12) Cool Tools: World Phones

OneSimCardGet an unlocked phone with a SIM card (GSM chip). Prior to your departure, find a carrier in your destination land that sells “pay as you go” or “top up” or “non-subscriber service” or “PrePaid” GSM chips or SIM cards. Pay ridiculously low prices for these (for example, $4), buy a ton of cheap minutes, and call to the USA 10 cents/minute. This contrasts radically with USA-based-cell-carrier plans, which typically make you pay at least three times that much. If you thought you’d just use your regular cell phone, think again. At least call your customer service rep before you leave your homeland so you know exactly what you’re going to spend. (It could be HUNDREDS of dollars in a week’s worth of calls.) Buying a local sim card will almost always be the best route. What’s more, it gives you a local number so local contacts can easily call you about schedule changes. If you want fast, inexpensive choices, just call an all-stop-shop like

Their informed customer service folks will always steer you right. If you want to keep the Telestial folks honest on prices, comparison shop first at…

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