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  1. PRAY FOR MUSLIMS YOU LOVE — Ramadan has begun. Now you can observe the fast by praying for the Muslims that you have come to love. Just send an empty email to <pray-onat30-daysdotnet> or log on at .

    30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus calls all Christians to pray for all Muslims during Ramadan, 06 November – 05 December 2002. </pray-onat30-daysdotnet>

  2. USE THIS FREE ONLINE PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION! — Looking for a free alternative to team project management? Look no further than is a free, online, web-based team project management application that you use with your web browser. Once a project is created, users assign tasks to team members who are then solely responsible for that task. Each member can, in turn, convert the task to a sub-project to break it down to more detailed steps or for delegating to an extended team. An integral part to the system is email notification. Each team member as well as the project manager has great flexibility in controlling the flow of email. The team can receive a list of outstanding and upcoming tasks as often as daily. Project managers can receive notification of task completion as well as other task management duties. One Brigada user wrote, “Our team has been using this new free method for goal/project management for almost two months now and has really been impressed. As with all free things, it may not have everything, but it has surprisingly more features than you might expect for a freebie service. One great item is that you can have your upcoming Personal Ministry Plan items emailed to you one to seven days of the week. One bad draw however is that it is all online. So, it would work mainly for those who have always on/available internet access. Visit their site at (Thanks for the treasure-trove find, Matt!!! Great discovery! I looked up their PC Magazine review and they received *very* positive marks. Can’t believe we hadn’t announced it here before now! Well done.)

  3. PEOPLE ON THE MOVE (THE BOOK) — With nearly 500 pages (including tons of footnotes and other reference documentation), _People on the Move_ is perhaps the definitive book on nomadic life and its impact on Christianity… as well as Christianity’s impact on nomads. Written by David Phillips, a well-traveled researcher with WEC, this $20 book will be your “best buy” to learn about those who travel — as a way of life. As for me, I immediately turned to the section on East Africa, since our mission is starting up a work among a nomadic people in that part of the world. I was surprised to see just how many other nomadic peoples make up that vast part of the world. You’ll find new treasures too. Order from: Gabriel Resources 129 Mobilization Drive PO Box 1047, Waynesboro, Georgia30830-2047, or call them toll-free in the USA at 8-MORE-BOOKS or email <salesatomlitdotomdotorg>. </salesatomlitdotomdotorg>

  4. MISSIONS TEACHING OPPORTUNITY — Joy Christian Academy needs mission teachers and an administrator for their Elementary and Secondary levels in Cebu City, Philippines. Joy Christian Academy educates missionary and international children K-8 and, with plans to expand to high school, they’re a school “on the move.” All they need is additional staff. For more information contact Les Tilka at <clfcebuatinamedotcom>. </clfcebuatinamedotcom>

  5. ARE YOU WORKING IN A “SENSITIVE” COUNTRY? – Have you been diligent to observe a high level of security in all of your correspondence? If so, then you might be very surprised to find your name prominently listed as a “missionary” in that country on more than one web site! Do a web search using your full name (enclose it in quotes to limit the results). If that returns too many irrelevant hits, try including your current and past organizational affiliations in the search phrase. Depending on the sensitivity of your situation you might need to write to several webmasters asking them to remove your name from their site. Even though we might be sure that our motives are pure and noble, our host nation might misunderstand our intentions and consider us unwelcome, then act to prevent future stays in their land… or worse. A word to the wise… (Thanks to the user, who wanted to remain anonymous, for this admonition.)

  6. ESL CHILDREN’S SERMONS WANTED — Here’s a ministry looking for a website with online sermons suitable for children who speak English as a second language. The ministry would like expository sermons that go through a Bible passage (like Nicodemus), applying it to the child’s life. If you know of a source, please e-mail <titanicenglishatyahoodotcom>. We’ll ask for a report from them when they’ve gathered some options. Thanks! </titanicenglishatyahoodotcom>

  7. INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT — IFCD is about to start up in South Asia. The 12-week lecture phase is designed to prepare you to minister in disadvantaged communities which desperately need the Good News in Word and Deed! Topics include Group Dynamics, Biblical Basis for Community Development ministry, Biblical World View and Development, the Church in Development, Basic Appropriate Technology and Primary Health Care, Income Generation and Economic Development, Cross-cultural issues… Field assignment and internship options post-lecture phase. Focus – South Asia and Afghanistan. Costs range from US$1200 to $250, depending on your citizenship (Western nations pay more). Pune, India, is the training location. You must have already completed U of Nations/YWAM Discipleship Training School or CDTS and you must have a heart for the poor and needy. Sessions begin on January 27th 2003. For more information, contact <comdevcentreatcompuservedotcom>. </comdevcentreatcompuservedotcom>

  8. GET YOUR TESOL TRAINING — Here’s a five week intensive TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course in the Southern Philippines. It will include a student teaching practicum among Muslim students at a local university. The course dates are April 7 to May 9 2003. The cost is only $500 U.S. which includes board, lodging, books and resources, teacher’s fees and registration. (You pay your own air fare). The cost for Philippine citizens is P15,000 (Pesos). The course will equip you as a certified TESOL teacher and a certificate will be awarded for the course. It combines the academic with the practical. For more information contact Melody Kuka at <kzkukaatjmfdotorgdotph>. </kzkukaatjmfdotorgdotph>

  9. PERSPECTIVES ON-LINE — No Perspectives course in your area? Try Perspectives On-Line, a joint project between International Christian Ministries and the US Center for World Mission. The On-Line course can be taken for Certificate, BA and Graduate credit. The course meets the prerequisite for Perspectives Coordinator training. For more information go to: and then click on “Perspectives Course” and then on “Perspectives Online”. (You must be able to connect to the Internet to participate, of course).

  10. EBAY BUYS PAYPAL, REFERRALS STILL WORK! — Remember PayPal, the Internet payment service? In the past, there were times when users would complain about poor management. If you don’t believe that, just look at: . I just love passionate people. :-) As you’ll see there, some didn’t feel fairly treated. But many others … perhaps the majority … have used the service effectively. For example, I’ve been a PayPal user now for literally years and have yet to have a single problem with them. And now they’ve been bought by eBay, which should only help their management and customer orientation. They’ve added multiple currencies and are becoming more of an international service. You still have to have an email address… and to use the service effectively, you probably still should have a USA-based bank account… but if those are possibilities for you, PayPal might be just the thing for your Internet payment or exchange. At Team Expansion, we even use it for donors who would like to give gifts to us over the web. Without exception, all of those gifts have always come through. And now, they even offer a money market option for the money you keep on hand with them. As in every Internet service, I’d suggest you be conservative and wise. Don’t keep large sums of money in your PayPal account if that makes you feel uncomfortable. But with eBay now backing them, they’re not about to go away anytime soon. If you’d like to join PayPal, and if you have an email account, a verifiable bank account, and $250 to deposit to just kick off your PayPal account, they’ll give you $5 just for joining… (so your money will immediately become $255), and what’s more, they’ll give Brigada $5 for recommending you. It’s a great way to donate to Brigada without ever having to give up a single dime. (You can always just withdraw your $255 immediately after starting your account and your PayPal membership stays in force without any “minimum balance”.) Just click on the link below to get started. It’s relatively easy:
    (By the way, you can also use this same link to make a donation to Brigada at this very moment, using any valid credit card.) Check out that currency conversion feature! Thanks for being a part of Brigada!


20011118 Brigada Today

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1) DON’T GIVE UP ON JOSHUA PROJECT II — If you thought they had disappeared, think again. Don’t give up on Joshua Project II. True — their funding is in question . . . but their website is alive and well…

And they don’t appear to be at *all* ready to give up. :-) Keep up the good work Dan and company!!!


2) MORE ABOUT THAT NOV. 4TH RALLY IN INDIA — Thanks to Justin, who pointed us to all the more information on the Dalits, that group in India who was reportedly considering converting in mass to Christianity:

There are 16 articles, including internal Indian Christian leadership commentary on the event, as well as articles published “before” and “after”. And Justin promised there’d be more to come. (Thanks Justin!)


3) LEARN TO TEACH ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE — Join YWAM Montana for a TESOL course that will certify you through the Australian Qualifications Board as well as give you accreditation through the University of the Nations, Hawaii. The course runs from January 7, 2002 through February 1, 2002. The course instructor is Kim Greig from Australia. Kim has been involved in teaching English since 1994 and has led TESOL courses in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Jordan and Singapore. For information write to Julie Smude, TESOL Coordinator at <tesolatywammtdotorg> or download an application at </tesolatywammtdotorg> . You may apply for this course through December 14, 2001.


4) DEVELOP THE SKILLS NEEDED TO UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET CULTURE — Here’s a three-week intensive course designed to teach missionaries how to become students of the culture to which they will go plus give them the practical and theoretical tools needed for strategic ministry in that cross-cultural context. The course moves beyond principles to skill development as the student learns how to discover the structure and organization necessary for successful ministry that already exist within the target culture and then to adapt their plans to these existing systems. The course is taught by Dr. Richard Lewis at the Center for Intercultural Training in NC from Jan. 14-Feb. 1, 2002. For more info email <citmailatcit-onlinedotorg> or in the USA or via Net2Phone call 800.887.1786 or browse to . </citmailatcit-onlinedotorg>


5) CORRESPONDENCE GUIDELINES FOR SENSITIVE COUNTRIES — Does anyone have a brief list of guidelines to follow when corresponding (email or snail mail) with missionaries in closed/restricted access countries? Lifewater International is looking for suggestions to share with their volunteers and would appreciate tips and or suggestions from organizations and people in the field who have already worked this out. Please contact Trudy at <trudyatlifewaterdotorg> if you can help. Check out . We’ll ask Lifewater to send us a summary when completed. Thanks. </trudyatlifewaterdotorg>


6) A PLACE TO START TO FIND FILMS — Okay… So even though

isn’t *exactly* what we were looking for to find old Christian films, at least it’s a start. (See Item #3, “HOW DOES ONE LOCATE EXISTING GOSPEL FILMS?” in the Nov. 16th issue of Brigada Today.) They have reviews of numerous Christian and secular films, both recent and older, with a constantly expanding listing. The site organizers have many contacts in the Christian film industry (and have personally been involved as an organization in Christian film since the 1950s), so you could also drop them an email c/o <spotlightatedendotorg> to explore unanswerables. (Thanks Tim, for your ministry and service!!) You could also search: </spotlightatedendotorg>

There you’ll find a search engine feature for video titles. Also try . Thanks Ken!


7) STUFF YOUR STOCKINGS WITH A FUNNY MISSIONS BOOK — “Siberian Shivers” is a collection of true anecdotes told by Bill Harris, a missionary serving in Siberia. Each story is humorously told, then wrapped up with insights of practical use to newcomers to the foreign scene–whether or not they are headed for cold climes. Here is an entertaining way to get a real eye opener to culture shock issues sure to be faced in any culture. Order Siberian Shivers in time for Christmas! You can read the first story “Uaz Adventure” for free by going to:

or order immediately by writing to: <>. Don’t miss the Christmas special: $10 for your first copy; $8 for the second up to infinity! It’s never been cooler.


8) THE TALKING BIBLE FOR NON-READERS — Folks at Audio Scriptures International (ASI) in Escondido, California are praising God for their success in creating what they dub the world’s first “Talking Bible.” The Talking Bible is the brainchild of ASI’s President, Mark Hoekstra. This patented listening device looks like a Bible, is the size of a Gideon Bible and costs about what people pay for a printed Bible. The Talking Bible has an entire, translated New Testament in a desired language sealed inside. Combining high tech sound programs in the computer with the low tech of the analog cassette makes this revolutionary listening device possible. The first four thousand Talking Bibles have been manufactured in India. The first languages are Tamil and Telegu and are being used in the Adopt-A-Village Bible listening program there. Twenty thousand units are also being manufactured in China. In their enthusiasm for the Talking Bible, ASI is saying that, as a starter, all printed translations of the New Testament should be made available in audio for non-readers as Talking Bibles. They are saying that the ease with which Talking Bibles can be produced and their relatively low cost puts such a goal within reach. ASI is saying that it seems unthinkable that this would not be done when one considers the enormous cost and effort required to translate a New Testament into another language. Dr. Harvey Hoekstra, founder of ASI says, “The advent of the Talking Bible makes doable what was once only a distant dream. The Talking Bible will give non-readers the same opportunity to HEAR God’s Word by listening as anyone has who reads!” For more information check out ASI’s website: or email: <asi-caatxcdotorg>. </asi-caatxcdotorg>



[Note: Doug sent the following letter to all Team Expansion workers

on Thanksgiving Day. Here, we’ve changed only the verb tense to

reflect the fact that it’s now history.]

Though Thanksgiving Day is largely celebrated only by those of us from the USA, my impression is that much of the rest of the world at least identifies with it in principle. The idea is simple — to pause at least on Thanksgiving Day, as a nation, to give thanks for the way God has brought us all through hard times. Here in Louisville, Thanksgiving Day struck a very special chord in America’s heart. In the morning paper, one editorial spoke about “the New Normalcy”, referring to a newfound set of values this holiday season. Instead of focusing on glitter, gold, and glitz… the nation’s families were zeroing in on things that maybe matter more… like family, friends, and the value of life itself.

It is said that on that first Thanksgiving Day, a native American named Squanto helped newly-arrived Pilgrims make it through the season. The year was 1621 and Pilgrims were having a pretty tough time making a go of it in this new land. Squanto stepped in, acting as an interpreter, helping piece together a treaty between the Pilgrim settlers and Chief Massasoit. Interestingly enough, historians now tell us that Squanto had been kidnapped by Capt. Thomas Hunt in 1615, lived in England, and returned (1619) to North America with Capt. Thomas Dermer. So within a short space of only 4 years, Squanto had somehow managed to transform the feeling of hurt and betrayal (being kidnapped by one of these new European interlopers) into an unselfish life-risking effort that involved helping the very people who had previously sought to take advantage of him. He taught them to plant, fish, and love the land they had come to pillage. Little did he know that an even sadder fate awaited him in the wings. Just a short time later, while acting as a guide and interpreter on William Bradford’s expedition around Cape Cod, he contracted smallpox and died. In the end, he had paid the ultimate price to assist these pilgrims from another land.

I can think of several lessons after hearing such an awesome story of self-sacrifice. From one perspective, I think of you. You’re a modern-day Squanto. You’re out there putting yourself in harm’s way, leaving friends and family (often most obvious on a day like today), in hopes of helping pilgrims from other lands find new honor in values that they’d never before imagined. We know, from personal experience, that those values are worth living for. In fact, probably we’d be willing to give our very lives for those values. I think about the 8 Christian foreign aid workers recently released from Taliban captors. One of our own team members here in Louisville at Team Expansion knew several of them personally and even stayed over night with one of them on a recent visit to Central Asia. Now *those* 8 Squantos had something to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day, eh?

But I can also think of another perspective. There are those modern-day cross-cultural Squantos that many of us have experienced… those blessed souls who have helped us find local markets and renew our paperwork in the downtown offices. They’ve taught us local language and introduced us to their friends, who in turn have helped us accomplish more than we could have ever hoped to do by ourselves. They’ve paved the way for us … even though at times it has meant suffering for them. They’ve sometimes had to put their own personal career plans on hold. And what about the dozen or so Afghans arrested for helping those 8 Shelter Now aid workers in Kabul? They nearly lost their lives. (Today we give thanks that the latest news is that every single one has found freedom today, thanks largely to the incredible efforts of our men and women in uniform… combined with Northern Alliance freedom fighters.) Down through the years, I’ve given thanks for Squanto-like friends… I remember “Never” and “Amilcar & Charro” in Uruguay, …. “Tanya”, “Vlad”, and “Costia” in Kherson, …. and many many more… all the way up through even the last 24 hours, when a new Squanto is helping us get started in Afghanistan at this very moment.

Finally, there is the most obvious and life-changing Squanto of all — Jesus Christ. He, too, came to our assistance as we tried to learn to navigate the waters of this new land. He taught us a “New Normalcy”… new values, new truth, and a new love . . . .to find new life. Is there any higher purpose? Can you think of any higher values? Can you ever imagine any higher reason to live? The funny thing is that, like Squanto, helping pilgrims ended up costing him his very life. For Squanto, though, it was a tragic ending. But in Jesus’ case, it was an incredibly ironic *beginning*. Satan thought he was doing the ultimate evil terrorist act. What a surprise it must have been … an incredibly shocking surprise… when Jesus raised from the dead. Satan’s work will never be the same. His powers on this planet were forever altered … forever weakened… and in the end, forever destroyed.

The events of September 11th have, for our nation . . . and indeed for a world-full of people with civilized motives . . . galvanized our thoughts and values. If before, we were even tempted to yearn for glitter, gold, and glitz, people *everywhere* now see that it’s all going to perish in the end. It might be later… but it could also be much sooner than anyone thought. Our understanding of our own vulnerability is forever changed. Sales of Bibles and Christian books have skyrocketed. Publishers can’t even keep up. Meanwhile, bicycle manufacturers are backlogged this Christmas with inventories they can’t even imagine. Though terrorists meant this ugly deed for evil, it has instead brought about a) their own undoing, b) our own value-renewal, and c) a near-global awakening in spiritual things.

So… we have a lot to be thankful for. There is no greater love than that of a man willing to lay down his life for his friends. Squanto knew it. His name became a legend. Jesus knew it. In one final act of love, he changed eternal destinies. And today, in my prayers for you and all of those in our global family, I’m going to thank God for our modern-day Squantos… people like you… this very Thanksgiving Day!

Be careful out there. Helping those modern-day pilgrims is risky business… a bit like a jungle!


PS. Ironically, as I was proof-reading this note on Thanksgiving Day, the Radio City Rockettes came through Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Talk about glitter, gold, and glitz. Okay… so maybe some things never change. :-) Back to reality. :-)

20010826 Brigada Today

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cd-rom You’ve heard about the new edition of Patrick Johnstone’s incredible Operation World… well, the CD-ROM version created by GMI gives you an incredible view of the data… electronically! It contains the full (English language) text, as well as all maps, charts, and tables from the book; the huge Operation World research database (the same database Patrick and Jason used to create Operation World); the latest country profile information from the World Factbook; and related Web links for every country. The CD is designed as a sophisticated Web site, and runs on both Windows and Mac. It is available at the incredibly low price of $17.99 (plus shipping and tax) from GMI. More information is available on the Web at or contact Lorri infoatgmidotorg  (infoatgmidotorg)   or by telephone: 719-531-3599 ext. 599 or by fax: 719-548-7459.


I remember the very first Operation World I saw… way back in 1981 or so, I believe, and wow was I bowled over by the research and the care that Patrick Johnstone had invested in the data. Well guess what — that hasn’t changed a bit. Sure… maybe there’s more raw data in one of the big encyclopedic works on missions… but then… this one doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either. And what’s more, I actually think there’s more practical material here than there is in the big books anyway.


Now you don’t have to carry around the big Operation World book any more! Just leave the CD in your laptop and go! Until now, my “default” CD (the one I leave in my laptop most of the time) has been Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002. Not so anymore. Now the Encarta CD will travel in the CD carrier pouch in my briefcase. The CD slot in my laptop will now carry Op. World. Hands down.


Suppose you’re a dedicated pray-er. When you get up each morning, just hit “Start|Programs|Operation World 2001”. When the CD opens, it’ll already be focused on the prayer request data for the particular day you open it! Click on the Summary to get the big picture, or get close-ups of the Geography, Peoples, Economy, Politics, Religion, and Challenges for Prayer. We’re all familiar with the Op. World prayer approach… one country per day… but this CD makes it so much more useful — and lightweight! :-)


You’re in luck. It’s loaded! As mentioned above, you get the same database files that Patrick and company used to make the book! I mean… it’s like having the international census information at your fingertips. Plus, I think they must have enclosed the entire CIA Factbook for each country too. So on your next trip to Michigan, take along a friend to drive . . . and you read CIA reference material for Portugal — or whatever.


It gets even more interesting if you’re a missions mobilizer. Get this — Patrick and the GMI folks have given you permission in advance to utilize these resources in your newsletter or website (within reason; you can’t charge more than actual cost of production… and it’s a limited use policy; read the details on the CD). Can you imagine? They’ve thrown the whole “let’s make as much money as we can” thing out the window and shared their years of labor with the world! I love it! So you’ve got maps and charts, big and small — plus links to the Operation World website!


Now the really interesting part. When GMI wrote the interface with the CD, they integrated the CD with the web site in an incredibly close fashion. (In fact, sometimes I forget which one I’m viewing!) And users can add links to the website interactively!!! (They point the user to the website in tons of places.) The authors also point the user to tons of other external sites too, including the site for the particular mission organization that is being described at the time. And using the web form, it’s really easy to send in errata.


They’ve covered it. Rather than feature specifics, when talking about sensitive places, they use general principles and general examples rather than specific ones with known names or streets. And yet… every mission agency in the world must be listed in the directory.


book No problem. You can even order it on the webpage for Operation World!!! Or get it at your local Christian bookstore. Otherwise, pick up a copy for $17.99 (672 pages, ISBN 1850783578) by calling (in the USA or via Net2Phone) 800-328-6109 or emailing csatbethanyhousedotcom  (csatbethanyhousedotcom)  . (As always, Brigada cannot recommend sending credit card information via email. Fax it or mail it, use PayPal or a secure webpage, but never email your credit card numbers.)

20010513 Brigada Today

In this issue….



books Bill Berry is pulling out the stops to offer some partially dated stock at rock bottom pricing. Get “Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations”, by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor, for half-price in case lots of 38 copies for just $4.00/copy + shipping charges. “The Short-Term Mission Handbook” (288 pages, 1992 edition, $10 cover price) has dropped to $1/copy, plus UPS charges (same as above). Get Into All The World, 2001 Edition in case lots of 50 copies for $25/case (includes UPS charges). For more information, write Bill Bberry4215ataoldotcom  (Bberry4215ataoldotcom)   or call 626-798-8582 or fax 626-798-2712.


“What Color Is Jesus? How Can We Present Jesus to a New Culture without Bringing Our Own?” is a key article from David Learner, published in Mission Frontiers: (Thanks Tony!)


praying hands On June 15 and 16, 2001 in the Twin Cities (MN) South Asian Resources will host its first Prayer Conference for South Asian Hindus and Muslims in North America and the unreached peoples of South Asia. All believers burdened for these peoples are welcome. With increasingly large numbers of South Asian professionals, immigrants, students and tourists coming to North America we need to pray for the Lord to open their minds to His light and to open the hearts of the North American church to welcome them. No registration fee but please register with PrayeratSouthAsianResourcesdotcom  (PrayeratSouthAsianResourcesdotcom)  . For details call 651-426-4687 (Central Time).


If you speak standard native English, you are already equipped with the skills needed to teach English all over the world. All you need in addition to those skills is a love for people of other cultures, a little appetite for adventure, a measure of flexibility, and a short, six-week course to train you in teaching methodology. Then you can effectively help others learn English or improve their English ability. Try out the Tesol School from June 15- July 27th, 2001, Henan Province, China. Click to: or email tesol2001athotmaildotcom  (tesol2001athotmaildotcom)  .


Just as a surfer needs to learn to read the waves, we need to learn to read the ‘waves’ God sends our way. In the providence of God, we are in the midst of a huge technology wave that may come roaring down on top of us if we are not prepared. Bob L has prepared and article about “Globalization and Its Challenges for Christian Media” You can read it now on or download it to read on your PalmOs platform! (There are also three more free books for your PDA on


Traveling overseas seems to “up the odds” that you’ll be pick-pocketed. What do you do if your wallet is stolen? As everyone always advises, cancel your credit cards immediately. To do that, you’ll need all those toll free numbers and your card numbers. So write them down somewhere in advance — and not just in your wallet, silly. :-) File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where it was stolen, so you can prove to credit providers that you were diligent. If you’re from the USA, call (or have someone in the USA call) the three national credit reporting organizations immediately to place a fraud alert on your name and SS# — to keep your credit clean. The numbers for the credit bureaus are: Equifax 800-525-6285; Experian (formerly TRW) 888-397-3742; Trans Union 800-680-7289. Again, if you’re from the USA, you might also call the Social Security Administration at 800-269-0271. (Thanks Alan!)


graduation cap A two-month full-time missions school will be conducted from July 9th-August 31st in Hampton, Virginia. USA. The sixteen courses include Cross-Cultural Communications & Church Planting; Urban Missions; Animism; Missions Strategy; Cultural Anthropology; Servant Evangelism and World Religions. Learn from experienced missionaries and leaders how to fulfill your mission call both around the block and around the world. For more information phone Greg Baust at Global Ministry Teams on 757-868-1269 or by e-mail at gregbaustathotmaildotcom  (gregbaustathotmaildotcom)  .


graduation cap A bilingual French English Discipleship Training School is being offered September 23rd 2001 to February 22nd 2002 by Youth With a Mission in Dunham, Quebec. Experience French culture and language during the 3-month intensive lecture phase followed by two months of international outreach. You will be exposed to French language speakers from a variety of backgrounds — Europe, Quebec and Africa. Experience ‘missionary’ meals too! Cost is $3000 Cdn, not including airfare. (Approximately $2000US depending on current rate of exchange). For more information contact jemdunhamatendirectdotqcdotca  (jemdunhamatendirectdotqcdotca)   or check it out on the web at:


“Worldscope from the field” offers a free monthly e-zine dedicated to showing people “a window into the church around the world.” Don’t miss this month’s coverage of MAF is Lesotho. Visit Worldscope’s web site at to subscribe and to find out how to contribute articles and/or photos to share a story from your corner of the globe. You may also subscribe by sending an e-mail entitled “subscribe” to wsfromthefieldataoldotcom  (wsfromthefieldataoldotcom)  . Please note that you will receive the free monthly e-zine as an attachment of about 0.9 M.


Bible Now the Spanish NT is available for free on the internet! An audio recording of the Spanish New Testament has been released on the internet at in the popular mp3 audio format. The narration was recorded and donated to the net by Bethel Temple Assembly of God in Hampton, Virginia. The audio files of the Reina Valera edicion 2000 can be freely copied and distributed for non-commercial use. The site plans to offer the entire Spanish Bible in mp3 audio and windows media formats by early next year.


Dan is doing a doctoral project on ministry to English-speaking expatriates living abroad. He is also the pastor of the International Christian Fellowship of Caracas. It seems that little has been written about this strategic ministry in the mega cities of the world. If you have any leads on books or articles on the subject, contact him at icfmissionatcantvdotnet  (icfmissionatcantvdotnet)  . He’ll put together a report to distribute as an autoresponder from Brigada.


books and pen Is it just my imagination, or is the silence beginning to roar? Maybe I’m not as “plugged in” as I need to be. (That’s hard to imagine with the quantity of emails I receive.) Maybe this is just a “lull” before more storms. Either way, it just doesn’t seem that there is as much mobilization for missions going on these days. Where are the big prayer pushes, … the big promotions, … the new books on unreached peoples. Yes… there’s an occasional CD, and… Operation World is coming… but for now,… if I’m not mistaken, we seem to be in a strange kind of muted silence, don’t we? Maybe that’s okay. Maybe 1995 – 2000 was actually too much glitz and glamour. Maybe the better part of valor is the discretion of pulling together new mission teams through patient and intentional step-by-step efforts. Time will tell. As for our own mission, I’ll have to admit — we have the biggest response ever to our summer internship program (80 summer interns compared to a previous “high” of 50 or so annually since 1984). So … I shouldn’t complain. Still… it’s silent enough to make me wonder… Was it just the new millennium… or did we just experience a ripple in the mobilization sine wave?

What’s happening where you sit? Send us your opinion. Write DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg  (DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg)   — with subject line: ” SILENT SPRING


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