there a resource or website or service that helps connect prospective college students with scholarship money? … or must these blessed children, who have already sacrificed so much being away from family and friends, also now sacrifice when attending university back in their homeland? Sadness. If you have insights… or if you have navigated those difficult waters, please click to the web version of this item and give your best advice in the Comments. Thanks in advance if you can help! (And thanks, Penny, for the question!)

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