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5) This Map is Amazing (Every Church in Every Village in Thailand?)

This past week, a great friend of Brigada (Thanks Robby) introduced us to a great friend of Southeast Asia. Dwight went on to show us the set of maps found at…


At the time, we didn’t quite realize what a celebrity we had on our Zoom video screen. Later, we noticed this article at Christianity Today…


This guy has figured out a way to map every church in Thailand. And now, he’d like to take it to the entire region of Southeast Asia. He’s searching for networking agencies who will share data and partner to make this thing regional — instead of just Thai. Amazing concept. If you can help in a nation like Vietnam or Cambodia, just message him at:


infoatchurchcloudsolutionsdotcom  (infoatchurchcloudsolutionsdotcom)  

Volunteer at whatever level you like. Let’s see if we (he? : ) ) can roll this out on a regional basis. Thanks for your help.

2) A New Prayer Initiative for A Southeast Asian UPG

Pray for the MienA new prayer network called Pray For The Mien was launched on May 31 and it is really taking off. The purpose is to “Mobilize Prayer for a Church Multiplication Movement Among the Iu Mien of Southeast Asia.” You can visit this site at

and subscribe to daily updates there. They have also released a prayer video at

Check it out and join the movement to pray for this strategic unreached people group that resides in four countries in the heart of Southeast Asia.

3) Change the Eternal Destiny of the Mien of SE Asia

Mein The vision is to see a Church Multiplication Movement (CMM) among the Iu Mien of Southeast Asia until this strategic people group is reached and transformed by Christ, passionately worshiping and serving through multiplying indigenous churches in every Mien village in Southeast Asia. Because there has never been a CMM in the world where there was not dedicated and abundant prayer offered for the targeted people, starting today, they’re asking us to join them in praying for this vision to become a reality. Learn more at…

You can sign up for a daily memory-jogger, watch the prayer video, and/or Like the Facebook feed. Either way, they hope you’ll pray.

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