12) The Most Affordable Bible Study App for your SmartPhone

blbWhat would you say is the best Bible study app for the money? We asked our new web publicist (Tina) and she immediately responded with BLB.

Her reasoning? First, it’s free. Always has been, always will be. Second, she says it’s easy, fast, and thorough when looking up original meanings of words. She says it breaks down the whole verse one word at a time. If that’s the case, it’s probably every bit as good at that as some of the “big guns” that charge a lot. So basically, BLB just might be a great “poor man’s Bible study app.” Sounds like it’s worth giving it a whirl! Unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhone. But there’s a mobile site for those with other versions:

8) Boeing has a Smartphone?

140227134633-boeing-new-smartphone-620xaWhy Boeing? Known simply as the Boeing “Black,” it’s apparently real James Bond-type stuff. It even self-destructs, Jim Phelps-esque, if an enemy agent tries to disassemble it. Take a look…

Might be just the thing if you need top-notch privacy. Just don’t let your 10-year-old take it out to the garage workshop.

8) Try this App to Communicate with your Contacts While On the Go

Daniel wrote this past week to make us aware of a newly-upgraded app called Smartr Contacts. The truth is, I’ve been using it for 6 months or so, but haven’t said much about it. Glad Daniel was there to bump it up front and center. Get the feel of it in this video that Daniel mentioned…

Find it in your smartphone’s application marketplace. And thanks to Daniel for the encouragement. After reminding us of the app, he went on to add, “People think I am a geek and tech-savvy, but it is only because I browse Brigada regularly. Your work has been a major blessing to our missionary church-planting efforts here in Europe.” [Bless you Daniel, for your encouragement.]

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