1) Hope Esl Software: Free English Teaching Cdrom Presenting The Bible

This high quality CDrom is being used creatively around the globe in many mission contexts. Students develop their English skills while comprehending a dramatic presentation of God’s redemptive story in 12 chapters from creation through Jesus Christ. This CDrom utilizes beautiful images and audio while ALSO including the full film of The Hope (see

This resource is brilliant for short-term teams, classes and 1 to 1 tutoring opportunities. Additionally, it can be copied and distributed without charge making it a cheap and practical gift wherever English is in demand. In a spirit of partnership the new version of this resource is being distributed FREE to missionaries and national Christian workers around the globe (donations for postage is appreciated).

or email

6) Using Twitter For Christ’s Global Cause

There’s been some chatter recently, stirred in part by Brigada participant, Doug W., as to whether or not he might be able to use Twitter in overseas communication and reporting. If you’re a regular Twitter user, would you jot a note in the Comments below about how you employ it??? Please mention any limitations and a pointer or two to guiding websites, if there any.

1) North African Team Needs Cell Phone Feature

Does anyone know of a cell/smart phone that has (or could get) software which would allow an incoming call to (A) immediately be responded to via a text message and (B) simultaneously forward the caller’s information to another assigned phone number? If not, would anyone have the ability or interest to develop a little application like this? It would truly revolutionize a system that believers (missionaries and nationals) in North Africa are developing to do follow-up ministry with the seekers who call in on phone numbers after seeing Christian TV programs on satellite. Got a lead or a brainstorm on this or a related resource? If so, just click on “comment” below to add your response.

2) How Would You Advise This Mission Team To Respond?

Here’s a mission team in a Muslim land with 6 local volunteers who are wanting to help answer 400 emails from seekers that are starting to rot in our inbox. After finding them, the team put together a pretty good plan for getting them access to computers/DSL/VPNs, etc. But now they need a secure way for these volunteers to access the emails, then respond to, and finally send them. To bypass the issue of whole disk encryption this all needs to happen online. If this system had some nifty capacity to manage/limit user account, route all incoming messages back into the central in-box, etc. that would be ideal. In some ways, this sounds, in part, like a Customer-relation management software package, but the team has no full-time I.T. guy, so the solution has to be easy to implement. Any easy solutions? If so, just click on “comment” below to leave your response. They’d be very grateful.

3) Language Software For Everyone

We know every tongue, tribe, and nation will be in heaven! Frequently this will be preceeded by ‘foreigners’ bringing the Good News. Most language software will be irrelevant for those foreigners, though, because it only targets big markets (French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.), ignoring 99% of the world’s 6000+ dialects. If you have computer programming talent (or know someone who does) or linguistic expertise, would you please join in a dialogue to explore the creation of a database approach language software that could be used for *any* dialect? Just click on “Comment” below to follow the discussion . . . or better yet, add to it.

4) Online And Offline Digital Library Solution

See a sample digital library at

This can be put on a CD for those without internet access. If you are interested in creating an electronic library, view the collection, “How to Build Your Own Digital Library”. Contact the librarian

working with MAF Learning Technologies

for more information. Got a question or comment? Just click “Comment” below.

5) Think Outside The Stack: "Borrow" A Book From A Digital Library

Along the same theme as the item above, Phil and his colleagues are experimenting with

which he thinks will be interesting for missionaries. You can set up private communities in your areas, put your books on there (along with your friends), and then *borrow* a book instead of buying it. As Phil points out, this could work well for some, especially in view of int’l shipping costs. Just like a real (physical) book, you can keep track of the borrowers and rate them, as well. Phil claims it’s easy — and that information from Amazon fills out the book profile. Think outside the stack! :-) What do *you* think about digital libraries? Comment on this below.

6) Get The Word Out About Your Training

The Evangelical Training Database is a searchable online database at

The project seeks to give information on all evangelical pastoral, theological and missionary training courses world-wide, so that people everywhere can more easily find the training they need to serve the Lord. As well as English, the database has interfaces in Afrikaans, French, German, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish, and translations are underway into other languages so that the database is truly international. The project is run by the Missionary Training Service, a member of the UK Evangelical Alliance and Global Connections (formerly known as the Evangelical Missionary Alliance). Got a comment on this concept? Click “Comment” below.

How to Spruce up Group Emails

Here’s a user that would like to improve the look of his emails to his prayer supporters and donors. He’d love to improve the graphics and the look with a hyperlink index, etc. Can you recommend a program that can help him with this that is not to difficult or costly? Also, what program and/or method would you recommend to enable sending bulk emails? He would rather not use YahooGroups or something similar. Got any options? If so, just click “comment” below. Thanks!

2) People Group Advocate Seeking Software Solutions

Allan is a People Group Advocate looking for tips regarding software that might help him do a better job. The people group has experienced significant migration, with pockets of people now in scores of localities in about 30 states in Mexico and the US. He is looking for a more integrated way to keep track of his expanding contact list and to record data about the various locations, communications with his contacts, trip reports, vernacular resources distributed, the status of projects, etc. Please list any leads, URLs, or software names in the “Comments,” immediately below this item.

5) Try Irfanview: A New Way To Convert Email Addresses To The Web

Perhaps you’ve noticed the new way we’re converting email addresses for use in Brigada’s website. We first tried an online conversion program, but because several users feared that it was somehow going to keep track of the email addresses (and spam them), we switched to a new approach where we use a piece of software running locally. That software, a free program, is something you can download and use as well. It serves as a graphical viewer — and a great one at that. The name of the program is Irfanview. Find it at:

Note that its publishers claim that IrFanView is one of the most popular file viewers in the world. Imagine that … and it’s free (for non-profit use). Anyway, for our own use here, at the advice of a reader, we just copy the email address to the clipboard, paste it into IrfanView, then immediately post the resulting graphic to the respective web page by using any FTP software. (If you don’t know what that is, maybe better get some help first.) By changing email addresses to a *picture*, instead of text, we’re leaving spammers out to lunch, yet you can still copy down the address for your resulting email.

1) Brigada Depends On Clipmate

Early in the life of assembling Brigada, we needed a way to handle all the little items and clips that come down the pike here. Clipmate came to the rescue — stripping out carriage returns, straightening out mixed case, removing leading or trailing spaces, etc. Now, years later, we still use it *daily* to assemble items, copy and place titles, prepare lists of tables of contents, and dozens of other uses. Recently, we asked Brigada participants how they manage the storm of details in life. We weren’t surprised that users like Bill wrote in to say, “Doug — I use Clipmate to keep track of thousands of illustrations, quotations, etc. for sermons & radio programs, photos, logos, and more. It has a word search that allows you to find everything in your collection on any subject instantly. It’s actually a clipboard extender with thousands of features – most of which I don’t use. I lost a hard drive and they allowed me to download again.” This is the clipboard that Microsoft wishes it would have invented. Try it first then buy it from Thornsoft Development at

1) How To Convert Email Addresses To Graphics

Want to avoid spammers harvesting your email address on the web? Just feed your email address into the form at:
(At present, you have to refresh the page sometimes to get the output to show up.) Once the chart produces the picture of your email address (which spam-harvesters would ignore, because it’s a graphic rather than text), just right-click, “Save picture as…” and save it as a graphic on your machine… Then when you publish the item on the web, insert the graphic into the location where you need to feature your email address. This is the new approach we’re taking with Brigada publishing on the web and initial reviews are very positive. Got a better online ‘machine’ to produce these pictures? Just click on “Comments” below this post, and share your treasure! Let everyone in on your favorite find.

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