14) The Last Bit: This DMM Manual in Spanish is Amazing

Suppose you’re making and multiplying disciples in Spanish and you’d love to do a live training. What do you use? Until now, maybe you just pulled together plenty of notes you’ve made of all your sessions. But why cobble something together when a team of DMM practitioners has done it for you already. Take a look at Jonathan Training in Spanish. It’s called “Entrenamiento Jonathán.” It’s all about Movilizando Movimientos: Discípulos Que Hacen Discípulos, Obreros Que Multiplican Obreros E Iglesias Que Multiplican Iglesias.” Find the student version here:


and the facilitator’s version here:


We’re DEEPLY indebted to men like Curtis Sergeant, Eric B., David L., as well as disciple-makers in Caracas, Venezuela (including Julio in particular) for creating this manual. The amazing thing is — they’re now sharing it with us for free! Mil gracias a todos!

12) Dos Misiografías Claves Están Ahora En Español!

Dos Misiografías de Missio Nexus más populares están ahora disponibles en español. Ellos esperan que estos recursos importantes que tratan las asociaciones efectivas y las redes de misiones fortalezcan y apoyen a hermanos y hermanas de habla hispana. (Got Spanish-speaking friends with whom you’d like to share Missio Nexus Missiographics? No problema. Send them here.) Se puede encontrarlas en


8) Al Massira: (The Journey) English To Spanish Translators Needed

Al Massira is a series of 40 min videos, 13 in number, that tell the gospel story in a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean context, mostly through the eyes of selected Old Testament prophets, as recognized by the Muslim world. These include, Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Mary, John the Baptist, Christ, Peter and Paul. The videos contain Biblical stories & exposition, roundtable discussions, man on the street interviews, personal testimonies, etc. The idea is to present our beliefs in a friendly, informal atmosphere, where questioning is invited in a non-judgmental manner. To date, all subtitles have been translated into Spanish. Now they need additional hands to translate the Notes, Questions, Leader’s Guide and Other Resource material. Those interested in lending a hand can contact
AlMassiraSpainatgmaildotcom for details.

5) Amused by adverts saying, “Learn Spanish in Seconds”?

Spanish / English classObservation clearly indicates that very few Spanish learners who’ve tried to learn simply by immersion or by language helpers learn to communicate deeply. Many come to the school after months or years of frustration, still misunderstanding and being misunderstood! Why go the “what I need to get by” route when it’s the inimitable person of Jesus Christ that we’re wanting our friends to learn of and His yoke to bear!

The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School is located in a coastal fishing village in Oaxaca, Mexico, where students often live with a host family or in a rented furnished house. You get the benefits of both immersion and of a classroom environment. Missionaries and cross cultural Christians need enabling to communicate clearly and profoundly to Hispanic peoples. We can’t imagine settling for anything less. Can you?

Find out more at

They would love to be a part of your Spanish learning for the Kingdom’s sake.

4) Pre Mission Trip Devotional Now In Spanish

spanish missionAn effective pre mission trip devotional adopted by many ministries and churches has been “Before You Go” by former YWAM’er and Pastor Jack Hempfling. For ministries and churches working in Latin America, it has now been translated into Spanish. A few minutes a day in the presence of the Lord is where a heart is prepared for the cross cultural challenges that only God knows are coming your way (Team unity, servant attitudes, pride, humility towards the culture, and many more).

The “Before You Go” Spanish version, “Antes de Ir,” is for those whom God is sending from Latin America to the nations. Check it out at…

You can also email the publisher, Randy Johnson, for a quote on ministry bulk orders:
For other questions, email the author:

10) Special Website for Spanish-speaking “Third-Culture Kids”

spanish galWhere would you send missionary kids or “third-culture kids” as they are sometimes called? Les tipped us off this past week to a great site especially for those who have Spanish as a first language (or strong second language):

If you know of other sites like this one, please jot it down in the comments after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for helping. (And thanks Les!)

2) Is poor Spanish sufficient for communicating the Gospel?

Spanish / English classThe Roca Blanca Spanish Language School doesn’t think so either! They’ve been helping missionaries and cross-cultural Christians learn to communicate well in Spanish for the last five years from Oaxaca on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Students like the quality curriculum, methodology, and teachers, as well as the reasonable cost, and the great environment, both natural and spiritual, that they live and learn in. Learn more at…

8) Pro-life Videos in Spanish

Gabriel International

is inaugurating the Spanish version of two pro-life videos and accompanying literature with a workshop detailing how best to use this wonderful material. The workshop will be held in Medellín, Colombia on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The first video, “Una Admirable y Singular Creación,” leads viewers to understand the miracle of human life from conception to birth. The second, “Escoja La Vida,” tactfully shows the evils of abortion, and also teaches counselors how to help people heal who have already participated in an abortion. Representatives from other countries are encouraged to come to the workshop to learn how to most effectively use these tools. The workshop, DVD’s and literature will be provided free. For more information please contact Mark at
marktstringerataimdotcom or dial his Colombia telephone 57-4-268-7131.

10) Language Groups In Mexico Hear/Believe —

Most of the news we hear coming out of Mexico is not good news.   However a recent report from the Global Recordings Mexico team changes all that!  During the month of February many heard and believed the Good News of Jesus Christ in their own language: 136 languages and dialects! Today let us rejoice with the angels in Heaven concerning this news from Mexico!


People who made decisions for Christ: 3400

People who received a CD in native languages: 7696

People who received a CD in Spanish: 6250

Total CD’s given away: 13946

Languages: 136

Fields visited: 90

Participants in the Project: 120


For languages/dialects recorded in every country of the world visit



1) A Spanish school for missionaries and crosscultural Christians —

Located on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, far from any drug cartel activity or violence, the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School uses a culturally integrative approach to language learning. Missionary linguists assure us that you can’t fully learn another people’s language without also understanding their culture. The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School agrees, and includes into its already integrative and missionary minded curriculum several “culture days” which feature information and insights into various aspects of the surrounding cultures, and on Latin America in general. In most sessions the students also participate in indigenous mountain village medical brigades, helping the medical teams and/or doing children’s outreaches in these genuinely needy areas. Also, all of your tuition, after salaries for teachers and course materials, goes directly into the evangelization and medical work among the region’s indigenous peoples.


is where to look for lots more information. New sessions for all levels start every two months. And they’re always ready to answer whatever question, concern, or need for clarity that you might have through their contact page or at rocablancaspanishathotmaildotcom. Take a good look if Spanish and a heart for Spanish speakers are in your future! (Thanks to Roca Blanca for supporting Brigada, too!)

9) Celebremos Su Gloria Presentation Hymnal 2.0 —

Obrerofiel, with the permission of Libros Alianza, is pleased to release version 2.0 of the Presentation Hymnal for the Celebremos Su Gloria Spanish hymnal. You may view videos and download a free trial on


Obrerofiel is also offering Alan Hirsch’s e-book, Caminos Olvidados, as a free download from the digital book section.


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