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6) Best Training Materials for Short-term Trips

We’ve been using Round Trip at the church where I’m an elder. It’s pretty great at preparing short-term teams for mission trips. But, for a while, we seemed to have lost it, once it became unavailable at the Christianity Today site. Now, suddenly, it’s available again here…

So glad. For $20 bucks, you won’t find a better cross-cultural training curriculum (complete with videos). (Probably couldn’t find anything any better than this at 10 times the price.)

5) The Best Short-Term Trip Training Materials

For some time now, we’ve been recommending the “Round Trip” training materials for short-term workers, originally published by Christianity Today. See it, for example, at…

However, we’re hearing rumors that this curriculum has now gone out of print. Can anyone verify this? And, if so, has anyone found anything that can compare — reasonably priced, reproducible, effective, interesting? Please click “comment” below the web version of this item to share your own findings. And thanks in advance for filling us in.

2) Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities —

IDEAS offers short-term volunteer opportunities for Christian professionals who want to gain international professional experience while also developing relationships and embracing a new culture and community. The Contract Associate Program (CAP) was created to provide international opportunities for Christian professionals while also providing support and expertise to long-term Associates and projects. These short-term assignments range from two weeks to one year. Visit

for a list of current opportunities or email

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