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7) For What Purpose(s) do YOU do Short-term Missions?

Canadians were asked that question recently. The results might surprise you. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada asked 3400 evangelicals what would be the main purpose of short-term mission trips. Some 75% said — “for discipleship.” Who knew!? In your opinion, how might this affect the ability of the short-term team to contribute to work on the field? Have you seen this same leaning in the trips you’ve hosted or in which you’ve taken part, or in those you’ve led? Please click “Comment” following the web or app version of this item. You can download the entire report here:

3) Orient Young Short-term Workers Before they Go Cross-culturally

short term tripGot short-termers? If so, Global Mapping, based in Colorado Springs, has just released a new book for you. Some 13 authors put their heads together to come up with the best input ever for cross-cultural workers. Granted, there are no activities nor cool videos. But if a book can do it, this one ought to help matters some — or quite a bit. Chapters include themes like, “Go as a pilgrim, not as a hero,” “A Fresh Look at our World: Responding to Today’s Key Global Shifts,” “Blending Work and Service through ‘Business as Missions.'” The Conclusion is entitled, “10 Action Steps to Prepare to Go Wisely.” Learn more, download the first chapter, and/or buy the book at…

12) New Team Building Kit for Short-term teams and Others

teambuilding-kit-coverThe Team Building Kit is brand new resource that is ideal for short-term mission Team Leaders who want to unify their teams prior to departure. The kit includes 10 time-tested activities complete with instructions. Each activity has been designed to allow for hands-on experience and to help team leaders establish a platform for reflection and change. The Team Building Kit booklet, included with the Kit, provides an overarching objective, recommended group size, preparation steps, activity instructions, as well as a real-life scenario short-term teams will face on field for each activity. While designed for short-term mission teams, each activity can be modified to accommodate your specific need. Learn more at…

12) N. Am. Mission Leaders’ Conference in Dallas

The Fellowship of Short-Term Mission Leaders (FSTML) and The Standards of Excellence (SOE) in Short-Term Missions organization would like to invite you to join them as they partner with Missio Nexus in hosting the North American Mission Leaders Conference, Sept. 19-21 in Dallas. This first-time partnership brings the addition of a short-term missions track to the conference, and Missio Nexus is combining three of their annual conferences (Personnel, Finance/Administration, and North American Mission Leaders) into one and also partnering with the Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) to provide a total of 7 affinity group tracks. Early bird pricing ends June 30.

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