4) Be Equipped To Engage With Other Worldviews

ywamEquip2Go is a one week seminar running in Perth, Australia, which will help you maximize your outreach with the knowledge and resources to share the gospel cross-culturally. The seminar will help you to understand the progress of missions in the world today, and to identify areas of greatest need. You will then be introduced to practical methods for sharing the gospel with Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, including the use of media, arts, and cutting-edge digital technologies. From relationship building to using mobile and internet-based tools, the heart is to see participants increase in effectiveness in reaching unreached peoples. Find more information and apply online at

6) Art of Story Seminar in Paris on July 30

Join Visual Story Network for a one-day seminar and learn from experts on how Story can improve the effectiveness of your ministry and the visual content you create. If you are a ministry leader or a Christian involved in visual content creation you know that the body of Christ must learn the art of Story as it relates to evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Short (15-20 minute) talks, given by experts in Story, will inform and inspire you. Register here:

The seminar will be on July 30, from 9am- 6:30pm at American Church, 65 quay d’Orsay, 75007 Paris, France. Visual Story Network is a coalition of 200 organizations and 1300 visual communicators working to expand a global movement of visual story so everyone has the opportunity to encounter Jesus and His kingdom.

6) Speaker & seminar on Muslim-Christian engagement

John, an expert in Islam, world religions, dialogue, religious diplomacy, and peacemaking, is available for seminars in churches and other venues on Muslim-Christian engagement in the way of Jesus and other topics. He is the editor of a Christianity Today award-winning book on mission and evangelism, and a leader in Evangelical missions and dialogue. For more information visit or

You can also arrange for a presentation by contacting him by phone at (801) 643-6983.

10) Attend a “Sharing Hope in Crisis Seminar”

It’s scheduled at “The Cove,” which I understand is a really beautiful place to learn. I think it’s part of the legacy of Bill Graham’s ministry. The conference itself is Feb. 9th. It’s designed to prepare you how to provide emotional and spiritual care for those who are in times of trouble. You’ll develop tools for crisis ministry team in your church and with those at home or abroad who are going through disasters of all kinds. Learn more at…

There are other dates available if you can’t make the one in February.

8) Muslim Connexion is Coming to Beaverton, Oregon

Increasing parcels of land in the Beaverton area are being purchased to build Mosques. Muslims are coming to America with the intent to share their Islamic faith with their neighbors and friends. Do you know how to share your faith with them? Mission ConneXion Northwest 2012 plenary speaker Fouad Masri is coming to Beaverton to teach you how. As founder of Crescent Project, a ministry whose mission is to inspire, equip and serve the church to reach Muslims with the gospel of Christ for the glory of God, Fouad will give you the tools you need to feel confident in sharing your faith through their Bridges One-Day seminar. The event starts on Friday, October 26 from 5:00 9:00 PM, and again Saturday October 27 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For more information, go to…

1) “Leading a World Missions Church” Seminar —

With 7 billion people now living on earth, what can churches do to most effectively reach them with the gospel? The “Leading a World Missions Church (LAWMC)” seminar is designed to help the local church do what it has been commissioned to do, strategically and significantly. This 2-day seminar will emphasize the responsibility of the local church in world missions and provide practical suggestions for implementing a church strategy, strategically selecting locations, proactively selecting missionaries, significantly supporting in finances and missionary care, educating the church through missions conferences, planning and leading short term missions trips, and much more. It’s designed for pastors, lay leaders, agency representatives, and everybody else and will take place May 7-8, 2011 at Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA. Register and learn more at


or email


7) “Mission Field at Your Doorstep” —

OMF International has designed this seminar to “Unlock the East Asian Diaspora.” Hear Carolyn Kemp and David Sorteberg  (OMF International Directors of Diaspora Ministries) on February 4, 2012 (9:00 am-4:00 pm) at Granville Chapel (5901 Granville St, Vancouver, BC) at a free seminar with light lunch provided. For more information, email…


or call 604-278-1208 in Canada.

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